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Roots Canada: 30% Off Watches & Hats

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Roots Canada: 30% Off Watches & Hats

Roots Canada is offering 30% off watches and 30% off hats for men and women, with free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

The prices of the watches range from $175 all the way down to $45 before the extra discount. After discount, the watches range from $122.50 down to $31.50. Style is always personal.

As for the men’s caps, you have your choice of the trucker, racer, or baseball style. They also have one Sandbanks Bucket Hat that was $30, but after the 30% off it comes down to $21.

Roots Canada: 30% Off Watches & HatsThe women’s watches get much more expensive than their male counterparts. Their watches range in price from $249 down to $35 pre-discount… or $174.30 to $24.50 after discount. Again, style is very personal, so have a look-see if you need a watch.

The women’s hat sale is pretty much just trucker hats and the same bucket hat I mentioned above. The trucker hats are more colourful for the girls, fancy that.

Now for the bad. What I don’t like about the watch sale: as of August 6th, all watches are final sale and do not come with a warranty – which makes me awfully nervous. Why would you not warranty your own product? Even for a month, a week, or the year it is supposed to have, minimum? Have you no faith in your own product anymore? The watches now become buyer’s risk, and I don’t like that. I think that is the most idiotic thing I have seen Roots Canada do – ever.

So, if you are going to buy a watch, I suggest going cheap… really cheap. I’m talking¬†$24 for a women’s and the $32 for the men’s watch, because if the watch (which is not under warranty) doesn’t work in six months, you will be less upset about a cheap watch than one of those $100+ watches.

Now, on the other side of that coin: I have owned two Roots Watches. Except for the occasional dead battery they were both very good watches. In fact I ‘lost’ my Roots watch on my trip to New Zealand a few years ago and found it over a year later in my camera bag still ticking happily away. That is what puzzles me; Roots watches, in my experience, are good – so why pull the warranty? Any thoughts?

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  1. Anna Waters says:

    The reason why there are no warranties on the watches is because these styles have been discontinued – I am told :)

  2. JL says:

    I received a Roots watch as a gift for xmas and it stopped working a week after I got it. Really not cool by Roots. I understand no returns or exchanges, but no warranty?

    The watch was $70 but it just isn’t right to sell your customers something like that without a warranty. Maybe we shouldn’t have bought it, but come on, that’s just not fair.

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