November 20 Free $10 Coupon (Newsletter Signup)

Posted by on November 20, 2011 at 2:00 PM Free $10 Coupon (Newsletter Signup)

Did you know that when you sign up to the newsletter online, they will send you a free $10 coupon for a $75 spend? No? Well, now you do!

When you sign up (there’s a link towards the bottom left of the above page), they will instantly send you an email confirmation. Click the link in that email to confirm, and you will be sent to Simons page and you’ll see the promo code. I am seeing the code 10SIMONS11N – so this could be a generic coupon, available for everyone to use.

It’s a shame that there is a $75 minimum spend, that’s a bit high. But if you shop there anyway, then $10 off $75 equates to a 13% discount. AT least you will get free shipping as you are spending more than  the $50 minimum.

I have a separate email account that I use to sign up for email newsletters for many Canadian stores. It gets maybe a 70 or 80 emails a day from all the stores. Sometimes, the email newsletters are pretty standard, but from time to time they can email you a mega coupon or deal. It’s worth it! I recommend you do the same – just make a new gmail account specifically for this, if you don’t have one already.

(Ends 18th December 2011)

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  2. Janette Larochelle says:

    Afin de profiter de l’opportunité de commander et de remettre ceci à ma petite-fille qui aime magasiner ches Simons

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