January 18

Payless Shoe Source: BOGO 1/2 Off

Posted by on January 18, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Payless Shoe Source: BOGO 1/2 Off

Payless Shoe Source’s BOGO 50% off sale is back in stores, so if you are looking for shoes on a budget, check out your local Payless Shoe store.  I think this is the store that made bogo famous, isn’t it?

This is another company that I am looking forward to the day they make it online. It shouldn’t be that hard either, they already have an online store for the USA, so a lot of the ground work has already been set up. Indeed I got excited when I saw the US store thinking I was on the Canadian site and they finally sold online… then I noticed the domain. woops. Payless Shoe Source: BOGO 1/2 Off

I haven’t shopped at Payless in a long time, I just never found anything there that I really liked. How have our Moosers faired?

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  1. Sonia says:

    Hi,I am a regular at payless and recently did back to school shoe shopping for the kids there.
    I just happen to notice the price jumped by $5 per pair for the BOGO sale (before BOGO 29.99 , BOGO price 34.99) is that legal? can they do that? is that really a sale then?

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