June 15

Canadian Freebies: Nature Valley Or Oatmeal Crisp Free Product Coupon @ Save.ca

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Canadian Freebies: Nature Valley Or Oatmeal Crisp Free Product Coupon @ Save.ca

Click through now and you can receive a coupon mailed to your door for a free full-size product. You can choose between a box of the new flavour of Nature Valley granola bars or a box of the new flavour of Oatmeal Crisp.

Life Made Delicious has teamed up with Save.ca to offer you a delicious freebie. Right now, you can click through the Life Made Delicious coupon portable above and grab a free product coupon. This coupon will entitle you to a full sized new product that is redeemable only on Wednesday July 24th. Set you calendar with a reminder so you do not miss it.  Brooke blogged about a free taco seasoning coupon the other day through Save.ca that worked similarly. This freebie also says it is part of the Free Friday program. I am not sure where the Friday part comes in this time as you redeem this coupon on a Wednesday, and today is a Monday. As long as the free part works, it is fine with me! You must have a Save.ca account to claim this coupon but you can sign up for one for free.

This freebie includes two product choices. I am glad to hear there is a choice, as sometimes the freebies that are limited to only one day can be difficult to find in the store. Big freebies are swiped up quickly. This is a full-size product after all.

First up is Oatmeal Crisp Cereal, which is available in five different flavours. This is not the brand of cereal I usually pick, but the Vanilla Almond in that line sounds delicious. I do not see the flavour featured for the coupon on the website, but it looks like the new flavour is either a cranberry chocolate flavour or a cherry chocolate flavour. Either way, it sounds like we should have a delicious choice.

Also included are Nature Valley Nut and Seed Crisps. I looked at the General Mills Website but did not find any information about this type of bar. Nature Valley bars are usually delicious, packed full of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and seeds. I usually prefer the chewy versions of their bars but may try these nut bars because they are packed full of seeds. The image is not clear exactly on the flavour, but I am seeing almonds on both featured boxes.

Grab your coupons now for these great freebies. I know one of the times I sent away for a limited time coupon like this, they ended up sending out a bunch more freebie coupons when they ran out of stock at many stores. Then I was able to grab my freebie more leisurely, it was great. You should receive the coupon in five to eight business days.

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June 15

Changhong 32″ 1080p LED HDTV Was $350 | Now $211.49 With Exclusive Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Newegg.ca

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Changhong 32 1080p LED HDTV Was $350 | Now $211.49 With Exclusive Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Newegg.ca

If you want moderate sized high definition TV, this is your deal. The Changhong 32” 1080 LED HDTV was $350 and is on sale for $234.99. Use our exclusive coupon code and the price drops to only $211.49. Free shipping is also available for this TV.

Bargainmoosers, make sure to use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE615CAEX and save an extra 10% off your order. That drops this TV an additional $23.50 in price making it a nice deal for a small high definition TV.

These days everyone is trying to find the best media solution and there are a million different options. Chromecast, Netflix, Apple, cable DVDs, Blu-rays plus all the TV companies are looking for your dollar. Many high definition TVs now have turned to smart TVs that come embedded with a variety of services. The kicker is often you can bypass the extra price tag for those services simply by hooking up your laptop with your own HDMI cord, buy a small device like Chromecast to view wirelessly or hook up a game system you might already own.

For those of you who have been looking for a modest-sized TV, the Changhong 32” is here to fit the bill at a low price while giving you a great picture. I have been keeping an eye out for a tv like this for my friends cottage, they wanted something for rainy days. This TV has an LED screen with the capacity to run at 1080 pixels. The size of this TV makes it ideal for bedrooms and small living spaces. Your new TV includes three HDMI inputs and a USB for all of your media connecting needs. This is a slim TV with a narrow bezel. The sleek profile will give your entertainment system a modern look in your home. This TV also comes with a limited one-year warranty. This TV does have some mobile connectivity possibilities and is Roku compatible though I am finding they are not clear on what features are included with the mobile app other than Roku. Roku itself is not included, you would need to purchase the Roku streaming stick separately such as this streaming stick at Staples Canada for $49.99.

Price Comparison

Over at TigerDirect.ca, I found a Seiki brand tv with some smart tv capabilities such as streaming Netflix for $285.99. Best Buy Canada has a similar Insignia 32” high definition TV with the Roku features embedded into the TV for $338.99. If you want the Roku, you are better off buying our TV and then purchasing the Roku streaming stick, you still come out ahead. When I was doing my research, I did find several other tvs that were in this $200 price point at this 32” size. The difference is this TV has the high definition 1080p option that the other TVs do not have. To get that high definition 1080p at this 32” size, you are then jumping up another $150-$200 to a name brand TV. For example if you were to head over to Walmart.ca right now and look at all of the 32” HD TVs, they range from $377 to $407 for that high definition feature and are all known brands. If you are looking for a basic model that you can hook up to your media however you like, this model at Newegg.ca is a great way to go.


Several reviews mentioned that this TV’s default setting is a 720p resolution, but you can change the settings to get the full 1080 resolution. Most reviewers seem happy with this TV and have adapted it also to use as a monitor or for gaming systems. Here is one gamer’s review.

I have this TV hooked up to my Xbox one, which I use for my main entertainment system. Everything has been working great since I purchased it in November during black Friday sales. Picture is great, no issues with adjusting sound and using vocal commands through my Kinect.

If you are looking for a smaller TV with a big picture, this is a great buy. Newegg.ca also has great service from my own personal past experiences. I would not hesitate to buy a bigger ticket item as in the past the customer care took good care of me without hassle.

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June 15

Amazon Web Storage: 1 Free Year of Storage & Web Development Tools

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Amazon Web Storage: 1 Free Year of Storage & Web Development Tools

Amazon Canada is getting into the data storage game. Sing up for a new Amazon Web Storage account to receive 12 months of free storage.

I seriously know very little about this new service by Amazon. It is a good deal more in depth than Dropbox or iCloud where you just store your documents. According to Amazon:

The AWS Management Console provides a web-based interface for accessing and managing all your Amazon S3 resources. Programmatic access to Amazon S3 is enabled by the AWS SDKs and the AWS Mobile SDK.  In addition, Amazon S3 is supported by a wide range of third party tools and gateways.

While there are many tools an average user will not need, the Amazon Web Services free trial tier includes 5GB of free storage with Amazon S3 as well as additional storage with other products. You actually have 21 products and services that you can access free of charge within certain limits. Here are a few of the products you will receive with your free trial:

  • Amazon EC2
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon EBS

This offer is more for developers who work with web developing tools and need access to data storage, databases, web developing tools, software, and more. The free trial is designed to give developers a taste of the web tools and storage systems that Amazon Canada has to offer. I am not sure how useful this will be to the average person… but it is an interesting freebie.

Getting started is easy.

First, you must sign up for an AWS account. You will need to enter your billing address and credit card information, but you will NOT be charged unless your usage exceeds the free usage allotment. Only after a full year of free trial, will you have the option of continuing (and thus being billed). After creating your AWS account, you can use any of the 21 products listed in the link above. The usage allotment (free tier) for each product is listed right beside the product description.

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June 15

Canada DAWGS Coupon Code: Exclusive 60% Off Sitewide & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Canada DAWGS Coupon Code: Exclusive 60% Off Sitewide & Free Shipping

Canada DAWGS has given us an amazing exclusive coupon code for 60% off all regular priced items. In addition, DAWGS offers free shipping with no minimum across Canada.

Click here to shop shoes @ DAWGS Canada now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE60
  • Discount: 60% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

UPDATE: Mooser Sue also states that she signed up for email updates and got an extra 10% coupon code, which she was able to stack ON TOP OF this offer!

For basic daily shoes, then check out the Women’s Dawgs X Sandal. It both looks good and will feel good also. The super soft and ultralight EVA material has arch support and a massaging footbed. This sandal comes in several different colours with a reasonable regular price of $29.99. After coupon code, pay just $12 with free shipping. There are many different styles that will cost you less than $15 per pair after coupon.

Children’s shoes will be even cheaper after this coupon. A basic pair of Youth Beach Dawgs costs $19.99. These youth shoes come in a plethora of colours so you are sure to find one in your child’s favourite colour. After coupon code, pay just $8 per pair with free shipping! I know that a lot of people love these shoes for their children as EVA is very durable. They can often be handed down between siblings (if they are not lost). They also float in water: a great way not to lose your shoes at the lake.

DAWGS are a lot like Crocs… they are made of the same EVA based material that Crocs uses and they have a similar appearance. However, there are some really different models like these Golf Shoes.

I rather like the Women’s Spirit Golf Shoes that retail for $59.99. They have a gorgeous appearance with built-in cleats, perforated material for breathability, and a lovely rounded profile. There are 12 different colour combinations to choose from. I really like the white base models with the green, orange, plum, or blue accents. This golf shoe comes down to just $24 after coupon.

The Men’s Spirit Golf Shoes are the same price: $59.99 regular price and only $24 after coupon. There are almost as many colours to choose from in the men’s selection. If your children play golf, there are shoes for them as well.

I think this is one of my favourite deals lately as it is very straight forward and is for such a huge discount. The free shipping really makes this deal fantastic.

For this and future DAWGs coupon codes, visit our forum. This is the first time we have blogged about this company before, so please take a moment to check them out!

Canada DAWGS Coupon Code: Exclusive 60% Off Sitewide & Free Shipping

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June 15

Chapters Indigo Coupon: Double Discount (10%) on Books

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Chapters Indigo Coupon: Double Discount (10%) on Books

My favourite promo is back from Chapters! Receive double the discount on all books at Chapters Indigo now. Plum members usually receive an additional 5% off books but this coupon code will increase that discount to 10% off your books.

Click here to shop books @ Chapters Indigo Canada now

  • Coupon Code: ESCAPE
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: 17th June 2015

This offer is exclusive to Plum Members. Membership is free so there is no reason you shouldn’t already be a member.

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. If you have not purchased a small token of your love and appreciation yet, then check out Chapters Indigo. They have an entire selection of ‘Best Books for Dad‘ that would make great gifts.

This Finders Keepers: A Novel by Stephen King is a New York Times’ bestseller. The book would usually cost $23.87 for Plum members, but comes down to $22.68. I do not even read thrillers or horror but I know Stephen King well. He is a celebrated writer and used to do guest articles for Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

This Dead Wake: The Last Crossing Of The Lusitania only costs $20 for Plum members, which is already 38% off the list price. The price after discount comes to just $18.94.

Some books are substantially discounted. Armada: A Novel by Ernest Cline is on sale from $30 down to $15. Plum members can purchase this book for just $13.96 after coupon. One reviewer said:

Fans won’t be let down, at least I sure wasn’t as someone being introduced to Ernest Cline. It’s a simple but exhilarating story of video games and an alien invasion (really, what more can you ask for?!). Some twists and turns along the way made the narrative move along in an otherwise linear story with a discernible climax and ending neatly tied up in a bow, but not in the way you’d predict.

This works on all books that I can find: including the books that are substantially discounted like Ripley’s Aquarium Reality Shock Annual Bundle that was $35 and is now $10. After coupon code, pay just $9.48 for this collection. This bundle includes Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Reality Shock! (256 pages), a copy of Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada commemorative guidebook, and a coupon for BOGO free tickets to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Books are quite personal, thus I always have trouble picking out books for others. I encourage my friends to keep wish lists so I can simply raid their wish list and pick out a title to purchase. That way it is still a surprise but I know I am getting it right.

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June 15

Puma Canada Golf Track Jacket Was $117 | Now $57 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 12:34 PM

Puma Canada Golf Track Jacket Was $117 | Now $57 & Free Shipping

With Father’s Day this weekend, you might be scrambling for that “it” gift for Dad or the father of your children. Well, I think I found it for you! Right now Puma has an awesome coupon code out that will get you $25 off every $75 you spend. You read that right – $25 off every $75 using code DAD2015. This means that if you spend $150, you’ll get $50 off and if you spend $225, you’ll get $75 off and so on! I found this men’s golf track jacket that is already discounted from $117, down to $82. Add the coupon code and watch your price slide right down to $57 and you’ll also get free shipping on every order!

Just a reminder that Puma does ship from the U.S. and all prices are in USD, but that all duties and such are paid at checkout and usually turn out to be very affordable!

This golf track jacket is something that would be perfect for my husband who loves to golf and loves to look good. He doesn’t have enough jackets that aren’t pullovers, so this stylish little piece will be great for a day out on the links. Puma even bills it as a jacket that will distract all your friends so they hit the ball out of bounds. Maybe, who knows?

I really like the folkstone gray and white with the blue accents, but in our house, white seems to get stained the second it comes near us. It is like the spaghetti sauce sees white clothing on one of my family members and jumps right out of the pot on to it. Seems unlikely but you really should hear my stories.

The black and white with red accents is quite classy as well, but just a little bit of a different price. Regularly $130, it is on sale for $91, making it $66 after coupon. I think it is worth it if you prefer darker colours.

Checking out other golf jackets, Sportchek doesn’t have one under $80 and some are up to over $200. The only other spot I found this exact jacket was on Amazon.com in a not too flattering purple. It is on sale for $72 there.

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June 15

Lovable Labels Coupon Code: $10 off $25 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 11:47 AM

Lovable Labels Coupon Code: $10 off $25 & Free Shipping

Now that the school year is almost complete and summer camp will be upon us, I bet you are wondering where your stash of labels is hiding. I sure am! Not to worry because Lovable Labels has a hot deal on today where you can take $10 off your $25 order with coupon code.

Click here to shop @ Lovablelabels.ca now

  • Coupon Code: CAMP15
  • Discount: $10 off $25
  • Expiry: 15th June 2015

I’ve looked in all the usual places where you might find something that doesn’t really have a place. Where do you store your labels Moosers? I really can’t find the labels I ordered just a few months ago. The upside is that I can get new ones and I think that’s sort of fun.

I personally like to get the value packs so I have a bunch of different sized and kinds of labels. The starter pack is perfect for any family with clothing, shoe and other labels, which means you can label pretty much anything your kid is going to eventually lose (and hope it gets returned because of your label!). Regularly $39.95, add the $10 off and get it for $29.95.

Lovable Labels aren’t just for kids either. There are lots of other labels that the whole family can use. If you are a daycare or school, these extremely helpful kid bands are the perfect way to ensure your kids stay with you or are found if lost. Kids get lost very easily, I know, I’ve lost each one of my kids at some point in their life and it is the worst feeling in the world! They are $19.95, so you’ll need to add something else to your cart to get the $10 off discount.

These fun stickies are a cute gift for someone to celebrate the end of the school year. Your kid will actually want to head back to school just to label their belongings. Maybe. They are also $19.95.

Tailor your order as you like it and because Lovable Labels always offers free shipping, no minimum, I’d suggest making separate orders if you are getting quite a few things to get the largest discount.

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June 15

The Body Shop Canada: Aloe Starter Kit Was $25 | Now $10

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 10:56 AM

The Body Shop Canada: Aloe Starter Kit Was $25 | Now $10

As usual, The Body Shop has got some hot deals on their site, but today in particular I found a few gems. First off, today only they’ve got free shipping on $50, rather than $75. Typically you’d pay $5 on your $50 spend for shipping and today you’ll pay $0. Second, they’ve got a sale section with up to 70% off and I found this Aloe starter kit that was $25 and is now $10.

I’m thinking this Body Shop starter kit would make a fantastic teacher gift. With six teachers to buy for, I need to keep my expenses down and something like this that has more worth than cost is perfect!

I can remember as a kid having bad acne or a sunburn and my mom used to tear off a piece of her aloe plant for me to apply the cooling gel from inside of the plant on my skin. You don’t need to have a home full of plants to enjoy the benefits of aloe, as the Body Shop has done all the work for you!

This kit includes:

  • facial cleanser
  • toner
  • day cream
  • night cream
  • reusable mesh bag

Made from fair trade aloe, this kit is perfect for those with sensitive skin. The reviews are fantastic as well, with 93% of reviewers wanting to recommend this to a friend. This one sums it up perfectly:

This is it for me- my holy grail moisturizer! I have very dry, sensitive skin that doesn’t like oils. This is the only thing I’ve been able to use on my face in YEARS that doesn’t break me out. Please keep making this forever!!

I’m hoping for that person’s sake that they aren’t discounting the price because they’ll be discontinuing it. She should stock up now at this super low price!

If you are buying five kits as gifts or to stock up, you’ll see no charge for shipping. If you’d just like one kit and need to shop so more to avoid shipping fees, The Body Shop also has 40% off a number of items and three for $15 lip balms and butters, which also make great gift ideas.

Photo credit: Mike Keeling

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June 15

Calico Critters Adventure Treehouse Gift Set Was $140 | Now $74 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ ToysRUs Canada

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 9:56 AM

Calico Critters Adventure Treehouse Gift Set Was $140 | Now $74 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ ToysRUs Canada

Bargainmoosers, if you have been eyeing these sweet little woodland creatures like I have for your favourite kid, now is a great time to buy. I just found the Calico Critters Adventure Giftset on sale at Toys R Us Canada that was $140, for $83.97. Use the coupon code CineplexFeb and receive an extra $10 off your order, bringing your total down to $73.97.

I have been eyeing the adorable Calico Critters playsets for quite a while. These playsets are detailed forest animal sets with lots of adorable pieces. I want to set these animals up at their sweet little picnic tables for a snack. This particular playset is a fantastic deal, as for most of these detailed sets you buy the furniture and dolls separately, which can add up quick. Included in this set is a fully functioning treehouse with slide, swing and moveable cabin. You will also find three animal dolls, a picnic table with accessories, a baby animal slide, toys, snack table and more. This set is ready to play with straight from the box. I find by buying an adorable starter set like this one it makes it easy for my daughter’s aunties to buy gifts. They can pick up extra pieces for my daughter without spending too much cash and know that she will have some great playtime.

Toys R Us says this set is exclusive, but Chapters Indigo also carries a similar set for $119.95. LearningToys.ca also carries a set with bonus figures, but you will pay $114.99. I also found the Calico Treehouse only without any figures or extras for $69.95 at Mastermind Toys. If you want to move in a little family such as the Cottontail Rabbit Family that will cost an extra $28.99, making your total cost $98.94 before you buy any furniture. The extra furniture, dolls, and accessories are what really make this a deal for the Toys R Us purchase.


Shipping from Toys R Us Canada is free for most locations for this item. If you live in a remote location that does not qualify for free shipping, your shipping costs will be calculated from within your cart. You also have the option to pick this up in store free.


Overall buyers love this adorable little playset. Those who bought the set are excited about this purchase, and the set has a high overall rating.

We wanted to get our 4-year-old daughter a Calico Critter house/playset for some time. We settled on the Treehouse Giftset because of the uniqueness, and all of the extras that were included for the price. This is by far the best playsets we have purchased. The calico critters are so adorable and much cuter than the dolls that normally come with small dollhouses, even my 6-year-old son doesn’t mind playing with a treehouse and the animals. Would highly recommend!

This is a fantastic set for your favourite kid who loves imaginative play and role-play. I love that this toy has lots of details and seemed to be pretty high quality when I have checked it out in the stores. I also love that this toy is not branded to a specific kid show my daughter will beg to watch. Pick up your set for your favourite kid now, this price is the lowest I have seen this set.

(Expiry: 18th June 2015)

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June 15

Amazon Canada: Six Feet Under: The Complete Series On DVD | Was $175 Now $59 **BUMP**

Posted by on June 15, 2015 at 7:42 AM

Amazon Canada: Six Feet Under: The Complete Series On DVD | Was $175 Now $59 **BUMP**

**Good morning again Moosers. We are bumping this one as it is a cult favourite and now another $6 cheaper. Don’t miss out!**

Good morning, my fellow Bargainmoosers! Today on Amazon, you can get a really sweet bargain on Six Feet Under: The Complete Series on DVD. This DVD set normally sells for $174.99, but you can now purchase this for just $64.99! What’s also great is that you’ll also qualify for free shipping! Now that’s a nice incentive! It’s also a fantastic series that I highly recommend.

This set is something that you should seriously consider purchasing. Six Feet Under: The Complete Series on DVD contains all 5 seasons of this HBO classic, and it’s one heck of a show! I didn’t know what to expect when I first checked out this series… it revolves around a family that works in a funeral home, and the struggles, triumphs, and tragedies that they encounter while trying to pick up the pieces after the patriarch of the family passes away.

This is a deep show that has some dark comedy, riveting storylines, and plenty of familiar faces (Michael C. Hall, who later played Dexter, is in this series, and that’s how I started to watch 6 Feet Under). My girlfriend and I really enjoyed watching this series, and the series finale was extremely well done (unlike the controversial ending to The Sopranos).

If you wanted to buy Six Feet Under: The Complete Series on DVD at Best Buy, it would cost you $77.99 (it’s also currently sold out). Listed below is a brief review of this set from a satisfied Amazon customer:

I laughed and cried my way through this entire series. Watching it was like falling in love. The characters were so incredibly compelling that I felt I was part of their lives. This is a unique drama. Highly recommended.

This set was previously $63 on Amazon back in June (check out Eva’s post here), but that deal didn’t last very long, so here’s a second chance to save on this series! Happy hunting, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 14

How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 8:00 PM

How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

Many Canadians spend a lot of money renovating and updating their homes, especially the kitchen and bathroom, where most renovations usually give the most ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of updates and increasing property value.  Renovating and remodeling the kitchen can be very costly, I have a friend who spent well over $50,000 renovating her kitchen, however, it did involve knocking down a portion of a wall to open up the kitchen to the living room.

Keep the Cabinets

New cabinets and re-doing the cabinets are the reason why most kitchen renovations are so costly.  If you have a way to keep your current cabinets and just update the paint or change the cabinet doors, that will save you a ton of money in the long run.  According to Houzz (one of my favourite renovation websites for ideas), custom cabinets can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 and $250 to $2500 per linear foot.

Stainless Steel Stick On

Stainless steel adds a sense of contemporary charm to most kitchens and is probably the most preferred colour of appliance currently.  If your kitchen appliances work perfectly fine, this is a good option for you.  If you have black appliances and want the updated look of stainless steel, think about adding a stainless steel stick on! I would love to use this for my own kitchen because I love the look of stainless steel, but unfortunately I have white appliances.    You can find these stainless steel stick on sheets on Amazon.com for around $60.  It’s an actual soft metal stainless steel film, it is not simply a sticker.

Keep the Layout

One of the other highest expenses for kitchen remodels is if you want to change the layout of your kitchen.  Changing the plumbing and the wiring requires an extensive job and is much more costly as you will have to hire a plumber who specializes in renovations etc.  Therefore if at all possible, consider keeping the layout of your kitchen to save money on your kitchen renovation.

Update the Knobs

Another frugal way to update your kitchen without spending too much money is to just update the knobs.  If you have round knobs and want a more modern look, updating the knobs is something anyone can do (if I can do it, you can!) without hiring a contractor.  For example, on Amazon.com you can find a pack of 25 knobs for cabinets for around $10.  There is a hardware/ upscale discounted dollar store that sells modern looking knobs for cabinets for around $1.25 a piece which is still a steal in my opinion!

Remodel Slowly if Necessary

If you have the luxury of time, remodel slowly if necessary.  Houzz states that you can put your backsplash up any old time and it doesn’t need to be done when the cabinets or the countertop is put in.  You can sell your old appliances on Craigslist before you buy new appliances.  This way you won’t have to dip into your emergency savings fund or into your line of credit to remodel your kitchen. Getting into debt for a kitchen remodel is not the most ideal way to start off your kitchen remodel!

Buy Scratch and Dent Appliances

To save money on your appliances, look for scratch and dent appliances and look for places where you can buy a package deal (for example, the fridge, stove, and dishwasher can be bought together).  Make sure that the scratch and dents are only cosmetic (and preferably in a spot where you can’t really see it).  This will save you hundreds of dollars in appliances.  There are many scratch and dent appliance dealers that only sell scratch and dent appliances and nothing else.

Skip the Recessed Lights

Recessed lights, or pot lights, look nice but they don’t really add that much to the look of your kitchen remodel, but they do add a lot of expense!  Each recessed light can cost around $150, and if you want two to four recessed lights, that really adds up.  This Old House recommends that you opt for track lighting or surface mounted ceiling light instead, which will save you the labour of someone cutting a hole in your ceiling and labour to make sure the electricity wiring works.

Bargainmoosers, do you have any other tips on how to save money on a kitchen remodel?

Photo credit: Sherwood CC

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June 14

Hunter Original Chelsea Boots Was $125 | Now $63 + $5 Shipping @ Little Burgundy

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Hunter Original Chelsea Boots Was $125 | Now $63 + $5 Shipping @ Little Burgundy

Little Burgundy has the best deal on these women’s Hunter Original Chelsea Boots! Originally $125, these boots are on sale for just $62.50 plus $5 shipping.

Hunter boots are always in high demand, especially when they are 50% off. These original Chelsea boots are an ankle high boot perfect for running errands as well as plodding through water and mud. While not as high as the tall or even the short boots, these boots will surely keep your feet perfectly dry through most rainstorms.

I price compared these beauties with other retailers. Hunter Canada sells the same boots for $125 to $135, with a couple pairs on sale for $89. Sport Chek sells them for $124.95. Altitude Sports sells the same rain boots for $124.99. I couldn’t find these boots on sale either.

I am pleased that Little Burgundy has such a great sale price, and such an excellent selection currently available. The navy pair with black accents is available in sizes 7, 8, 9, and 10. There is also a gorgeous pair of green boots with black accents in a size 9.

Only the navy and the green coloured styles are on sale: the black is still full price.

These natural rubber boots are waterproof. However, the boots feature an elastic panel for easily putting your boots on and taking them off. The attached pull tab will help you too.

I like the two-tone design of the boots as the sole and the elastic panel are in black on both colours (blue, green). The toe has Hunter’s signature moustache design.

I am really tempted by these boots. I already own one pair of Hunters (short) and they are excellent for British Columbia’s winter weather. Thus, I do not really need another pair but that price is awfully tempting.

Little Burgundy offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more. If you do not need anything else from Little Burgundy, then you will pay just $5 for shipping. However, there is an excellent selection of sale items you can choose from to top up your cart (if you want). I recommend this Herschel Supply Wallet on sale from $70 down to $19.98. This wallet and your new Hunter boots would qualify for free shipping as they equal a bit over $75.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 14

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 6:00 PM

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

Do we have any Moosers who can knit? Are you handy with a pair of needles? Or do you know anyone who is? Check out these seven free downloads of some geeky and cute knitting patterns!

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

  1. R2D2 Beanie

I first stumbled on the hand-made R2D2 beanie hats on Pinterest, but then had a google for some of the designs. There’s a basic pattern here on Carissaknits, or a variation here on Craftser. I’d wear one of these!

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

  1. LEGO Brick Doorstop

Here on Instructables you can find the pattern for a cute LEGO brick doorstop! The pattern actually looks fairly simple, with the process just getting a little fiddly when you are attaching all the pieces together.

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

  1. Dr Who TARDIS Hat

Oh, I love this one! It’s a free knitting pattern of a Dr Who police box hat which you can download on Ravelry. I even love the spiralling colours in the woolly chin ties.

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

  1. Batman Doll

Here on Knitsbybritt, you can find a free knitting pattern for a cute little batman doll! It looks like one for an advanced knitter; the pattern doesn’t look easy to me.

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

  1. Spiderman Socks

Another one on Ravelry.com, this is a knitting pattern for Spideysocks! These look fantastic. And warm.

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

  1. Weasly Sweater

Here on Canadianliving, there’s a full and free knitting pattern of a “Weasley sweater,” just like Mrs Weasly knitted for everyone in the Harry Potter universe. It’s geek-chic, eh?

7 Free Geeky Knitting Patterns!

  1. Space Invaders Cushion

This is one piece of décor that I would be more than happy to have in my living room – a space invaders cushion! You can grab the free download here at Craftsy.


There is a ton of geeky knitting patterns out there on the interwebs; this is just a miniscule selection of a few items that I liked. I wish I could knit better! I’d be all over these free knitting patterns. Anyone going to give them a try?

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June 14

Jack of All Trades Coupon: Free Shipping no Minimum

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Jack of All Trades Coupon: Free Shipping no Minimum

Jack of All Trades is offering a rare free shipping with no minimum purchase required promo code. Shirts start at $15 with the more interesting graphic tees around the $25 mark.

Click here to shop @ Jack of All Trades now

  • Coupon Code: JACKROCK
  • Discount: free shipping
  • Expiry: 21st June 2015


Geek out in a new Jack of All Trades shirt with your favourite hero or character. This Flintstones Pebbles Pose V-Neck is on sale from $34 down to $28 with free shipping. Pebbles has been a geek favourite ever since she went into that wrestling ring as a baby and won the match!

This Pets Rock King Of Pop V-Neck may be the most disturbing shirt I have ever seen. However, the resemblance is uncanny. Originally $34, put the prince of puppy pop on your body for just $28.

I find the women’s selection of shirts far more limited than the men’s section. As a female, I would just buy a guy’s shirt and wear it boyfriend style if it had a graphic I wanted that was not available in the women’s section.


For basics, you cannot go wrong with either the Boxer Style Tank Top or the Classic Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt for $15 each with free shipping. These shirts come in a myriad of colours! If I counted right, there are 18 choices for the crew neck and 10 choices for the tank top. These could really form the base of any man’s wardrobe.

However, I think graphic tees are where Jack of All Trades shines. This Spider-Man Black And White Art T-Shirt costs just $25. The graphic really has incredible depth and there are touches of ‘wet ink’ for a little extra superhero touch.

I know that Joker: The Killing Joke graphic is very popular. Girls and boys alike enjoy wearing this print on shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more. The Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt is ready for your body at only $25 with free shipping.

Free shipping promos are probably my favourite. I like saving money on items, but often that savings is eaten up in shipping costs. Shipping usually costs $5 or is free on orders of $60 or more, thus you save $5 on your order immediately with this promo.

Be sure to check out other deals like two surprise tees for $25 and five surprise tees for $50. These are a great way to restock your wardrobe for less.  For this and future Jack of All Trades coupons, visit our forum.

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June 14

Skinkin.com: 15% Signup Coupon & Free International Shipping!

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Skinkin.com: 15% Signup Coupon & Free International Shipping!

I love introducing Moosers to companies which you’ve never heard of before – companies not necessarily in Canada, but from all over the world. And I LOVE introducing you to companies which offer free international shipping! That’s exactly what is on offer from Skinkin.com. Skinkin is a retailer of “fashion for electronic devices,” selling a range of cases and skins, for tablets and phones.

Skinkin is based in France, but as I said, they ship all over the world, including to Canada. I love what they’ve quoted on their FAQ page about their free shipping:

We thought about this for a while, had a few glasses of wine and decided that it’s on us. We buy loads of stuff on the web and nothing cheesed us off more than shipping costs.

Wha-hay!! They do state that you may potentially be hit by customs and duties at your door, so keep that in mind when you are placing your order. If you do make an order – please tell us how it went, in the comments below.

Email Signup: 15% Discount

When you first browse to Skinkin.com, watch out for a handy popup making you a special offer. It looks like this:

Skinkin.com: 15% Signup Coupon & Free International Shipping!

I entered my email and within a minute, I got a free coupon code for a 15% discount on my next purchase. The coupon code is not generic so I can’t share it here; you’ll have to sign up for your own unique coupon code.


You’re not able to select Canadian dollars or even US dollars as a currency, as Skinkin is a European based site, which I mentioned above. You can browse the site in Euros, and then do a rough conversion using the likes of XE.com to see how much you will be paying. For example, a case of around €20 converts to about CA$27.

Range of Choices

I have to say, there are some fantastic looking designs on Skinkin. I’ve only pictured a few in my image above. Here are a few that I particularly love:


The cost of the skins or cases on Skinkin.com depends on which device you are buying for. For example, on the floral skull design which I mentioned above: a skin for an iPhone 3 costs €11.91 (CA$16.53), or €15.90 (CA$22.06) for the iPad mini. The 15% discount mentioned above would then come off the top of those prices too. I think that they’re really well-priced, considering you’re getting a skin that not many others will have, and you’re getting free shipping to Canada.

What do you think of the designs on Skinkin?

(Expires: Never?)

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