November 28

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Spend Your Points Bonus Redemption Day! (EXPIRED)

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Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Spend Your Points Bonus Redemption Day! (EXPIRED)

*Bump! This offer is back today!*

A very popular event is back at Shoppers Drug Mart that will get you all kinds of free stuff! For one day only, you will be able to redeem your Shoppers Optimum Points for higher values than normal.  You can redeem your Shoppers Optimum points for this bonus redemption day for either $100 or $200 today at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada.

This Holiday Spend Your Points Event is a fab way to snag some extra Christmas gifts while saving a lot of money. I don’t think I have seen Shoppers host this event so close to Christmas before, so count yourself as lucky. Here is a look at the bonus redemption levels today at Shoppers Drug Mart during this Holiday Spend Your Points Event:

  • Redeem 95,000 points and get $200 off (Extra $30)
  • Redeem 50,000 points and get $100 off (Extra $15)

There is no printable coupon needed to partake in this promotion and you can take advantage of it for up to two times per day. That means, if you had enough points, you could end up getting up to a grand total of $800 worth of free items!

All of the regular exclusions apply to this deal, and when you redeem your amount, you will just need to pay the taxes on your purchases. If you are going to redeem any other amount, those levels will all be the same.  I suggest waiting until you have enough points to do the bonus redemption because you just get so much more.  In my mind, it is not nearly worth it to redeem at a normal level.

This is perfect timing because Christmas is less than a month away and this would be a great way to save a lot of money while grabbing some Christmas gifts. You can stock up on Christmas cards, chocolates, toys, new makeup, books, hair accessories for girls and a ton of other items. You can also stock up on some great food and snacks you may need for hosting your Christmas dinner.

Don’t forget that you can flip through the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer to see what other discounts you may want to combine with this offer. I see some sales on pop, peanut butter, snacks, hair colour, paper towel and more. So if you have some money leftover after Black Friday, I suggest you take advantage of this promotion at your local Shoppers Drug Mart Canada.

(Expiry: 28th November 2015)

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