February 3

Pizzahut Canada Coupon: $5 Off

Posted by on February 3, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Pizzahut Canada Coupon: $5 Off

This is a Pizzahut coupon which can be used either online or in-store. It gets you a $5 discount on multigrain pizzas or whole grain pasta!

Click here to use the Pizzahut coupon online

  • Coupon Code: 856
  • Discount: $5 off multigrain pizza or whole grain pasta
  • Expires: 30th April 2010

Click here for the Pizzahut store locator

Click here for the Pizza Hut printable coupon

When I first tried to load the printable coupon, it was very very very slow. But it loaded after a few tries.

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3 Comments to “Pizzahut Canada Coupon: $5 Off”

  1. Prikola says:

    In the ad for Pizza Hut, did they mean, “Tastes like cardboard?” lol

  2. Lulu says:

    I went to Pizza Hut in Timmins, ON yesterday Feb. 6, with my $5 coupon. They told me that this advertizing was a fraud, that they never heard of these new health items. If someone can clear this up for me, I would appreciate it very much. It wasn’t much fun for a Friday outing. Lulu

    • Anna says:

      Hi Lucie

      Telling you this was fraud seems pretty over the top!

      From what I have seen in many large corporations – sometimes the Head office puts out a special offer that the branches are not even aware of.

      The Pizza Hut offer was hosted by a company called transcontinental, who do marketing communications for many large organisations. I don’t consider this to be fraud… it’s a genuine offer that the branch probably has not yet been informed of… or may not be taking part in.

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