December 16

Shark Easy Sew Sewing Machine For $80 @ Canadian Tire

Posted by on December 16, 2010 at 2:00 PM

Shark Easy Sew Sewing Machine For $80 @ Canadian Tire

This deal is from the current issue of the Canadian Tire flyer. The Shark Easy Sew 32 Stitch Sewing Machine is regularly $159.99, but it is half price this week only. It’s now $79.99.

You’ll have to buy this one in-store though, cannot purchase online at Canadian Tire (sadly)!

I laughed when I saw the name of this sewing machine – The Shark. It does look a bit like a shark! I don’t know much about sewing machines in general, but it could be a good one for a beginner. Reviews are mixed though, with some people saying that this sewing machine is great, and others saying that it is horrible. You decide!

I was talking about sewing with some friends the other day – doesn’t that sound like an interesting conversation! But seriously, I was commenting on how people are really getting back into sewing, knitting and crafts, with the way things are in the current worldwide recession. Instead of just throwing out clothes that are slightly worn or damaged, people are finding new and interesting ways to mend them, or tailor the clothes to their individual personalities. On Etsy, I see a lot of people doing this kind of thing and selling them on for a bit of a profit.

Apparently sales of dewing machines are really increasing all over the world!

It reminds me to tell you guys about a certain Canadian store – Bargainmooser Petey recently dropped me an email about a store he found – grabascab. They sell patches which can go on kids clothing. You don’t need to sew them though, they are sticker patches.

(Ends 24th December 2010)

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14 Comments to “Shark Easy Sew Sewing Machine For $80 @ Canadian Tire”

  1. Florence Hourigan says:

    My daughter purchased one of these machines from Canadian Tire a couple of Christmas’ ago. I had to take one back and I should have taken this one back too. The thread bunches in the bobbin no matter what tension you set and the thread keeps getting cut. Very frustrating. A beginner would be put off sewing forever if they used this one. I think I will take my 30 year old Singer in to be fixed as it was more reliable than this one. The Shark sewing machine has a terrible sound to it while you are attempting to sew and then the proceeding problems occur. Maybe use it as a door stop.

  2. Shatthi Shilpa says:

    Please let me know the needle number because i’ve no more needles as all have broken.

  3. my machine sounds like a tractor, watched tutorial, still not working….won’t sew

  4. enid belford says:

    looking to find operating manual for a shark sewing machine model 612c, I hope you can supply me with this ty .. enid belford

  5. Sue Pawliuk says:

    I need to buy a peddle and plug in for the shark sew easy how can I order this part for the machine and how much does it cost.

  6. linda says:

    I own one of these machines..worked super for me I made a jean quilt..sewed corners of flags & many other selling it move up to a bigger machine..

  7. Edna Brisson says:

    I have lost my instructions,where can I get them?

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