August 21

Columbia Sportswear Canada: Kids Fleece Sweaters Only $20

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Columbia Sportswear Canada: Kids Fleece Sweaters Only $20

When you think of Columbia, you probably think of warmth. I know I do, as my kids have had Columbia jackets and snowpants that have far outlasted any other brand I have gotten them. I’m sure that their other clothing, especially the outerwear, will perform just as well. This means that I’m in luck when I see that they have fleece sweaters for both boys and girls on for only $19.99, with regular prices of $39.99, essentially making them 50% off.

This is the perfect time to get your kids some fleece. While the sun might be shining and the humidex might be high, believe it or not, this won’t last for long. In fact, in Ontario, we are calling this Octogust because it has not been that warm anyway and most days remind me of warm-ish fall days. I’m ready for fleece on the cool evenings!

For only $19.99, I could pick my boys up this Steens mountain fleece. It has a number of reviews, which give it a 5-star rating. What’s great about fleece is that it is soft and cozy, plus it is warm and looks good. This review sums up this jacket:

My son is a very picky person when it comes to EVERYTHING! He just loves this jacket and so do I! It is so soft, warm and comfortable for him and the color is outstanding! I would highly recommend this jacket!

Another use for the fleece jacket is to use it as a liner under your winter jacket. I know my middle son would definitely appreciate this as he is tiny and layering keeps him the most warm. He can’t ever be too warm.

If you want to spend a little more at $29.99, regularly $39.99, check out the Steens mountain II fleece. It comes in a number of colours and looks like it might be the newer version of the one I just told you about.

The girl’s fleece is a little more at $22.49, regularly $49.99 and this Benton Springs printed fleece is pretty cute in two different colour choices.

Shipping is a flat rate of $7.

(expiry: unknown)

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August 21

Linen Chest Canada: BOGO 50% Off A Huge Number Of Items

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Linen Chest Canada: BOGO 50% Off A Huge Number Of Items

Linen Chest is having a huge buy one, get one 50% off sale on a huge number of items like bedding, towels, decor, dinnerware and more.

You can buy what you like, then get a second item of equal or lesser value at 50% off. I really like this sale because it includes so much. It isn’t just buy one towel, get the second at 50% off. It is buy one towel, get a pot at 50% off or buy a knife and get a spoon at 50% off. Whatever combination you want, you can do! To get the most benefit from this sale, you’ll want to shop the more expensive items since 50% off $100 is a much better deal than 50% off $10, but you will have to spend $150 to get that.

I am in dire need of new bedding as the bedding we have on our bed is getting a little ruffled from years of us sleeping on it and a dog and 2 cats and sometimes sick kids. Bleck. If I could just keep the dog off the bed, I’d totally get a duvet cover from this Swarovski geometric bedding collection.  On sale for $139.95 from $199.95, it is already a steal.

I’m in as much need for dinnerware as I am for bedding. My husband I joked that people should be able to have weddings every 10 years just to get those gifts for the home that you needed so desperately as newlyweds and need just as desperately now. I love this Whisper 16-piece dinnerware set that is $119.95.

If I got both the bedding and the dinnerware, instead of paying regular prices of $319.90, I’d get the dinnerware 50% off and pay a total of $199.92, which is a huge savings!

As a very cool added bonus, Linen Chest gives you free shipping when you spend $30 or more, which is a very low threshold and I know you’ll spend that amount with this deal easily and get lots of good stuff for the home!

(expiry: 24th August 2014)

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August 21

Canada Post Coupon Code: 15% Off RMS Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary Collector Set

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Canada Post Coupon Code: 15% Off RMS Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary Collector Set

Canada Post has released a coupon code for 15% off the Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary Collector Set. The set retails for $99.95, but you can purchase it for $84.96 at Canada Post. You will also receive free shipping as the set retails for over $25 (which is Canada Post’s minimum for free shipping).

Click here to view the Empress of Ireland set @ Canada Post now

  • Coupon Code: EMPRESS2014
  • Discount: 15% off Empress of Ireland Set
  • Expiry: 31st December 2014

This coupon is good all the way until the end of the year dear Moosers. If you have any coin collectors in the family, then consider giving them this beautiful coin, stamp, and book collection as a gift. This collection makes a good gift for stamp collectors and history buffs as well. Personally, I just like big ships and this boy is a tragic beauty.

This collector’s edition is loaded full of marvelous stuff:

  • A book telling the story of the Empress including her role in furthering immigration to Canada and the events of the early morning hours of May 29, 1914.
  • A limited-edition Royal Canadian Mint commemorative coin (only 15,000 pieces made).
  • Two reproduction Empress postcards
  • Stamp collectibles with unique metallic ink cancels
  • A full pane of 16 domestic-rate stamps
  • A souvenir sheet of the international-rate stamp
  • Both Official First Day Covers

The coin is the centerpiece of this entire collection. It alone costs $34.95 at Canada Post and at the It is hard to price compare the entire set because it appears to only be sold at Canada Post.

This set tells a story. For anyone whose families were influenced by the events of the Empress of Ireland, or anyone who cares about Canadian history, this set commemorates an important event in our history as a nation and in Canada’s naval and immigration past. For those of you not familiar with the Empress of Ireland, she is considered the “Canadian Titanic,” which should give you enough context to figure out what happens to this ship full of people traveling to Canada.

Canada Post also has a new “Sold Out at the Mint” Collection where you can shop for coins no longer available at the Royal Canadian Mint. As Canada Post offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more, you can often get a better deal when you buy your coins through Canada Post rather than pay shipping costs on top of the coin costs at the Mint.

For this and any future Canada Post coupon codes, visit our forum.

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August 21

Free Jolly Ranchers on Friday with 7-Eleven App

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Free Jolly Ranchers on Friday with 7 Eleven App

Pop into your local 7-Eleven store this Friday for a box of free Jolly Ranchers Chews with your 7-Eleven phone app.

For this deal, all you need is a smart phone (either android or iPhone) and the app. You will also need to sign up for an account to view and use the coupons. When you arrive in store, you click on the offer for the free Jolly Ranchers Chews. You will then have 15 minutes for checkout. The till needs to scan your coupon within that set amount of time.

Freebies are always great, and if you are stopping by a 7-Eleven anyways then you should certainly pick these up. I would not make a separate trip for them, as they are only worth a couple dollars at most. However, if your local 7-Eleven is convenient, why not? My local 7-Eleven corner store is all of one block away, thus I really have no excuse not to pick up these freebies.

I remember eating these, or something quite like these, when I was a kid. Fruit chews were my favourite unless I bit into a banana flavoured one. Yuk. While they are not exactly healthy, they are a nice treat. From the advertisement we received, it looks like you will receive a 58g box of tropical flavoured chews. The flavours in this box are:

  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry – Kiwi
  • Lemon – Lime
  • Tropical Punch

I looked up reviews for the chews and found a few on Amazon. This person rather expresses my views on fruit chews:

these delicious morsels are so good they are addictive. every time I have one, I end up have at least 2-3 more. they are irresistible! I also highly recommend the original flavors which are also quite good.

They are so dangerously addictive… try having just one!

The 7-Eleven app is a good app to have around all year around. They often do free chocolate bars, free Slurpees, and other coupons that give you discounts on everything from food to SIM cards. It is one of the best store apps out there because of the number of freebies they give to Canadians all year around.

This offer is while quantities last. Check the app before heading to your local store to make sure there are still free chews available.

Image Credit: TheFoodJunk

(Expiry: 22nd August 2014)

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August 21 BOGO Free Swimwear @ Kallone Intimi

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 4:00 PM BOGO Free Swimwear @ Kallone Intimi

Summer is still on people! Take advantage of this buy one get one free offer on swimswear, underwear and more in the Kallone Intimi shop at

I have had a very lucky year, contest wise, and I only mention that because it is totally relevant to this post. I recently won a swimsuit from Kallone Intimi and an undershirt from Nudy Patoody in a partnership contest they did for an awesome summer selfie. They are holding another contest again this month and you can totally enter here. Do it! If I can win, you can totally win!

Today I got an option between two swimsuits, and – surprise surprise – I went for the all black one. I chose the Sunsets Underwire Bandeaukini Top in Black that retails for $88 and the Sunsets Seamless High Waist Bottom in Black that retails for $57. If you add both of them to your cart, you can get the briefs for free, so the set would just cost you $88 instead of $145. The discount is automatically applied in your cart. I am really looking forward to those bottoms as I have a grey and black swim top (rash guard style) that I do not have any bottoms for. Basic black bottoms like these will not only match the top above, but they will also match my other swim top. I could even wear them under some of my slightly sheer dresses to add a little modesty.

Kallone Intimi has a massive selection of swimsuits. While I already have several swimsuits and do not particularly need more after my recent acquisition, I am eager to try out the brand Miss Mandalay. I have heard so much about this UK brand that sizes their tops by cup size and make tops for fuller bust women. Just look at the size selection for this Miss Mandalay Boudoir Beach Halter in Turquoise. The bikini top costs $80, but then you can get the matching fold-up brief for free (value $45). I am so disappointed they are out of stock in a 36E or I would completely blow my August clothing budget. Usually I do not like halter-tops as they pull terribly at my neck; however, the supportive underwire in this bra may alleviate some of the strain. I would prefer to see this in a multi-way strap in the future.

Receive free shipping on all purchases at

(Expiry: 22nd August 2014)

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August 21

Bench Canada: Men’s Alternative II Jacket $52 (Was $129)

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Bench Canada: Mens Alternative II Jacket $52 (Was $129)

If the man in your life (or yourself) needs a new jacket, Bench has some hot deals on! The Alternative II jacket is a sweet price of only $51.99, with a regular price of $129.

Taking you outside through September, October, November and hopefully March to May, this jacket is a good “most-weather” jacket. It has a funnel neck zip thru to keep your throat protected. I love the way this jacket looks and the length of it. It has a detachable hood, so if you are like my husband, you can remove it under most circumstances. The g is the cheapest of the styles at $51.99 and comes at this price in the pine green and ensign blue. Colours like white or black or red are at regular price.

H and J are also on sale, which are basically different because instead of a solid like the above jacket, they have a pattern. H is London Fog, which is a camo and is $55.99, but with a regular price of $139.99. J has a very nice dotted pattern for $55.99 and comes in smoked pearl, twilight blue and true red all for that sale price.

A very similar jacket to the men’s jacket in a ladies style is the BBQ Vickster jacket, which looks very similar in style, except of course the pattern. This pattern is the raspberry rose, which I think is very unique and perfect for the person who wants to stand out with a beautiful jacket. It is on sale for $51.99, with a regular price of $129.

Besides jackets, Bench has a number of items available on sale for outstanding prices. I love that you can search by price, size and colour so you can get exactly what you want on the first try. It is such a pain shopping the sale section on some sites only to keep finding that they only have one size left, and it isn’t mine. This way I can filter out any size I don’t want and see only what they have available for me. No searching through the virtual racks at Bench!

Shipping is free on orders over $99.

(expiry: unknown)

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August 21

Amazon Canada: $20 off Kindle Paperwhite eReader – Now $119

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Amazon Canada: $20 off Kindle Paperwhite eReader   Now $119

Purchase the Kindle Paperwhite eReader at Amazon Canada for $20 off. The Paperwhite retails for $139 but is now on sale for $119.

Today’s market presents many difficulties for eReaders. When everyone owns a tablet, laptop, or a smartphone on which you can read books, where is the place for eReaders? The job of companies that build eReaders is to differentiate them from the competition. What makes an eReader different and what makes it better than reading on those other devices.

The main difference is the screen. A tablet or phone is designed to be a multi-media device. They are built with brilliant but highly reflective screens. Have you ever had difficulty reading your phone the second you step outside? I have to turn up the brightness to maximum on my phone before I go outside or else I cannot even see enough to get into my phone to turn the brightness up. With the Kindle Paperwhite screen, this is not an issue. The screen mimics paper and there is no glare in bright light.

Battery life is another defining feature of an eReader versus a tablet. With a tablet, you can expect to charge it every day without fail if you are using it. At best, you can get away with a charge every couple of days. The Paperwhite eReader can go up to eight weeks without charging (Wi-Fi off). I am estimating it has around 30 hours of continual use on one charge.

The Paperwhite also comes with a built in light for late night reading and it stores up to 1,000 books. That is enough to keep you reading for a very long time. Another benefit of an eReader over a tablet is weight. Tablets are getting thinner and lighter with every new version, but they have not managed to reach a mere 206 grams, which is the weight of the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Paperwhite 3G is also on sale from $209 down to $189. It has all the same features as the above eReader and it comes with built in 3G. It also weighs a tad bit more at 215 grams.

I am still in love with physical books, but I do hate the space they take up. One day I might just have to change over to an eReader (maybe when they improve their graphic novel section).

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 21

My Outlet Store: K’Nex Classics 50 Model Building Set Only $17 (Was $45)

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 2:30 PM

My Outlet Store: KNex Classics 50 Model Building Set Only $17 (Was $45)

I found a fantastic deal at My Outlet Store. Get the K’Nex Classics 50 model building set for only $17.10, with a regular price of $45. It is on sale for $19, but add the coupon code CARDSWAP to get another 10% off ($1.90) and get it for $17.10. This coupon code will work for anything in store as well.

This set is really cool and I think I’m going to get it for my little building children. I have been looking at K’Nex sets for a while but the price has really been putting me off. Not this time! This set is also perfect for creating what you want, rather than a defined object. I’m not big on buying my kids sets that have them build exactly as the instructions say, for a variety of reasons. First off, that doesn’t let them be creative. Even when I do buy sets, they do what they want with them rather than build what they “should”. Second, they lose so many pieces, so why not have a set that if you lost a piece, it won’t render the whole thing useless.

There are 700 pieces in this set and 50 building ideas, in case your child does want some instruction on what to build. You could build things like a hot air balloon, sand castle, lighthouse, creatures from the sea and so much more. It says it is for age 7 and up, but I know my three-year-old would be very happy with this set.

Just to give you an idea of what this set sells for at other stores, I found it at Sears for $44.99, and at Toys R Us for $44.99. No matter how you look at it, My Outlet Store’s price is phenomenal.

You will have to add $4.95 for shipping, but the price is still way lower than any other store.

Photo credit: monodot

(expiry: unknown)

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August 21

French Connection Canada: Men’s Rain Paper Coat Only $99

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 2:00 PM

French Connection Canada: Mens Rain Paper Coat Only $99

French Connection is clearing the shelves and has a huge number of items on sale for up to 70% off in both the men’s and women’s departments. One of the items I found more than notable is the men’s rain paper coat for only $99.99 with a regular price of $248. All sizes are still available.

The site doesn’t give me much information about the coat, but it is pretty clear to see how it looks from the photo. It is available in the colour sisal, which is pretty much beige. It looks to be a coat for wearing on dreary fall days and has two large pockets with buttons. A hood protects your head and the collar protects your neck. If you need a coat for fall, this is the perfect time to get one, especially with almost $150 off.

If that coat didn’t do it for you and you’d like something more colourful than sisal, how about this men’s indigo sweater jacket? This denim wash cotton jacket won’t keep you dry in the rain but it definitely has a pop of colour and will keep you warm in the cool winds. Again, all sizes are available. It was $158, but now only $59.99.

If you are a woman and looking at buying your man a jacket, but wondering what’s in it for you, I’ll tell you. This Albany biker jacket is incredibly gorgeous. Giving you a feminine touch of wildness, it is available in a blushed pink. This is perfect for day and nighttime use and I know people will ask you where you got it. It was regularly $138, now only $49.99. I’m really holding myself back from getting this beauty.

Actually, I’m really holding myself back from a number of items on sale during French Connection’s sale, including some gorgeous skirts and dresses.

Shipping depends on what province you live, but is a flat rate no matter what you buy, so you’ll either want to stock up or just buy the one item you came for.

(expiry: unknown)

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August 21

The Source Canada: Acer Iconia 32GB Tablet Only $150

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM

The Source Canada: Acer Iconia 32GB Tablet Only $150

With back-to-school sales in full swing, it’s that special time of year where education is paramount, and some parents are eagerly anticipating the start of the school year for their kids, whether they’re in elementary school, high school, college, or university. One way that they can make this transition easier for their summer-loving kids is with a massively discounted Acer Iconia tablet that’s being offered by The Source. For only $149.96, you can enjoy the benefits of a tablet for a fraction of the normal cost (a savings of 58% off of the regular price). According to The Source, it’s a display model of the tablet, that’s in mint condition and comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. It also comes with free shipping to your door, or even a 3-5 day store pickup option- whatever accommodates your needs the most.

Normally retailing at $359.96, the  Acer Iconia 32GB 8.1″ tablet comes with Microsoft Office Home & Student. Since it comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, I think it’s a great deal that you shouldn’t miss out on- especially when you see what it retails for at other locations. At, you can find it brand new for $388.04 and refurbished for $249.99, while at, they have one with an open box for $314.25.

At first, I considered a tablet to just be a gimmicky device that I didn’t need- after all, I already have a laptop, and my smart phone can also use a wide variety of apps. However, once I was lucky enough to receive a tablet as a gift, I haven’t been able to spend a day without using one (unless, of course, I’m out of town for the weekend). They’re very efficient- you’ll likely find yourself using it to check your emails, browse websites, check out TV shows and movies on Netflix or Youtube, or even write ideas or work on projects (especially handy on this device, since it comes with Microsoft Office Home & Student).

Laptopmag has a great review online about this tablet and there is a great review on Walmart’s site:

I own a W3 for two weeks now and I am very happy with it. This is real, fully functional Windows computer in your pocket. It runs real Windows 8 (not RT) and it has full MS Office already installed, you just have to activate it. Amazing for this price! Interface is very smooth, no lags and glitches. Very convenient tools for meetings, can be connected to projector, recognizes hand writing etc. The screen is not bad, but can be better. Also it lacks some features like compass and GPS, but those is not very essential.

The Source also has several other tablets on sale, including the ACER Iconia Android Tablet – 8GB for $169.96, ACER Iconia Android tablet – 16GB for $129.96, and several other tablets that are all massively discounted due to them being display models.

(Expiry: 3rd September 2014)

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August 21

Great Cash Back Grocery Offers

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Great Cash Back Grocery Offers

If you have not downloaded any of the great cash back apps yet, you are missing out on some great savings.  You will be able to get cash back on on your weekly groceries with absolutely no risk to you. Every week, we give you the details for a few different cash back apps that you can use. This week, we are featuring four of them for you to take a look at.

Here is a look at some of the offers this week:

  • Dawn dish soap- $0.50 cash back
  • Swiffer Starter Kits- $3 cash back
  • Ziploc brand bag or container- $1 cash back
  • Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups- $1 cash back

In total, there are over 20 different cash back deals being offered this week through Checkout51. All of these offers will be available until August 27th, 2014.

Friday, August 22nd

  • Yams- $0.25 cash back

Saturday, August 23rd

  • Any baguette- $0.25 cash back

Sunday, August 24th

  • Spinach- $0.25 cash back

Each of these deals (plus all other ones) will be valid for one week from the start date.

Here is a look at some of the deals you will see this week:

  • Bear Paws Cookies- $0.50 cash back
  • Lean Cuisine Frozen Meal- $0.75 cash back
  • Unico Olives- $0.75 cash back
  • Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution- $2 cash back

In total, there are 18 different cash back offers to take advantage of this week.  They will all be valid until August 26th.

Lastly, we have Cartsmart.  All of their offers will be available until August 27th.  In total, there are 12 different offers to take advantage of this week.

Here is a look at some of the deals you will see this week:

  • Diaper Genie refill- $1 cash back
  • Jiffy Pop popcorn- $0.50 cash back
  • Staples receipt of $15 or more- $1 cash back
  • Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows- $0.75 cash back

Happy Shopping!

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August 21

Mastermind Toys: BOGO Free All Buildex Construction Toys

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Mastermind Toys: BOGO Free All Buildex Construction Toys

All summer long, Mastermind Toys has been cranking out the great deals and they have another one that just started.  They have their entire collection of Buildex construction toys on sale for buy one, get one free for a limited time only.

I have two boys myself and I know they would just love these building toys. I am already looking ahead for deals for Christmas and this one is perfect because I can get a Buildex construction toy for each of them, but just pay for the cost of one.

If you are unfamiliar with this brand of toys, they are pretty cool.  They are wooden construction toys that encourage children to develop three dimensional thinking and an appreciation for construction, movement and design. I absolutely love toys that make a child think and help them to problem solve and learn new things.  These construction toys do just that.  They are geared towards boys because they are all vehicles but i do know a few little girls that would just love them as well.

They start from ages four years old and up depending on the difficulty of the vehicle. With this collection, there are five various vehicles that you can choose from and they range from $9.95 up to $29.95.

Just like any other buy one, get one free offer, you will get the lower priced or equal priced item as the free item. Every time you add items to your cart, the discount will be automatic at the checkout.  Make sure to add multiples of two so you can get the most from your money.

Both of my boys would love this racer car that is priced at $19.95.  They would also love this speed buster sports car that is priced at $29.95.   Since this deal is buy one get one free, you will get the racer car for free because it is the lower priced item.

You can get this deal over and over again as many times as you would like.

You will be able to get free shipping when you spend $60 or more on your purchases.

(Expiry: Limited time only)

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August 21

Bargainmoose Birthday Contest Part 2: Find the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold & Win an iPad Mini! (NOW CLOSED)

Posted by on August 21, 2014 at 7:00 AM

Bargainmoose Birthday Contest Part 2: Find the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold & Win an iPad Mini!  (NOW CLOSED)

*** Contest now closed, winner added soon. The word to search for was rainbow and you would have found the secret symbol, the Irish flag! ***

As you may have seen on site by now, we’re celebrating Bargainmoose’s 6th birthday with a series of contests, giving away some super prizes. The main prizes are four Apple iPad minis, one of which you can get the chance to win in the contest below. Yesterday, we also had a spot contest here (now closed) for an Amazon gift voucher and we will be having a few more surprise contests through the course of the week. Make sure to stop by Bargainmoose quite often to see if there’s a new contest happening!

How To Enter Today’s Contest to Win an iPad Mini

You’ve got to search for some Leprechaun’s gold again! The image at the bottom of this post shows you what the pot of gold looks like, that’s what you’d got to find hidden on the Bargainmoose blog by solving the question below. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Solve the question below
  2. Pop your one-word answer into the search box at the top of this page
  3. Hidden in a blog post, find the secret symbol on the pot of gold
  4. Email us telling us what the secret symbol is

Solve The Question

Where do you find a leprechaun’s pot of gold?

Bonus Contest Entries

Day 2 RulesBargainmoose Birthday Contest Part 2: Find the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold & Win an iPad Mini!  (NOW CLOSED)

  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 22nd August 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion

Have fun!

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August 20

AMEX & $50 rebate on $200 Purchase with Enrolled Card

Posted by on August 20, 2014 at 11:30 PM

AMEX & $50 rebate on $200 Purchase with Enrolled Card

American Express has teamed up with to get their card users additional rewards when they shop at the online retail store. Register your AMEX card through the below link. Then, when you spend $200 before the 30th of September at, you will receive a $50 rebate.

This promotion started in July, but I could not find the details on it until recently. If you have made purchases on your AMEX card without registering for this promotion, those purchases will not count towards the $200 required for your $50 rebate.

The $200 required for the rebate is cumulative: it does not need to be spent all in one purchase. However, you do need to earn it before the end of September to qualify. Your $50 rebate will be given in the form of a one-time $50 Statement Credit after the promotional period is over. As I understand it, you should receive the $50 credit in October if you meet the terms. often has good deals on household goods, fashion, personal care, tools, and more. Less than a week ago, Eva mentioned this good deal on HS Socks for men.

I found several other deals on their website right now. Receive 35% off portable solar panels that are great for charging your phone on the go. For $129.99, you receive a four pack of panels for harnessing the sun’s energy with adapters to match your cell phone. Each panel is small enough to fit in your pocket! Just remember to take it out of your pocket for charging.

Are you trying to find the right gift for the meat lover in your family? I think I might have the perfect thing. Give your favourite carnivore the Artisanal Charcuterie Box with Free Carnivore Club T-Shirt for $55. The box itself comes with four to six handcrafted cured artisan meats and you receive a free t-shirt to boot. The box is supposed to change each month as well.

BCBGeneration has up to 60% off shoes on Choose from heels or wedges. The selection is not large, but you do not need isles of shoes to find your dream pair. Sizes are limited. offers free shipping on every order. They are somewhat of a one-stop shop these days, or at least that is what they are becoming. If you have an AMEX card, I hope you can take advantage of this offer and get that $50 rebate.

(Expiry: 30th September 2014)

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August 20

Lonely Planet Coupon Code: Free eBook with Guidebook Purchase

Posted by on August 20, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Lonely Planet Coupon Code: Free eBook with Guidebook Purchase

Lonely Planet has released a new coupon code. Purchase a guidebook and receive any ebook for free.

Click here to shop @ Lonely Planet now

  • Coupon Code: EBOOKFREE
  • Discount: free eBook with book purchase
  • Expiry: 22nd August 2014

Choose any print book and any eBook. Add both copies to your cart and then apply the coupon code. It will take off the cost off the eBook. This is, essentially, a two for one deal that can come in handy if you are traveling to a couple different places this coming year.

When we go anywhere truly exotic, we like to pick up the travel books. It really improves the quality of our trip and we use the guidebook to ensure we are not missing any big attractions during our stay. If you are traveling to Iceland, I suggest picking up the physical copy of the travel guide. A lot of the country is wild so you might not want to be carting your tablet around with the eBook version. The Iceland Travel Guide retails for $25.99 USD. It is probably my favourite place that we have traveled to so far. The air was incredibly clean and the weather was absolutely perfect (we went in May). There was so much to do and see as well. I loved hiking up a glacier, snorkeling the rift, and caving in volcano tubes.

Second on my list of favourite places that I have visited is New Zealand. They have amazing foliage, beautiful beaches including black sand (which is so soft on your feet), and one of the most volcanically active surfaces in the world: Rotarua. It is an incredible place to visit and I would love to go back. Well, except for the horribly long flight. Pick up the eBook version of the New Zealand Travel Travel Guide. The eBook retails for $19.59 USD, but you will receive it free with the above coupon code.

I am all about experiencing new things, but I had such fun in these places that I really want to go back. I feel like I can do so much more in these beautiful countries.

Lonely Planet offers free shipping on orders over US$40.  I found that my order was still free as long as the original price was over $40, even if the coupon brought it under that.

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