August 21

Free Jolly Ranchers on Friday with 7-Eleven App

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Free Jolly Ranchers on Friday with 7 Eleven App

Pop into your local 7-Eleven store this Friday for a box of free Jolly Ranchers Chews with your 7-Eleven phone app.

For this deal, all you need is a smart phone (either android or iPhone) and the app. You will also need to sign up for an account to view and use the coupons. When you arrive in store, you click on the offer for the free Jolly Ranchers Chews. You will then have 15 minutes for checkout. The till needs to scan your coupon within that set amount of time.

Freebies are always great, and if you are stopping by a 7-Eleven anyways then you should certainly pick these up. I would not make a separate trip for them, as they are only worth a couple dollars at most. However, if your local 7-Eleven is convenient, why not? My local 7-Eleven corner store is all of one block away, thus I really have no excuse not to pick up these freebies.

I remember eating these, or something quite like these, when I was a kid. Fruit chews were my favourite unless I bit into a banana flavoured one. Yuk. While they are not exactly healthy, they are a nice treat. From the advertisement we received, it looks like you will receive a 58g box of tropical flavoured chews. The flavours in this box are:

  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry – Kiwi
  • Lemon – Lime
  • Tropical Punch

I looked up reviews for the chews and found a few on Amazon. This person rather expresses my views on fruit chews:

these delicious morsels are so good they are addictive. every time I have one, I end up have at least 2-3 more. they are irresistible! I also highly recommend the original flavors which are also quite good.

They are so dangerously addictive… try having just one!

The 7-Eleven app is a good app to have around all year around. They often do free chocolate bars, free Slurpees, and other coupons that give you discounts on everything from food to SIM cards. It is one of the best store apps out there because of the number of freebies they give to Canadians all year around.

This offer is while quantities last. Check the app before heading to your local store to make sure there are still free chews available.

Image Credit: TheFoodJunk

(Expiry: 22nd August 2014)

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July 10

Free Slurpee @ 7-Eleven!

Posted by on July 10, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Free Slurpee @ 7 Eleven!

To celebrate their birthday, 7-Eleven is offering a free small Slurpee to the first 1500 guests at each store. This offer is available between 11am and 7pm on July 11th (tomorrow!).

If the hot, humid weather is getting you down, there is no better way to cool off than a refreshing Slurpee from 7-Eleven.  I know my kids and I will be waiting outside for our freebies!  To find the 7-Eleven location nearest you, click here.  You may find flavours like Mountain Dew White Out, Brisk Lemonade, or Crush Cherries n’ Cream.  Or if you’re an adventurer like me, you’ll make a little Slurpee swamp water with a mix of a few different flavours!  Is there anything better in the summer than using a straw with a scoop on the end to suck up fun-flavoured frozen sugar water?  I think not.

Did you know that the first Slurpee poured in Canada was in 1969?  Another little known fact is that Winnipeg is the Slurpee capital of the world.  I have to wonder if they suffer from an above average incidence of brain freeze.

But wait, there’s more!  Snap a selfie of you and your pals enjoying your delicious free Slurpees and you could win cool prizes!  7-Eleven is running a selfie contest to win a grand prize of 711 Slurpee coupons ($1280.00 value) for the Largest Group Selfie photo submission and three $250 Slurpee/7-Eleven Gift Cards, plus Slurpee Surprise Pack for Most Original or Creative Group Selfie photo submission.  The entry deadline is July 13th 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.  Contest runs from July 11th 2014 to July 13th 2014.  Photos must be submitted on the Slurpee Facebook Page.  All the rules and regulations can be found at www.slurpee.ca/elevenday/.  I enjoy that my desire to take a lot of random selfies could result in prizes!

Slurpee.ca also offers a free download of their new Mobile App, which gives you access to weekly coupons and other exclusive savings, allowing you to enjoy 7-Eleven discounts even after this awesome giveaway is over.  This week when you download the App, you can get a thank you coupon for a free Big Gulp.  These guys really care about your hydration needs.

Stay cool.  Take a selfie.  Win prizes.  This is the stuff that summer is all about.

(Expiry: 11th July 2014)

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May 16

7-Eleven Canada: Get The App, Get A Free Slurpee

Posted by on May 16, 2014 at 3:00 PM

7 Eleven Canada: Get The App, Get A Free Slurpee

I wrote about this deal in the weekly newsletter on Monday, but I wanted to do a reminder post about it today – as it’s now started. If you download the 7-Eleven app, you can claim a free slurpee right now!

Just download the above app on to your smartphone, and they’ll sort you out with the coupon. Then, you can claim the free slurpee in-store from now until the 19th of May. There is no purchase required as far as I know. 7-Eleven are writing “while stocks last” as a caveat to get out of giving away a bazillion freebies, but hopefully you’ll be able to get a free slurpee. Pretty sweet freebie!

I recently gave my 4 year old daughter her first taste of slurpees… and they were obviously a huge hit. Now, any time she sees anything like the slurpee machines, she instantly demands one. I’ve created a monster!

As an added bonus for downloading the above app, you instantly get a coupon for a free big gulp too! You’ll also be eligible for special offers as and when they happen. But even if you don’t want to be bothered, you can uninstall the app after you‘ve got a hold of your free slurpee.

There’s nothing better than a freebie, eh?

(Expiry: 19th May 2014)

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May 5

7-Eleven Canada: $1 Any Size Coffee on Wednesdays

Posted by on May 5, 2014 at 3:30 PM

7 Eleven Canada: $1 Any Size Coffee on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, you will be able to walk into your local 7-Eleve store and get any sized coffee you would like  for just $1.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, coffee seems to be a staple for most people in the morning. This $1 coffee event will happen every single Wednesday for a limited time only. It looks like it is valid from morning until midnight on every Wednesday so those of you that work the night shift and want a good priced pick me up can take advantage of it as well.

There is no coupon needed to get this deal and you are not limited to one coffee per person.  That means you can head in and grab any sized coffee for your spouse or co worker as well and get both of them for just $1.

If you are heading in today, there are some promotions on for Cinco de Mayo:

  • Buy one get one free Taquitos
  • Buy one get one free Hershey’s king size almond bars
  • Buy one get one free Nesfruta
  • Buy one get one free Coco Coconut water
  • Buy one get one free Jolly Rancher chews
  • Mini Tacos 10/$2
  • Super Big Gulp only $0.99

If you have a smart phone, I suggest checking out their free app.  Once you download this app, you will get coupons, free offers, alerts for upcoming promotions and more, like the free Slurpee one on now.

(Image credit to Roadsidepics )

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 19

7-Eleven Canada: Bring Your Own Cup Day March 20th

Posted by on March 19, 2014 at 9:00 AM

7 Eleven Canada: Bring Your Own Cup Day March 20th

Tomorrow, there is an awesome event happening at 7-Eleven for just one day only.  On March 20th, it is Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven and you will get to bring in your own cup and fill it for a very low price.

You will be able to fill whatever cup you bring in and get it filled for the low price of just $1.49.  This deal will last from 11am until 7pm tomorrow only.

Now you would think that people would know what a “cup” is but you would be surprised at some of the containers people bring in and claim they are cups!  They actually have a little list explaining what a cup is because of these instances which I find hilarious!

  1. Your cup when full must be up to 26cm in diameter or fit the Magic Measuring Hole in the store.
  2. Your cup must be food safe clean.
  3. The cup has to be water tight.  For example, you can not fill up a hat or your hands.
  4. The cup must be fixed in shape. For example, you can not blow up a baby pool and use it as a cup.
  5. One cup per person per day.

Basically, I would bring the biggest cup you can find to fill up and get your drink!

(Expiry: 20th March 2014)

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January 14

Canadian Freebie: Large Hot Beverage From 7-Eleven

Posted by on January 14, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Canadian Freebie: Large Hot Beverage From 7 Eleven

Brrrr…..it’s cold outside! Warm up with a FREE large hot beverage from 7-Eleven!

Getting your free beverage is easy – all you have to do is download the 7-Eleven App. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod, go to the App Store. Have an Android device? Head over to the Google Play Store. After you install the App, you will be asked to create an account and then sign in.

After your account is created, tap on the green money symbol ($) at the top of the screen. This is where you will find any available coupons or deals available at 7-Eleven. Click on the “Free Large Hot Beverage” option, and then when you’re ready to pick up your beverage, click on “Redeem Offer”. Make sure you’re close to a 7-Eleven, because after you click on “Redeem Offer”, you only have 15 minutes to get your hot drink!

Along with your free beverage offer, you will find other great deals at participating locations. Some of these deals include:

  • Buy any $25 Facebook Game Card, and get a FREE 1/4 lb. Big Bite, and a FREE Medium Slurpee
  • Buy one Aero bar and get one for FREE
  • Save $1 when you buy two Karma Waters
  • Buy one Taquito and get one for FREE
  • Buy one large hot beverage and get one for FREE

You can also see other daily deals, as well as a list of all of the nearest 7-Eleven locations. If you’re not a big 7-Eleven fan, just uninstall the App after you receive your free beverage. Enjoy!

(Expiry: 31st March 2014)

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December 23

Canadian Freebie: Free Christmas Slurpee @ 7-Eleven

Posted by on December 23, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Canadian Freebie: Free Christmas Slurpee @ 7 Eleven

7-Eleven Canada is offering a free slurpee for Christmas Day! Just download the 7-Eleven app on your android or iPhone and you will get a coupon code for one free medium slurpee valid on December 25th only.

For this deal you need:

  • a smart phone (android or iPhone)
  • the 711 app

Redemption of the on-phone coupon is simple: once you are in store just hit ‘redeem coupon’ and you have fifteen minutes to checkout and get your slurpee for free. I have done this a few times already and it is absolutely simple. So make sure you have downloaded the app in time for a free Christmas treat from 7-Eleven. Around this time of high spending it is nice to get a little something for free.

(Expiry: 25th December 2013)

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October 30

7-Eleven Canadian Freebie: Free Halloween Slurpee

Posted by on October 30, 2013 at 8:30 PM

7 Eleven Canadian Freebie: Free Halloween Slurpee

Waltz in to your local 7-Eleven store tomorrow and get a free medium slurpee for free!

What you will need to make your slurpee dreams come true is pretty simple: a smart (or moderately intelligent) phone and the 711 app. On the 711 app there will be a coupon for the free slurpee come tomorrow and you will be able to go in store and redeem it. Once you are in store just hit ‘redeem coupon’ and you have fifteen minutes to checkout and get your slurpee for free.

I have done this a couple times already and it is absolutely simple. I LOVE slurpees so much that I will certainly be picking my free drink up tomorrow after I am done my classes.

(Expiry: 31st October 2013)

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September 16

Canadian Freebies: Free Large Hot Beverage @ 7-Eleven

Posted by on September 16, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Canadian Freebies: Free Large Hot Beverage @ 7 Eleven

Download the 7-Eleven app from the iTunes store and you will get a digital coupon for a free large hot beverage.

If you already have this application you should be able to just find this coupon in the coupons section (the white and green dollar sign at the top of the screen). I already had the application for my iPhone and got this free drink yesterday. I picked up the hot chocolate, which wasn’t bad at all and was great company on a cool night’s walk. You can also get a coffee, latte, and more.

These offers usually are limited availability coupons so I would use yours as soon as possible. This freebie is worth $1.99 + tax.

(Expiry: 31st October 2013)

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August 20

7-Eleven Canada: Free Lemon Daze Snapple Drink Today Only

Posted by on August 20, 2013 at 11:00 AM

7 Eleven Canada: Free Lemon Daze Snapple Drink Today Only

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Today is National Lemonade Day and 7-eleven is giving us a great freebie just for downloading their app. Today only, when you download the 7-eleven app, you will get a free Lemon Daze Snapple drink!

This app is totally free to download and works on most smart phones and tablets. Basically, it is an app that will tell you of 7-eleven promotions, and helps you find a 7-eleven nearest to you.  They often have free slurpee days, so it is a good app to have to get notice of these freebies as well.

If you have never had the Lemon Daze Snapple, it is a fruity and sour 16oz drink that is refreshing.  It’s even better that you will get it for free!

(Expiry: 20th August 2013)

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July 10

7-Eleven Canadian Freebie: Free Slurpee July 11

Posted by on July 10, 2013 at 5:00 PM

7 Eleven Canadian Freebie: Free Slurpee July 11

7-Eleven Canada is celebrating July 11th (7-11… get it?) by giving away free 12oz Slurpees to the first 1500 people at all 7-Eleven locations!

You might also want to check their hours to make sure you are one of the first 1500 to get your free Slurpee.

Lately I have been obsessed with their Light Crush Cream Soda flavour at my local 7-Eleven. I gave my husband a taste (and then he proceeded to drink half my slurpee) and he couldn’t believe it was light. He said it tasted like pure sugar and he was scared of what the ‘non-light’ stuff tasted like! I had to agree… the slurpee was sooooo good! I plan to pick one up tomorrow! What flavour are you going to get?

I wanted to give our Moosers a heads-up on this deal a day early, even though it rolls around every year. Because it is only the first 1500 people, you will need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow morning to get your lovely sugary prize. 7 Eleven Canadian Freebie: Free Slurpee July 11

(Expiry: 11th July 2013)

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June 27

Canadian Freebie: Medium Slurpee From 7-Eleven Canada

Posted by on June 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Canadian Freebie: Medium Slurpee From 7 Eleven Canada

When you download the new app for 7-Eleven on your iPhone or Android you will instantly receive a coupon for a free medium Slurpee!

The new 7-Eleven app will not only give you this great coupon but also other coupons, product deals, and insider information on 7-Eleven.

I usually don’t bother with these ‘download an app and get a deal’ things but I just moved within one block of a 7-Eleven and I LOVE Slurpees. They just released a new flavour called the Mountain Dew Voltage Slurpee (which contains caffeine, by the way) that I want to try. I will probably pick one of those days I feel Zombie-ish and then drop by for my free medium Slurpee and get that fantastic sugar and caffeine rush.

I have noticed my Slurpee habits have changed though. When I was a kid I tried to pack as many flavours into one cup as I could. Now I go for a maximum of two flavours – half and half. I have also noticed that a medium is perfect whereas when I was a kid, it was the larger the better! I still get the frozen brain or backbone sensation from it though!!! Do you?

(Expiry: Unknown)

(Thanks to jglaab08 for the pic!)

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May 24

7-11 Canada Slurpee Days: Only $0.49 For a Medium Slurpee This Weekend

Posted by on May 24, 2013 at 3:00 PM

7 11 Canada Slurpee Days: Only $0.49 For a Medium Slurpee This Weekend

What’s better than an ice cold Slurpee on a hot summer day? How about getting one for just $0.49?!

These days there isn’t a whole lot you can get for under $1. So to be able to treat you and your family to a refreshing medium Slurpee for just $0.49 is a pretty sweet deal.

There are so many flavours to choose from and the newest buzz right now is Crush Lite, which has 30% less calories that the regular. There are some pretty interesting flavours such as Muddy Pig, Manitoba Mosquito Bite and Golden Fruit Smash. Availability will vary by location and province.

While you’re at 7-11, be sure to also check out:

  • $2.99 for a Big Bite Hot Dog Combo
  • 2/$3 Strawberry Lemonade Gatorade
  • $1 Off a Fresh Sandwich with Coca-Cola Purchase

Bargainmoosers, will you be picking up a Slurpee for $0.49 this weekend? What is your favourite flavour?

(Expiry: 27th May 2013)

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May 19

Canadian Freebies: Free Slurpee Day May 23rd

Posted by on May 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Canadian Freebies: Free Slurpee Day May 23rd

This is a heads up to all you freebie lovers out there: May 23rd it is FREE SLURPEE DAY! So pop into your local 7-11 between 11 am and 7 pm. The first 1000 people per location get a free 7.11 oz Slurpee.

I have loved Slurpees ever since I was a kid. I would get the biggest size my parents would allow me to have, and then layer in all the different flavours. We referred to it affectionally as a SWAMP Slurpee. Yum yum. These days I much prefer to get one, or max two flavours. Once in a while I would give myself ‘brain-freeze’ or ‘back-freeze’ – that horribly cold feeling you get from drinking a Slurpee too fast!

Do you have any great Slurpee memories?

Expiry: 23rd, May 2012

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May 17

7-11 Canada Freebie: Free Sample Of Doritos 3rd Degree Burn Tortilla Chips

Posted by on May 17, 2012 at 7:00 AM

7 11 Canada Freebie: Free Sample Of Doritos 3rd Degree Burn Tortilla Chips

For one day only, customers aged 17 and up can stop by their local 7-11 store for a free sample of Doritos 3rd Degree Burn Tortilla Chips.

This offer is available while quantities last.

These chips were launched last summer and sold out, but they are coming back this summer – so here’s your chance to sample them early!

I found this promo advertised on 7-11 Canada’s Facebook page.

Expires: 17th May, 2012

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