September 29

Printable Coupons Roundup for La Vie En Rose, Home Depot, Giant Tiger & More

Posted by on September 29, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Printable Coupons Roundup for La Vie En Rose, Home Depot, Giant Tiger & More

It is the start of a new week and the start of a new season as well.  You may be heading to the grocery stores, the clothing stores or the hardware stores to do some shopping this week and we can help you save a little extra money.  The Bargainmoose coupon forum is chalk full of printable coupons that you can print off and pop in your wallet.

This week, we are sharing with you a good cross section of coupons that you can take advantage of for your in store shopping.

Here is a look at some of the printable coupons this week:

La Vie En Rose- Get $10 off $50 or more and $30 off $100 or more until October 5th.

Home Depot- Get $2 off SCOTTS or VIGORO fertilizer until October 1st.

Advil- You will be able to get a $3 discount on select Advil products for a limited time only.

Home Hardware- Get a pair of home 5-blade shredding herb scissors for just $3.77 (reg. $7.99) until October 4th.

Bouclair- Use this coupon to get $15 off orders of $75 or more until September 30th.

Giant Tiger- You will save $1 on a 905g Aunt Jemima pancake mix box until October 2nd.

Sears Portrait- Use this coupon to get six free enhanced portraits until October 31st.

Bizou- Save $10 on all orders in store of $30 or more until October 25th. Get $1 to $2 off Lipton products with these coupons until December 31st.

Putting Edge- Get $25 off a birthday party with the purchase of a Funtrastic or Ultimate Birthday Party package until December 31st.

All of these printable coupons plus many more are posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum. Make sure to check out the forum before you head into your local stores. You never know what coupons you will find to save you a little bit of extra money.

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March 15

Advil Canada Freebie: Liqui-Gels or Nighttime Advil

Posted by on March 15, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Advil Canada Freebie: Liqui Gels or Nighttime Advil

Get a free sample of Advil Liqui-Gels or Nightime Advil, just by entering your info at the link below.

Advil works. That’s all I really want to say. I am not a person who takes medication if I don’t have to. Even when I have a headache, I try to relieve it naturally by taking a shower or laying down for a while. If it doesn’t go away, Advil is my first choice. Actually, I had one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had this week while I was away on March Break (totally not a coincidence after spending two hours in an arcade). I asked my husband to run to the store to get me something and he came back with Tylenol. After popping two, I still had the headache, which I knew would happen because it just doesn’t seem to work the same. When I was pregnant, I could only take Tylenol, not Advil and I noticed a difference when I had a headache or the severe back pain I got during pregnancy.

If you have never tried Advil, or you just want a free sample, because why not, it is free, then easily sign up at the link and they’ll mail you the sample. There is only one sample per household and you have to answer a few simple questions.

Photo credit: Abdullah

(Expiry: Limited quantities)

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September 12

Weekly Printable Coupons Roundup

Posted by on September 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Weekly Printable Coupons Roundup

If you are someone that likes to shop in stores instead of online, you most likely take printable coupons with you.  Even saving a dollar or two can really add up on those grocery, clothing and household bills. Each week we round up some of the great printable coupons offered for the easy convenience of printing them off

Here are a few of the printable coupons you will find this week:

Those are just a few of the great printable coupons you will find posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum. Make sure to always check the forum before heading into the stores.  You never know what coupons you may find.

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July 28

Advil Canada Printable Coupon: $2 Off Select Advil Products

Posted by on July 28, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Advil Canada Printable Coupon: $2 Off Select Advil Products

Save $2 on select Advil products with this printable coupon.

I don’t generally like taking medication. Prescriptions are fine, but I’ve never liked taking anything for a headache or flu. Advil, though, Advil is my exception. I love Advil. I take the extra-strength liquigels for everything. It’s also one of the only medications I give to my kid.

The link above gives you access to four different printable coupons. They give you $2 off the following products:

  • Any Children’s Advil product
  • Any Adult Advil Cold & Flu or Advil Cold & Sinus Product
  • Any Adult Advil Product
  • Any Advil Nighttime product

That’s pretty much the whole range of Advil products. This would be a good one to print out and stuff in your pocket or purse for next time you happen to be at a grocery store or pharmacy.

(Expiry: Mine was for 27th August 2013, but I think it may be a rolling date, in that if you print it off tomorrow, it’ll be for 28th August 2013. I’m not 100% sure and I won’t be able to test until after this post is out.)

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January 13

It’s Flu Season! 15 Printable Coupons To Help Beat The Bug

Posted by on January 13, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Its Flu Season! 15 Printable Coupons To Help Beat The Bug

Flu season is upon us, and this year it seems to be a particularly nasty one! Medications and remedies can sometimes be expensive, so I’ve compiled a list of some great coupons to help you save some money.

For the aches/pains and fever/chills:

  • Save $2 Off Any Advil Cold, Flu or Sinus Product (Expiry Unknown)
  • Save $2 Off Any Adult Advil Product (Expiry Unknown)
  • Save $3 Off Any Motrin Product (Expiry 28 February 2013)
  • Save $4 Off Tylenol Nighttime, 40 Count (Expiry 30 June 2013)
  • Save $1 Off Maxidol Liquid Gels (Expiry 30 June 2013)
  • Save $3 Off Any Myoflex Product (Expiry Unknown)
  • Save $1 Off Any Deep Relief Product (Expiry 31 January 2013)

For the runny nose, congestion and cough:

  • Save $4 Off COLD-FX or COLD-FX Ultra (Expiry 31 January 2013)
  • Save $5 Off COLDSORE-FX Products (Expiry 31 January 2013)
  • Save $4 Off Buckley’s Complete Liquid Gels (Expiry Unknown)
  • Save $3 Off Any A.Vogel Cold & Flu Product (Expiry 30 April 2013)
  • Save $3 Off Any Reactine Product (Expiry 31 August 2013)

 For the little ones:

  • Save $2 Off Any Children’s Advil Product (Expiry Unknown)
  • Save $2 Off Any Infant or Child Tylenol Product (Expiry 31 December 2013)
  • Save $1 Off Any Orajel Product (Expiry 31 August 2013)

These products should help ease your symptoms and speed up your recovery time. Of course, it goes without saying that staying at home, resting and drinking lots of fluids is the best remedy for colds and flus!

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August 18

Printable Coupons Weekly Roundup

Posted by on August 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Printable Coupons Weekly Roundup

As usual, we’ve got a huge stack of super printable coupons for Canadian stores, over on our Bargainmoose coupon pages. If you are hitting the stores this week, print off these coupons first so that you have them handy for shopping.  Here’s a rundown of some that have been shared for us to take advantage of:

Just print these out, pop them into your purse, and produce them in-store to claim a discount. Even if you are only saving a few dollars here and there, it all adds up in the long run to some awesome savings!

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