April 22

Sirius XM Coupon Code: Save Up To $100 On A Membership

Posted by on April 22, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Sirius XM Coupon Code: Save Up To $100 On A Membership

Use the promo code to save $100 on your Sirius XM radio subscription – either new or renewal.

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  • Coupon Code: SAVE50PA
  • Discount: Up to $100 off your subscription
  • Expiry: Unknown

Now, there aren’t many details surrounding this coupon, but we did receive a comment on our Sirius XM coupon page that this coupon in fact worked on a renewal and the person received $100 off. So, I’m not sure what the up to means, but you’ll have to try it for yourself when starting a new subscription or renewing.

I don’t have Sirius XM radio, although I think I would like it. I am the person who has their radio scan button constantly pressed as I look for a song I like or at least a station where there is no talk or commercial on at that moment. Usually I’ll get the last 40 seconds of a song before I’m pressing the button again. It is irritating for me and all my passengers.

If I had Sirius radio I know exactly what I would listen to, probably constantly: Pearl Jam Radio. As I am a member of Ten Club, I can listen to it on my computer, but not in my vehicle, which is really when I listen to most of music. In fact, I’m listening to it right now while I work, and I’d love to keep listening when I leave to go get my kids this afternoon. So, now I’m off to see if my husband would love to get me this for a Mother’s Day gift!

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  1. Rod says:

    Being a SiriusXM subscriber, I can tell you the best way to ensure that you ALWAYS get a better rate than the hefty $18 a month (taxes included) for service: whenever your renewal period is coming up, call SiriusXM and inform them that $18 a month is too expensive for your budget and you will unfortunately have to terminate your service. Each and every time, they will generally offer you a much better price than the normal rate. Thus far I have been with them for close to 2 years and have not paid more than $10 a month, taxes included. If ever they stop offering me such a discounted rate, then it’s back to free podcasts off of the internet for me : )

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