May 24

Sobeys Canada now has Option for Coupons Loaded to your Club Card

Posted by on May 24, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Sobeys Canada now has Option for Coupons Loaded to your Club Card

No more printing and clipping coupons – all you have to do is load your Club Sobeys card and you will automatically get the deals when you shop now! How easy is that!

I did it earlier today and it gives you the option to load one or all of the coupons to your card.  There is no limit as to how many you can load so I added all of them just in case I have an impulse buy for one of the products.  It took me all of 2 minutes to sign up my card and load it.  It was so simple! I now have 6 different points coupons to use for my next visit!

This is a huge movement in Canada because this option has been widely available already in the US for a while now.  I am hoping that since one major chain does this, that many others might follow.  How awesome would it be to have your extra points for Airmiles, coupon discounts and more, already added to your card so you don’t have to clip the coupons?  I don’t know how many times I have sat at the kitchen table, clipped my coupons, lost some coupons, or forgot to use the coupons.  It is such a waste!  Now we don’t have to worry about it because once you add them you will be rewarded automatically when your card is scanned!

Remember with your Club Sobeys points, you can redeem them for money back towards your purchases or you can save them and shop their rewards section (kind of like Airmiles) and redeem them for products.

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4 Comments to “Sobeys Canada now has Option for Coupons Loaded to your Club Card”

  1. KJW says:

    you can also choose to convert your Club Sobey’s points to Aeroplan miles – useful if you already collect them!

  2. Sandy Savage says:

    Unfortunately, Club Sobeys is not available in Quebec, or any of the Atlantic Provinces, so those of us living there cannot take advantage of this program :(

  3. […] your groceries that will accumulate over short or long periods of time.  You are also now able to load coupons directly to your card which is a first in Canada. I have saved so much money on groceries just by shopping there with […]

  4. Kaylee Dacey says:

    I would like to see Sobeys do a servey to see how helpful the bonus points are ! I find them of little help. I would rather have a .50 off coupons !!! I never use the bonus points off !

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