December 19

Save up to 50% Off Pet Necessities and Accessories @ PetSmart Canada Boxing Day Sale (26-28 Dec)

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Save up to 50% Off Pet Necessities and Accessories @ PetSmart Canada Boxing Day Sale (26 28 Dec)

The PetSmart Boxing Day Weekend Flyer has been released! The flyer is right at your fingertips to view all of the sales available at PetSmart Canada during their Boxing Day Event. The PetSmart Boxing Day Weekend Sale will run from the 26th of December through to the 28th of December 2014. The store doors will open at 7 AM on Boxing Day.

During this PetSmart Boxing Day Weekend Sale, you will save up to 50% off select necessities and accessories for your fur babies. If you find yourself receiving or gifting a puppy or kitten this Christmas, this will be your one-stop-shop to get everything you need. These offers are available in stores or to be shipped to a store. Picking up your purchase at your local store is free. Although no longer allows shipping to your home, they have replaced it with a shipping to store feature which is now free. Do you remember how expensive PetSmart’s shipping used to be?

On Boxing Day (26th December 2014) you can shop at PetSmart between 7-9AM and save more when you spend more as well. If you spend $50, you will get $10 off your purchase. If you spend $100, you will get $30 off  your purchase. This is valid for two hours only on this day.

If you have cats at home, you know that the type of litter you use makes a world of difference. If you have more than one cat you have probably heard of Maxx Multi Cat which works wonders for keeping odours down. I have one cat so I use “Yesterdays News” as it is pretty cost efficient and doesn’t track through my house. If you use Maxx, you can get it for only $4.50 during the Pet Smart Boxing Day sale, which is 50% off the regular price. If you don’t like cleaning the cat litter box at all, you could always purchase the Nature’s Miracle self-cleaning single cat automatic litter pan for $134.99 which is $20 off the previous cost.

I also dread hearing the noise of the cat climbing up the side of my couch. I was going to declaw her until I watched a YouTube video about the process, and I changed my mind. Instead of that route, I purchased her  a “Cat Tree”, which apparently can be pretty pricey. During this Pet Smart Boxing Day sale you can save 30% off select Grreat Choice and Whisker City Cat Towers. My cat also uses hers to get away from the pesky dog. Some good cat toys can preoccupy them from scratching everything too, which is great because the Toys R Us Cat Toys are all on sale for buy 2 get 1 free.

Dogs get great discounts too. You can save 50% off a comfortable new pet bed for your pooch. These beds range in price from $10.99 – $43.99 each after the discounts have been applied. They will include the Grreat Choice and Top Paw dog beds as pictured on the front page of the flyer and more. If you didn’t spoil your dog with enough toys for Christmas, you can save up to 50% off select Toys R Us Pets Dog Toys too. These toys will cost you between $2.95 and $20.99 each depending on the size and type.

Something is a little fishy.. How about some savings on aquariums and other fish products? During the PetSmart Boxing Day sale you can save up to 40% off select aquariums. These vary in sizes from 0.5 gallons all the way up to 55 gallons.

When it comes to BOGO offers, PetSmart has quite a few during their Boxing Day sale:

  • Buy one get one free: Hill’s Science Diet dog treats, Hill’s Science Diet dog food, Hill’s Science diet cat food, all Iams dog or cat food, all Eukanuba or Innova dog food.
  • Buy two get one free: Hill’s Ideal Balance dog food cans
  • Buy 8 Caesar dog food 100g tubs ($0.89 each) and get 1 Caesar dog treat 150g pack ($2.99) for free

You also won’t want to miss any of their clearance offers. The PetSmart Boxing Day flyer states that you can save up to 75% off clearance holiday dog and cat products like toys, treats, apparel, and more.

Shop at to enjoy their Boxing Day Weekend sales online and you can save an additional 10% off of your purchase when you opt for in-store pickup. Your discount will max at $100 and will appear in your cart.

For more great Boxing Day deals you can check out our forums.

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December 19

Sony Canada Promo Code: Exclusive Free Express Shipping

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Sony Canada Promo Code: Exclusive Free Express Shipping

Are you a last-minute shopper and need to get some good electronics as a gift and you need it there now? Well, Sony has a very hot exclusive for our readers that will get you free express shipping on any order from them. Express shipping is $10, so you’ll be saving that cost. They do have free regular shipping on orders over $50, but there is no minimum with our coupon code, so even if you don’t need it asap, you’ll still be able to save on the shipping costs.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: BMEXPRESS
  • Discount: Free express shipping
  • Expiry: 31st December 2014

Even better, you can use this coupon code to do all of your Boxing Day shopping after Christmas and get your items before all of the rest of the Boxing Day shoppers. Whatever you choose, whether it be shopping now, on Christmas or after it, you can also do all three and get free express shipping from Sony.

Sony has a few deals out there right now that you can pair with this coupon. Here’s the thing: some other stores like Best Buy and Future Shop *may* have prices cheaper on the items that I’m telling you about on Sony. But, in order to get the items on time before Christmas, you either have to live in the GTA or pay for express shipping, which thus makes your savings void, depending on what you get. I also find its nice to buy right from the source.

I can’t stop looking at this cute bluetooth wireless mobile speaker that is $20 off at Sony and now $49.99. It has amazing reviews and not one bad review and would make a fantastic gift. I’m thinking of getting one for my oldest son. Best Buy sells it for $54.99 and so does Future Shop. You’ll get it $5 cheaper at Sony, plus it will get to you super fast and for free.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

It is incredible loud but the music is still sharp and pleasant. The ClearAudio+ on my phone makes all my music sound great.I use it next to my laptop for playing music and also as a phone speaker.And by the pool when relaxing.It seems well build, NFC is really convenient and battery life is good enough.

Like always, you’ll want to price compare at other sites on anything you buy, but know that you have the convenience of having free express shipping at Sony right now. You can thank me later, when you get all your gifts right on time, even shopping online the weekend before Christmas.

Be sure to stop by the Bargainmoose forum for all the latest exclusive Sony coupon codes. Note that this coupon excludes tvs over 50″.

Sony Canada Promo Code: Exclusive Free Express Shipping

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December 19

BEST-LOCK 1166-Piece Building Set $19.99 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

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BEST LOCK 1166 Piece Building Set $19.99 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

If you are looking for discount building blocks, look no further than this huge BEST-LOCK 1166-Piece Building Set. Originally $49.99, the set is now on sale for $29.99. After you apply coupon code 941612824 for $10 off $25, the set comes down to $19.99. Sears Canada is also offering free shipping on all toy orders right now, saving you an extra $7.95.

BEST-LOCK blocks are compatible with many other brands of blocks so you can combine them with any current sets you have. This set includes 1166-pieces in total with 11 mini figures. You can build a fire truck, fire station, helicopter, rescue ship, speed boat, police station, truck, car and more with the included instructions. I think the rescue ship looks very interesting and it is quite nostalgic for me. The only building set my parents ever bought me was a ship with a couple sharks – it was awesome.

I tried price comparing this building set but could not find it anywhere else. I did find another BEST-LOCK building set of 1000 pieces for $59.99 at Canadian Tire. At only one-third the price with an extra 166 pieces and free shipping – this deal is hot.

Now, there is only one review of this building set and it is negative. The reviewer says that about 2% of the blocks come either defective or are missing (so 98% are fine). It is important to read reviews, but I am curious why a toy would only have one review if it were such a bad toy. You would think anyone who was shorted a few blocks or found warped blocks in his or her set would want to complain. It makes me think that the reviewer got a defective set rather than this being the norm. If it were the norm, I would expect a lot more complaints!

BEST LOCK 1166 Piece Building Set $19.99 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

As you can see from my cart, you only have to pay tax on top of the set. It is also showing me a delivery date of December 23rd (for Alberta), so this set could arrive in time for Christmas if you order today.

This is a nice building toy set for those on a tight budget who want to give their child a really big and impressive gift this year. Not everyone can afford brand name or the newest and the best, so this is another reason I love this deal.

I have no idea when this combination of deals will expire, as I do not know when the coupon code ends.

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December 19

The Gap: Jeans Starting @ $12 with 40% Off Coupon Code

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The Gap: Jeans Starting @ $12 with 40% Off Coupon Code

The Gap Canada is offering 40% off the entire store and you can still receive your order by Christmas! They have a pile of jeans in their sale section right now, and with the Gap coupon code GAPWRAP they start at just $11.99 a pair when they cost $69.95 or more each originally.

These 1969 faded high-rise skinny jeans in white wash grey are your best deal by far. Originally $84.95, the jeans are on sale for $19.99. Apply the above coupon code and they come down to just $11.99 in your cart. That is an 86% savings! These jeans are made of premium cotton and have 2% Lycra/Spandex for a perfect fit. This one reviewer wanted to clear up some misconceptions regarding the colour:

I love this jeans! The color is an even gray, not like the color in the picture which looks like from the 80’s. Feels great and accentuates the right curves!

Next on our list of amazing jean deals at The gap, score a pair of 1969 sexy boyfriend cords in light sage for just $11.99 after coupon code, originally $69.95. These are made of a cotton polyester blend and have that beautiful textured corduroy look and feel. Features include five pockets and frayed accents for that worn-in look without even trying.

There are also several pairs of jeans priced just a few dollars higher. I like these 1969 double-dye always skinny cords as they are a very saturated dark jean. I always preferred dark jeans to light coloured jeans. Reviews on fit seem a bit all over the place, so give a few comments a read to guide your size selection. Originally $69.95, these jeans are on sale for $22.99. After coupon code, they come down to $13.79.

My favourite jeans for the price are these 1969 high rise crop jeans. For me, crops are almost long enough to be regular jeans because I am so short. Originally $79.95, these are also one of the really great jean deals as they come down to $13.79. This reviewer just loves them:

Love these, perfect length and fit!!!! I bought 2 pair, one for a longer fit and the other for a more Capri fit.

Jeans are a staple in most wardrobes, so prices like these are a real treat. Use this opportunity to stock up on wardrobe essentials.

Receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more across any of the three sister stores: Old Navy, Banana Republic, and The Gap. All orders placed by Sunday will arrive in time for Christmas.

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December 19

Tenkai Knights ‘Portal Drop’ Ship $16 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

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Tenkai Knights Portal Drop Ship $16 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

Oh my goodness I am over the moon about this deal! This sweet 194-Piece Tenkai Knights ‘Portal Drop’ Ship is on sale from $42.99, down to $25.79. After you use coupon code 941612824, the Tenkai Knights Ship drops to just $15.79. Sears Canada is also offering free shipping on all toys right now, which makes this an extra awesome deal as shipping usually costs $7.95 or more.

This deal is really good because you are combining a 40% off sale price with a $10 off $25 coupon code and a free shipping promotion. Deals like these are a beauty and I get excited and can hardly sit still whenever I find them. Woohoo!

I could not find this set many other places for a good price comparison. However, I did find the exact same set at on sale for $36.37. Since that price is over $20 more than what you will pay at Sears, I declare this a hot deal!

This set features 194-pieces that combine to make a cool futuristic looking ship. If your child has not bought into branding yet, they can be a great alternative to the usual Lego / Megablock dominated landscape and they are compatible with Lego as well. The set includes two action bricks, two weapon bricks, one power brick and adds up to 194 pieces of fun.

The set also includes a battery, which threw me for a loop. However, I think it is for powering the light projecting brick (so cool!) that reveals either a teleport beam or you can turn a dial to make the Drop ship’s thrusters blue or red.  According to my reading, this is a 2-in-1 set that lets you build both the Dimensional Dropship and the Portal Shape shifting weapon bricks that reveal triple barrel missile launchers. Wicked!

Tenkai Knights Portal Drop Ship $16 & Free Shipping @ Sears *HOT*

I think this is a super-hot buy and it would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves playing with Lego or brick based toys. As you can see from my cart above, the coupon applies successful. There were also no shipping charges so you will only pay tax on top of the toy.

I do not know when the coupon expires, so this deal could end at any time.

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December 19

Toys R Us Canada: Electronic Battleship Was $50 | Now $25

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Toys R Us Canada: Electronic Battleship Was $50 | Now $25

Toys R Us has another round of 3-day deals going on, starting today and there are some hot ones. Besides 20% off select Lego and up to $30 off Disney Frozen items, there are a bunch of Hasbro games on for 50% off. Electronic Battleship may be on your to-give list (its actually on mine!), and it is now only $24.97, with a regular price of $49.99.

As I said in another post, my in-laws and I trade family board games at Christmas. This year they asked for ideas as with as many kids as we have, both families probably have quite a few board games. The game they wanted is Battleship, so of course, I’ve been watching for deals on this game. I could get them the regular Battleship game, which is priced at $20 at Toys R Us, but this looks like much more fun.

What makes it more fun? You can use preset layouts, it makes fun noises and lights up and the best part – you can play against the computer, so you don’t need a second player.

I actually think I’m going to order one of these for my oldest son. We played Battleship two nights ago together, as this was a favourite of mine as a kid and he loves it. His younger brothers have trouble playing with him, as getting the letter and number right is crucial and that is a bit tough for him. It is rated for 8 and up, so that makes sense. If I get him this one, he can play it on his own, rather than waiting for me to get my stuff together and sit and take a break with him.

I tried to price compare and didn’t find the electronic version of this game at very many stores. I personally think it is a good deal though, considering the regular one sells for what it does at most stores. I’m going to pick up two right now and pick them up at my local store so I know I’ll have them by Christmas. While our elves found out that you can order by today to get it by Christmas, this could be iffy if you absolutely have to have it by then. If I did want to get it shipped, it would be free as you get free shipping on orders over $25.

There are lots of other Hasbro games on sale right now too, which look super fun for your family game nights.

(Expiry: 22nd December 2014)

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December 19

Best Buy: $9 Off Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrush & Extra Heads – $7.99

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Best Buy: $9 Off Oral B CrossAction Power Toothbrush & Extra Heads   $7.99

Best Buy Canada is offering a few sweet toothbrush deals to clean those sweets out of your teeth this holiday season. My favourite deal is an Oral-B CrossAction Power Whitening Battery-Powered Toothbrush for just $7.99 (save $9). The set includes one toothbrush with head plus two extra replacement brush heads.

I price compared this toothbrush with sells the Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrush for $11.99 regular price, but has them on sale for $9.59 each right now. The only difference is this one has a whitening head while is selling an anti-microbal head. The brush also costs $13.99 at Amazon Canada but is out of stock. Neither of those include the replacement heads, which retail for around $10 – $13. Now, Walmart has the toothbrush alone on sale for $6.96, but the replacement brush heads would cost you another $6.96 on sale for a total of $13.92.

This is a lot like the toothbrush my husband uses. It has the round small head on top that rotates and a bottom brush that jives up and down to give your teeth a better clean. The dentist recently told me that I should consider using a power toothbrush instead of the manual ones I so dearly love. I do not like the vibration from the power toothbrushes; however, it has been years since I have tried one so they might be much better now.

I think this is a good deal because it totally sets you up for nearly a year with the toothbrush body and three heads. Also, replacement heads are unusually the most expensive thing about owning a battery-powered tooth brush as you are always replacing them, so I like that you get a good supply initially.

I also wanted to remind people of the amazing toothbrush deal that Margarita posted a few days ago. A 2-pack of Oral-B Pro-Health precision clean toothbrushes is on sale for just $12.99, you save $17. Both deals are certainly worth purchasing.

Right now, Best Buy also has their buy more save more program on that will combine with these discounts.

  1. Buy three (3) take 10% off
  2. Buy five (5) take 15% off
  3. Buy eight (8) or more take 20% off

On top of that, if you spend $100 or more on Viva products, you can buy a Pearl necklace valued at $130, for just $9.99. See the website for promotion details.

Orders of $25 or more ship for free from Best Buy Canada.

Image credit: Rudy Eng

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December 19

ROXX Skullz Game Was $18 Now $5 @ Walmart (EXPIRED)

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ROXX Skullz Game Was $18 Now $5 @ Walmart (EXPIRED)

Holiday time means family game nights! ROXX Skullz Game Was $18 Now $5  Shipping is free with no minimum at Walmart.

The first thing to know about this ROXX Skullz game is this is an active game. You are going to want to clear a spot on the floor to play this game. With this ROXX Skullz game 2-6 players are playing head to head. You will enjoy learning new TRIXX while you collect ROXX pieces. There is also an option to play freestyle and practice TRIXX on the cards or come up with your own new TRIXX. The TRIXX goals usually include flipping or sliding your ROXX into a target.
The set comes with:

  • 6 target cups
  • Game mat
  • 6 Roxx
  • 6 Trixx cards
  • Instructions
  • Collectors Checklist to collect all the styles of ROXX

I think the real winning point with this game is the freestyle practice. I can imagine kids having fun challenging each other to flip or slide their pieces a certain way. “No Ben you have to avoid the number 5 and land your ROXX into the red cup only.” Now the rules have changed let’s aim for the green cup now. I like making up the rules to the game as I go along. I also like that it requires a little bit of creativity to come up with new rules once you have gotten the hand of the TRIXX included with the set.

Another great bonus to this game is it does not include any batteries at all. We will be noisy enough in our house as we practice shooting and sliding. Ka-bam! I just landed my ROXX in the red target again. Sometime it is nice to step away from the electronic games for a bit and play a game that everyone gets involved in. I see this game as a huge hit at a sleepover, family game night or even a birthday party.

The ROXX themselves are collectible. Each one comes with its own unique artwork on the piece. If your kid or family really gets into this game, I can see how it would be fun to trade the pieces back and forth. Make sure my set comes with a piece that has a skull with a star on it and I will be sure to win. No the lightening piece does not come with a special power except for my own super flipping powers when I crush you playing this game. You can see the game in action at this video from Time to Play Magazine.

For the same game at Sears you’ll pay $13.49. Amazon must think this game is gold because they want to charge you $34.40 for the same game. Pick this one up at Walmart.

Image Credit: John Barker

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December 19

Future Shop Canada: ObusForme Handheld Massager Was $99 | Now $30 *Bump*

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Future Shop Canada: ObusForme Handheld Massager Was $99 | Now $30 *Bump*

The other day we blogged about this massager and what a great deal it was at Best Buy for $34.99 and now it is is $29.99 at Future Shop. If you didn’t get it then, you might want to today at this cheaper price! It has a regular price of $99.99.

Well, I was going to blog this deal for you that I found at The Source, until when price comparing, I found it even cheaper right now at Best Buy!

With the stress of the holidays looming on my back, I really need a massage! Unfortunately for me, my benefits have run out so I need to wait just a few more weeks to get one and get reimbursed for it. In the meantime, my aching back and shoulders are screaming out for some relief and hubby’s hands just don’t cut it. But, I could pass him this massager and get him to do it with that. I think that would really help get some knots out.

I’d also love this for my middle son, who has trouble getting to sleep and deep pressure works wonders on him. Instead of using my hands, I could massage his back with this. It says it gives 3,000 pulses per minute, which sounds pretty good to me. I can even do it myself as there is an extension arm.

It has really great reviews like:

I bought the body massager for my aching legs. They work really well as I feel better after massaging my legs. They are also great for all over body massage, specially the back. I got this on sale from Best Buy for half price. Lucky me. The only cons was the 3″ arm extension. If you try to close it fast, part of your hand can get caught and will hurt you. But once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll always remember to close it slowly. Future Shop Canada: ObusForme Handheld Massager Was $99 | Now $30 *Bump*

It sells at Walmart for $78, at for $99 and at The Source on sale right now for $50.

Another way you can tell when something is a hot deal is that it goes in my cart, and this one did. I know Best Buy ships quickly so I think I’ll get this by Christmas even though I didn’t get any shipping details. It will also ship for free being over the $25 minimum.

(Expiry: 21st December 2014)

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December 19

Amazon Canada: The Flintstones Complete Series Only $41 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 11:59 AM

Amazon Canada: The Flintstones Complete Series Only $41 (EXPIRED)

The Flintstones: The Complete Series is on sale for just $40.99 with free shipping right now, down from the retail price of $120 at Amazon Canada.

Here is a price-comparing composite to show you what other retailers are selling The Flintstones Collection for:

  • $84 @ Chapters Indigo Canada
  • $74.99 @ HMV Canada (in-store only)

Future Shop and Best Buy do not sell the collection; rather they have individual seasons for $39.99. Walmart also has individual seasons for $39.46. I checked out the individual seasons on Amazon – and most of them are on sale for just $14.99 each. However, this collection is still a far better deal as there are six seasons. If you paid the individual price per season, it would cost you $89.94 in total.

This box set is all kinds of awesome. You get 24 disks of fantastic and memorable cartoons. While The Flintstones is a classic cartoon that ran before my time, I have watched a ton of reruns on Teletoon Retro. It is one of my favourite older cartoons to watch, along with Scooby-Doo and The Jetsons. I especially like when they have kids and Fred is always loosing Pebble. That time he took her to a boxing match was just priceless.

I did a little research and you get 166 episodes with all six seasons. That is an incredible amount of cartoon watching time for just $41. Reviewers are very happy with the box set and leave pleased comments like this one:

Absolutely great product! My only complaint (and it’s very minor) is that it is very hard to pull the CD’s from their covers and the last thing that I want to do is rip the booklet that they came it. The overall quality of the CD’s are fabulous; clear and crisp on the TV. I would definitely buy this again!

Another benefit to getting the box set over individual seasons (besides price) is the cool box that the collection comes in. At first, I thought it was a Flintstone-esque transistor radio, but I actually think it is a stone-age television after getting a better look at it. What do you think?

Either was this is a fantastic series at a great price. You will not find this cheaper anywhere else. As the box set costs over $25, you will receive free shipping. Amazon Canada is still saying it will “Arrive before Christmas” if you order now.

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December 19

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360 | PS3) Only $30 @!

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Borderlands: Pre Sequel (Xbox 360 | PS3) Only $30 @!

Borderlands Fan? Right now has the Borderlands: The Pre Sequel for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for only $30. The PC version is priced at $39.99 which is still $20 lower than everywhere else. Not only is this 50% off of their regular price, but it is also $10 less than the previous lowest price we blogged. Amazon also ships your purchase for free if it is over $25, so you will get that too.

This may be your only chance to feel the moon’s low gravity without actually going to the moon. In every jump and stomp of this Borderlands: The Pre Sequel you will feel like you are walking on the moon. This pre-sequel is set to take place between the previous Borderlands and Borderlands 2 games. During this game, you will witness how the villain Handsome Jack transforms into the power hungry enemy that we know him as in Borderlands 2.

There are two new features as well as four playable characters in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. The two new features include laser guns as well as items that have a certain cryogenic element to them. When an item is cryogenic, it can be used to either freeze or slow down your enemies.

The four new playable characters will keep the game interesting for you. Choose to be Athena the Gladiator, Claptrap the goofy robot, Nisha the Lawbringer, or Wilhelm the Enforcer. The possibilities are endless! You will probably remember these four characters as being bosses you battled in the previous Borderlands games.

Just to ensure that you are getting the absolute lowest price, I did a little price comparison at some other Canadian retailers who have this game:

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is $59.96 @
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is $54.99 @
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is $59.99 @

If you are a fan of first person shooters, then I would give this game a shot. No pun intended! Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was first launched on the 14th of October, 2014. The last time we blogged about this game title was just two days ago when it was $39.99 and I was amazed at the price then. So far, I have liked Borderlands and Borderlands 2 when I have played them.

If you purchase this game now, Amazon Canada states that it will arrive before Christmas. This would be a great gift if you have a teenage son or gaming hubby. Keep in mind that this game is rated M for Mature.

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December 19

Sears Boxing Day Blowout Flyer NOW HERE! 3 Days Only Starting December 26th

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 10:13 AM

Sears Boxing Day Blowout Flyer NOW HERE! 3 Days Only Starting December 26th

Sears has released their Boxing Day Blowout flyer. The deals start December 26th and will run through December 28th. And we’ve got the flyer right here for your viewing pleasure! Start making a list of your favourites and make sure you get the best deals in your cart.

Sears is not disappointing with some splashy deals front and center for Boxing Day. Check out the ProForm 2.0 CHP Treadmill – Crosswalk 395 now $389.99. This treadmill would normally cost you $1299.99 but during the Boxing Day sale you can grab it for 70% off to start your new year off healthy.  Treadmills are often in the $900-$1200 range so this truly is a deep discount for this machine. Reviews are looking good on Sears’s site for this model. Most people like it except one poor person who could not get it assembled properly.

A workout sounds good to me after the big holiday meal and the holiday parties. To be able to exercise in my own home is a bonus. If I did not have an elliptical trainer waiting for me in the basement I would consider this trainer.

You can also outfit your kitchen nicely with this T-Fal Chef Series 10pc Cookware Set. This set was originally $499.99 but is now $99.99. There are many nice cookware sets on the market this time of year with great discounts but this one is a particular bargain. Sears has knocked off an additional $50 if you were to compare this set with similar sale stainless steel sets on the market.

Do not forget to count the lids in that set. The lids are all glass meaning you can peek in at what you are cooking without letting out the heat. I currently have metal lids that I cannot see through and I really miss this feature. There is also measuring marks on the inside of the cookware and the set is compatible with induction cooking.

After all the exercising and cooking plus the holidays I’m just ready to rest. Check out this Serta Perfect Sleeper Aurora III Tight Top Sleep Set. Originally $1,399.99 the set will be on sale for $419.99 and save you 70%. Boxing Day is a super time to pick up a mattress on a big discount like this. The queen price is the advertised price but all sizes are on sale.  The mattress is 10½” high and box spring is 9″ high so get out your measuring tape with your bedroom set.

The fabric is polyester to account for the Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam. I am not familiar with this foam, but it is supposed to help regulate your body temperature while sleeping and relieve pressure. I would check out this mattress but I might want to lay down on it in store first.

There is also a standard 20-year warranty on this mattress to ensure you get the full lifespan on this purchase. Boxing Day is a great time to pick up a new mattress. I purchased mine several years ago on a similar deal and have had no regrets.

You will also find some smaller clothing items on sale at Sears 25-50% off including:

  • Wonderbra bras and panties
  • Ellen Tracy bras
  • Chaps Men’s Underwear and other underwear varieties
  • Levi’s Men’s Jeans
  • Kids Converse hoodies, sweatpants and sweatshirts

Here’s a sample of what’s in the Sears flyer. The full version is here.

See all of the Sears Boxing Day Deals hereFor more great Boxing Day deals check out our forums.

(Expiry: 1st January, 2014)

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December 19

Future Shop Canada: Mophie Workbook iPad 2/3rd Gen Leather Case Was $50 | Now $5

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 10:06 AM

Future Shop Canada: Mophie Workbook iPad 2/3rd Gen Leather Case Was $50 | Now $5

If you’ve got an older generation iPad and would like a new case for it, I’ve got a steal of a deal for you. Get the Mophie Workbook iPad 2/3rd generation leather case from Future Shop for only $4.99, saving you $45! You can get black or white.

I don’t have an iPad, but we do have tablets and I know how important cases can be for them. With three boys running around my house, a tablet is bound to fall at some point or another, if not thrown as a game or during a tantrum. Either way, a case can protect your precious device. While this case is for a 2nd or 3rd generation iPad, I’m sure there are lots of us out there who have those. Maybe the case you have now is getting tattered. Maybe it isn’t as nice as this case. Maybe you could just use a second case for fun and whimsy. Either way, this case is only $5.

Not just a protective case, it also doubles as a stand and it allows you to tilt it at so many different angles. The front cover is magnetic and puts your machine to sleep when you close it and wakes it up when you open it. I wish my kids were that easy.

I searched the net far and wide for price comparisons, but it doesn’t look like too many stores sell this case. Best Buy has it on sale as well, but for $9.99. Otherwise, you can’t really get a case this cheap.

Considering cases sell for around the $30 range and up, this is a hot steal if you need this kind of case. If you don’t need a case, its no loss to you and you can move on down the page and find some other deals Future Shop Canada: Mophie Workbook iPad 2/3rd Gen Leather Case Was $50 | Now $5

You could also think about this for another tablet that isn’t an iPad, but has the same dimensions.

Shipping is free once you spend $25 at Future Shop, so you might want to check out other hot deals to save yourself that cost.

(Expiry: 24th December 2014)

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December 18

Royal Bank Canada Freebie: Free $50 Gift Card (Non-RBC Customers Only)

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Royal Bank Canada Freebie: Free $50 Gift Card (Non RBC Customers Only)

Which bank are you with? If you’re not with RBC, then you could score yourself a free $50 Visa gift card! Keep reading to find out more.

There is no purchase required to redeem this freebie. All you need to do is book an appointment to go chat with an RBC financial adviser about your banking needs and at the end of the meeting, the $50 Visa gift card will be yours.

Once the time comes to go to the appointment, make sure to bring a copy of your last banking account statement as the financial adviser that you meet with will review it with you in an effort to demonstrate how much better banking with RBC would be for you. In order to qualify for the promotion, you must have an active personal account (a chequing one) with any bank other than RBC.

Personally, I have been with RBC for over a decade now and I love everything from the customer service to the ease of online banking, etc. In case you’re curious, RBC’s app is also well-made and is easy to use. Both the site and the app are very straightforward and whatever you need to do gets accomplished quickly.

To give you an idea, chequing accounts at RBC start from $4 per month for 10 debit transaction with the RBC No Limit account all the way up to $30 per month for unlimited transactions and free overdraft protection with the RBC VIP Banking account. In between these two, you can also get either the No Limit Banking account for $10.95 per month with unlimited transactions and $4/ month overdraft protection or RBC Signature No Limit banking for $14.95 per month with both unlimited transactions and overdraft protection. All of these accounts also waive certain other fees, so make sure to check out RBC’s Banking Accounts page for an overview of all of these.

Even if you’re perfectly happy with your current bank, it’s definitely worth checking out what other banks have to offer every once in a while because you never know when you can get something better. This freebie is definitely a major incentive as well!

Moosers, which bank are you with? What are your thoughts on the bank you’re with?

(Image Credit: 58445233@N04)

(Expiry: 2nd February 2015)

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December 18

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Unsure as to what to get someone on your Christmas list? Then impress your loved one(s) by making one of the following last minute Christmas gift idea. Best part of all is that these are all very frugal ideas and are guaranteed to cost less than if you were to buy them already made. Plus, it’s just that much more special if you make your gift yourself.

1. Candy Cane Hand Scrub

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Here’s an idea from Cutepolish that I actually plan on doing myself. It’s super quick, easy and looks like it could be very effective. Simply combine sugar, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil in a mason jar or container, mix and that’s it, you have a candy cane hand scrub. I plan on making mine in mason jar mugs, so that my friends can then re-use it for a drink.

2. Irish Cream Liquor

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you spending Christmas at someone else’s house? Then you can’t show up empty-handed! Make your own Irish cream liquor instead with the help of A Farm Girl In The Making‘s recipe. We all know how pricey good quality liquors can be, so the best way to save money is to mix your own drinks. For this recipe, you’re going to need Irish whisky, heavy cream, fat free sweetened condensed milk, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, vanilla extract and cold coffee.

3. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I love love love this idea! Although you could just walk into a store and buy a pre-packaged gift basket with different hot chocolate packets, it’s so much better if you make your own. To make it even more unique, follow Bubbly Nature Creations‘ instructions to place the hot chocolate mix into clear plastic fillable ornaments. If you really want to make your gift standout, then you could also paint the ornaments. For any of you with babies or kids, this is a great opportunity to make hand-print ornaments as well! 6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

4. Mason Jar Candle

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you ever received or given candles as a gift? Then can easily be tacky but not if you make your own! Something Turquoise has a very easy-to-follow guide on how to make your own mason jar candles that anyone is sure to appreciate receiving as a gift, especially if you also personalize the jar.

5. Beeswax Lip Balm

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Know someone who loves Burt’s Bees or better yet, love natural products altogether? Then make them lip balm from beeswax that is very similar to the Burt’s Bees one. Broke & Healthy has a very clear guide on how to make your own with loads of explanations and helpful pictures.

6. Bath Bombs

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re really stumped as to what to get someone for Christmas, it can be extremely tempting to walk into one of those heavily scented stores at the mall like Lush or The Body Shop Canada to get a skincare gift set but considering these gifts are more often misses than hits, make your own to avoid any mishaps. As you can see by Maria’s Self recipe, bath bombs are actually super easy and quick to make. Just make sure that the giftee enjoys taking bats first. 6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Image Credit: Karen Jackson

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