May 9

A&W Canada: Free Rootbeer With This Coupon (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 2:00 PM

A&W Canada: Free Rootbeer With This Coupon (EXPIRED)

Well I hope you Moosers are enjoying this truly beautiful weather we have today. It is a hot day, that is for sure. If you find yourself needing a refreshment, then head on over to A&W Canada restaurants near you. A&W Canada has a new coupon to get a free A&W Root Beer. This coupon is only valid today and tomorrow, so snag the offer before it is too late.

A&W Canada is truly famous for their Root Beer. This sweet beverage is even sold in grocery stores so that you can enjoy your favourite drink in the comfort of your own home. There’s just something special about enjoying this pop while sipping it from a chilled glass A&W mug. Bring this printable coupon into your closest A&W Canada location and get a free Root Beer, for there or to go. Bring a friend and it can be a refreshing way to catch up on all their details too. There is no size listed on this coupon, so I assume it can be used towards any size Root Beer. No purchase is necessary, so this is a true freebie.

Out of all pop flavours available, I would have to say that Root Beer is honestly my favourite. If Barq’s Root Beer is not available, my next choice would be the A&W brand. I find A&W Root Beer to be a little sweeter than other brands, which most people seem to desire. A&W has been famous for their Root Beer for a long time so their root beer is worth a try – especially because it is free today and tomorrow with this print coupon.

While most A&W Canada coupons can be redeemed by showing the cashier your mobile device, this one cannot. You must print and present this coupon to the cashier at your local A&W restaurant in order to redeem your freebie. You also cannot combine this offer with any other coupon or deal that may be available. Limited to one coupon per customer per visit.

You can view all of the A&W Canada coupons in our Barainmoose forum.

(Expiry: 10th May 2015)

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May 9

Steam Powered: The Witcher Game Franchise Up to 85% Off

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Steam Powered: The Witcher Game Franchise Up to 85% Off

This weekend, Steam has discounted The Witcher game franchise 50% to 85% off the original game prices. This is a great time to pick up The Witcher games in anticipation for the release of The Witcher III.

The choice is not which The Witcher game you will pick up because you will probably buy both of them, and then add on The Witcher: adventure Game just for kicks. The first two games are only going to cost you a bit of pocket change really.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut

This is the game that started it all – except in an enhanced edition (which is the new norm.). Originally $10.99, the game is now on sale for $1.64.This is a fun RPG where you play a legendary monster slayer on the hunt. The game is both Mac and PC compatible. Metascores are one of the best ways to rate the strength of a game and The Witcher 1 received an 86/100 score: very solid. As one reviewer says:

Do yourself a favor and play The Witcher if you love games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

If you are going to whet your appetite on The Witcher 1, you might as well buy The Winter 2 as well. Originally $21.99, the game is now on sale for $3.29. You pay under $5 for both these games. This edition has an even better Metascore than its predecessor, garnering an 88/100 rating. One reviewer said:

The Witcher 2 is by far one of best RPG games I’ve ever played. Open world game play, great environment and amazing story and More than 2-3 endings. I would recommend this game to any fans of the witcher games or any RPG fans.

The Witcher Adventure Game

Lastly, we have The Witcher adventure game that was just released last November. This game is only 50% off opposed to the other two that are 85% off. Originally $10.99, the game is on sale for $5.49. This is a bit different from the other games in that:

The Witcher Adventure Game is a digital adaptation of CD PROJEKT RED’s board game set in the brutal fantasy universe of monster slayer Geralt of Rivia.

I actually think that turning The Witcher into a board game is cool. I rather enjoy board games but there are rarely enough people around to play them.

(Expiry: 11th May 2015 @ 1PM EST)

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May 9

1 Month of Marvel Unlimited FREE with Code ($10 USD Value)

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 12:00 PM

1 Month of Marvel Unlimited FREE with Code ($10 USD Value)

Marvel is celebrating the recent release of the new Avengers movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. In honour of their new movie, they are offering a FREE month of Marvel Unlimited with the following coupon code.

Click here to sign up for Marvel Unlimited now

  • Coupon Code: ULTRON
  • Discount: One free month ($9.99 value)
  • Expiry: 17th May 2015

What you get:

You get access to over 15,000 digital comics spanning the last 75 years from Marvel. This database is enough to keep any comic book lover knee-deep in comics for years. One month worth of free comics is merely a tip of the Marvel iceberg. Are you taking some vacation time in May? Good, you are going to need it.

What you save:

The Marvel month-to-month subscription regularly costs $9.99 so this offer has a $9.99 value. You will need to cancel your subscription before your next billing cycle so you do not get charged the full cost for the next month. As I have mentioned before, you will want to cancel your month-to-month subscription anyway as the annual subscription is a far better price. At $9.99 per year, you would pay $119.88 for an entire year. However, the annual subscription for Marvel Unlimited is only $69 per year of $99 for the ‘Plus’ annual membership.

The free month is only valid on monthly subscription sign-ups. This offer is open to new and former (now-cancelled) Marvel Unlimited members. A valid payment card is required to redeem this offer, as it is an auto-renewal system.

I have always been tempted by these offers from Mavel Unlimited, but I am generally scared that I will forget that I have a life. I mostly read comics and graphic novels these days. Thus, an unlimited pass to Marvel’s archives would be like candy to a diabetic baby.

We have the new Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron to thank for this sweet promotion. Most the Marvel Unlimited promotions in recent past have required a token payment (75¢ or 99¢). Thus, this is a rare deal wherein it requires no payment for your first month.

Have you seen the new Avengers movie yet? I am not planning to see it in theatres as I hear Loki does not make an appearance. While I like the person who plays The Hulk – really I just watched the first movie for Loki.

All prices are in USD.

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May 9

Pre-Mother’s Day Round Up Of The Best Beauty Deals

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Pre Mothers Day Round Up Of The Best Beauty Deals

Mother’s Day is tomorrow but if you haven’t shopped for that special woman in your life yet, then here’s your chance to order something. You definitely won’t get it in time for the big day but you could either tell her what you ordered or keep it a surprise, claiming that you have been waiting and waiting for it and you’re sorry it didn’t come on time! At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts! Either that or you could always get yourself a little gift as well, whether you’re a Mom or not. Pre Mothers Day Round Up Of The Best Beauty Deals

Barefoot Venus – Get a free mustard bath bliss on orders over $75. Unknown expiry.

Beauty Mark – With purchase of 2 Ilia products, you can get a free $30 lip gloss in the colour of your choice. Enter the coupon code heartbeatgwp to get it in heart beat, whiterabbitgwp for the white rabbit one, butterflygwp for the Butterfly & I, gypsygwp for the gypsy or lovebuzzgwp for the Love Buzz one. Limited time.

Clinique – Until the end of the day on Saturday, May 9th, get free shipping on any order. No code needed.

Crabtree & Evelyn – You have until May 10th to shop for over $50 and enter the promo code MOM2015 to get a $10 discount.

ELF Cosmetics – Get a 40% discount when you spend more than $40 on Champagne beauty products until May 11th. Enter the code CHAMPAGNE at checkout.

Kerastase – Use the coupon code HEAT to receive free sample of the Ultimate Routine to protect hair from heat. Limited time.

Paula’s Choice – Receive a free body butter of full size when you shop for over $50 with the coupon code EDDMOMSDAY15. Expires May 10th.

Shu Uemura – Enjoy free shipping on orders over $40 with the coupon code YAZBUKEY.

Superior Skin – Save 25% on VivierSkin anti-aging skin care products with the coupon code PROMO25. Unknown expiry.

The Body Shop – Get a tote bag for just $30 ($80 value) when you shop for over $30. Automatically added at checkout, this offer expires May 10th. There is also a “buy 3, get 3″ deal on nearly site wide.

Happy Mother’s Day Moosers!

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May 9

Spotify: 3 Months Premium only 99¢ (Worth $29.97)

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Spotify: 3 Months Premium only 99¢ (Worth $29.97)

Spotify hosts millions of music tracks that you can stream on your computer, tablet, phone, and more. While Spotify basic is free, Spotify premium usually costs $9.99 per month. Right now, Spotify is offering three months of its premium service for just 99¢, which works out to 33¢ per month. You save $29.97 over three months.

Let us talk differences. There is a basic Spotify program you can use free of charge. That program gives you access to millions of music tracks for free. Create your own radio station, adopt the playlists of celebrities or friends, or shuffle play any artist or playlist. The basic Spotify has ads and only allows you to skip six times per hour on your mobile. In addition, you cannot download anything: you must be constantly online.

Spotify Premium

Spotify premium is an entirely different kettle of fish. You can play any music on-demand instead of using shuffled playlists or artists. You can also listen offline (download the songs) so no internet connection is needed. Premium members benefit from unlimited skips and better sound quality: 320 kbps instead of 160 kbps. On top of that, premium is ad-free and you can play Spotify on your home speakers instead of just on your mobile devices.

If you do not wish to continue with Spotify Premium after the 99¢ trial period, then you will need to cancel your membership as right before the three-months are up. If you do not, then your credit card will be automatically billed the full $9.99 for the next month. This is an introductory promotion from Spotify. Thus, anyone who has previously had a trial with Spotify or previously been subscribed to the Spotify Premium service is not eligible for this promotion.

I think this is a very interesting service. I am going to be driving a grand total of 24 hours minimum in May. That is excluding two ferry rides. Sometimes I get bored of my own music selection and want something new. Spotify Premium would allow me to download new stuff to my iPhone. Because Premium does not require an internet connection to listen, it would keep me company through the BC interior where most cell phones lose any reception and radio stations die.

I do not know when this promotion ends, so please take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 9

Book Outlet: Extra 25% Off for Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Book Outlet: Extra 25% Off for Mothers Day

Book Outlet Canada is celebrating Mother’s Day by offering an extra 25% off their already discounted book prices.

The extra discount is taken off each book as you can see on the website. I decided to look for some of my old favourites and a few new ones.

My goal this year is to read all the books I have on my shelves that have not been read. I give each book a 50 page fighting chance. If I cannot get through 50 pages without yawning, then it is probably not a book I will want to keep. Currently, I am on page 185 of The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien. I think that not having read The Lord of The Rings series was a tarnish on my geek cred., so I started the series about a week ago. Purchase your own gorgeous copy of The Fellowship of the Ring from Book Outlet. Originally $19.99, the book is now down to $5.39 after the extra 25% off. I really like the cover of this edition.

I cannot recommend Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art’ Speech enough. I buy this book and give it to all the artistic people I know. I gave one copy to my friend Lee as he is into multi-media editing. I will be buying another copy for my friend Angel, as she is both a writer and a musician. I bought this book for myself as a graduation gift. Originally $12.99, the book is on sale for $3.59. This sweet little hard cover was worth the original price in my mind. The same book is $11.54 at Chapters.

If you are a Robert Jordan fan like my partner, you may want to check out the vast selection of books and graphic novels. I know my partner will be purchasing two books, as they are part of the series he is collecting (specific cover) and they are ones he does not have. Knife of Dreams for $5.39 and Crossroads of Twilight for $6.29 will be coming home with him. Knife of Dreams costs $16.60 at Chapters Indigo and Crossroads of Twilight costs $15.87. I can get both books for far less than the retail price of one at Chapters.

There are a myriad of gorgeous books and authors to choose from. Share some of your favourite authors below and maybe even recommend a few books!

Shipping is $3.99 plus $0.75 per book. Given that you are saving such a huge amount per book, the shipping cost is really offset by your savings.

(Expiry: 11th May 2015)

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May 9 Promo Code For 30% Discount on your Dating!

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 9:00 AM Promo Code For 30% Discount on your Dating!

Yesterday, I was creating a page here for on our coupon section, and I came across a few offers which could be useful to anyone who is considering signing up to their online dating services. The best of the offers was a coupon code for a 30% discount on their subscriptions – that’s for 3, 6 or 12 months. Here’s the coupon code then I will show you a breakdown of the deal prices.

Click here to use the coupon code online now

  • Coupon Code: events30off
  • Discount: 30% off subscriptions
  • Expires: 30th June 2015

The above link should activate the coupon deal too, to save you having to add the coupon code in as you go through checkout.

The usual price of one full price month on is $36.99 – all the below discount percentages are based on that figure. The discounted subscription prices on their plans are as follows:

Basic Plans

  • 3 months – now $13.99 per month (62% off)
  • 6 months – now $12.59 per month (66% off)
  • 12 months – now $11.89 per month (68% off)

Bundle Plans

  • 3 months – now $16.79 per month (68% off)
  • 6 months – now $13.99 per month (73% off)
  • 12 months – now $12.59 per month (76% off)

I’ve shown both the “bundle” plans above as well as their “basic” plans. In the basic plans, you miss out on certain features, such as notifications when your emails are read.

Benefits of Plans

You can use the free services on, but the services are quite limited if you do so. If you’re serious about trying to find matches on there, you’ll want to sign up to a plan. This table shows you the plan benefits and lays it out quite clearly: Promo Code For 30% Discount on your Dating!

As you can see, there are many benefits of being a member; the main one being that you are able to communicate with your potential matches. People on the free accounts cannot do this. Well, you could google stalk someone and try and find them outside of the system, but that would be a tad creepy, eh? Guarantee

Have you heard of the guarantee? If you sign up for a plan of 6 months or more and you don’t find yourself a partner within 6 months, they will give you an extra 6 months for free. Using this information, I think you are probably best signing up to the 6 month plan above… then taking advantage of the guarantee if you don’t have someone by that stage.

The coupon code is good through to the end of June 2015, so you’ve got a little while to take advantage of the offer.

How about you? Ever used online dating? Cool or creepy?

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May 9

Hunter Canada: Striped Guernsey Gloves Were $50 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Hunter Canada: Striped Guernsey Gloves Were $50 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

Hunter Canada has an extraordinary deal on these Original Striped Guernsey Gloves. These gloves retail for $50, and are now on sale for $15 with free shipping.

Every spring I take stock of my winter apparel to determine what is good for another year and what needs replacing. Sure, I could do this come fall but fall is not the time to find good deals on replacement winter wear pieces. I currently own a pair of green and black gloves that I purchased at Hudson’s Bay. However, they are nearly worn through in the finger pads so I need a new pair.

Funny enough, the Striped Guernsey Gloves come in two different colour combinations: green and black as well as red and black. The green and black pair would be an excellent replacement for my current green and black gloves.

These are also much better quality than my current gloves. The Hunter Gloves are made of 90% wool and 10% cashmere for amazing warmth and comfort. Wool often evokes memories of itchy socks, but these are made from the softer Merino wool that will not bother your hands. People forget that wool is one of the best materials out there for winter. When wool gets wet, its ability to retain heat actually increases. Most modern fabrics have the opposite reaction to water.

These gloves are a shorter driving style, which is just fine for me. There is nothing like touching a frigid cold steering wheel in the middle of winter. I do not have a car starter except my own fingers showing the key into the ignition switch.

The gloves come in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large. I tend to wear a small to extra-small in all my other pairs of gloves so I would buy the smallest size that Hunter Canada offers.

If these gloves are not quite the style for you, then I suggest purchasing the Original Neon Trim Gloves that were $60 and are now $18. These gloves are pure merino wool and have a longer length. Choose from three colours with pretty neon trim.

All orders from Hunter Canada ship free of charge to your home. Purchases also come in exclusive Hunter packaging.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 9

Quick Bargainmoose Contest: Win Season 1 of Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray! (CLOSED)

Posted by on May 9, 2015 at 6:30 AM

Quick Bargainmoose Contest: Win Season 1 of Game of Thrones on Blu Ray! (CLOSED)

*** Contest now closed, winner will be announced on Facebook ***

Yesterday, Avigayil wrote about this fantastic deal on a fantastic series – the first season of Game of Thrones for only $25 on blu-ray from here. It got me to thinking… not everyone has seen this amazing show and I am sure that is true of some of the Bargainmoosers too. So, I thought I’d do a quick and dirty contest here on Bargainmoose and award one Mooser with a copy of their very own!

Game of Thrones is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. I read the books a few years ago though, so nothing in the show is really shocking me when it happens. I’d like to give this boxset to one of you guys who maybe hasn’t seen the show, and see what you think!

How to Enter This Contest

This is a Facebook based contest, so you will need to have an account over there to enter. All you have to do is share and then leave a comment here on our Facebook contest post! It’s really THAT easy. We’ll contact the winner through Facebook and arrange the prize. Quick Bargainmoose Contest: Win Season 1 of Game of Thrones on Blu Ray! (CLOSED)

(Expires: 10th May 2015, 11.59PM EST)

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May 8

How to Save Money on TV by Using Chromecast

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 8:00 PM

How to Save Money on TV by Using Chromecast

I am a big advocate of skipping cable television to save on your monthly expenses.  I don’t have cable television but I do have Netflix.  It works for me because I rarely watch shows – definitely not on a daily basis, maybe a few times a week.  So for $7.99 a month I get to watch my favourite shows (I finished the How I Met Your Mother Series, am watching the Mindy Project now, just started watching “24”) and movies without having to pay astronomical costs for cable television.  For me, paying $50-70 or even $100 a month is not worth it for something that I don’t use regularly.

Some alternatives to cable include getting an Apple TV (again, another $100 that I didn’t want to spend), Netflix, a DVD player with wifi capability, a Smart TV… the list goes on.  There are many alternatives to cable television.

When I first got Netflix, I had to buy a DVD player with wifi built in and Bluetooth capability, which cost around $50 to $70.  Despite me having Internet access through my Sony DVD Bluray wifi enabled player, I find it difficult to toggle/ use the remote control to look for things on the Internet so really I only use it for Netflix and watching DVDs.  I am not technologically savvy enough to know how to use an HDMI cable to connect my laptop to my television. I know it’s probably really easy and probably just involves plugging things in, but I’m too lazy to bring my laptop out from my office to the living room area and also don’t want my laptop to drop on the floor while transporting it because I’m so clumsy.  Besides, my television sits above my electric fireplace so I don’t want wires hanging about everywhere.  Sometimes I am watching You Tube videos or videos on my iPad or iPhone and occasionally it picks up on my television (the Bluetooth capability kicking in from my DVD player) but it doesn’t happen all the time.

Finally, I heard about Chromecast.  Chromecast is a game changer- especially for those who do not have a DVD player with Bluetooth capability and built-in wifi or one of those fancy televisions with Internet built in… they’re called Smart TVs right (I can’t keep up with technology lol)?

What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a doohickey that you plug into the HDMI port of your television.  Chromecast allows you to stream whatever is on your computer or iPhone or Android device onto your television.  It’s a little larger than the size of your thumb and is created by the geniuses at Google.  It works with Google Chrome the best.  It is for sale for about $35 USD or $39 CAD.  You can buy it online at Amazon for $39 and free shipping or at the local electronic retailers, like Best Buy (since Future Shop unfortunately is recently closed) and it is located beside the cashiers.  You can also get it on Best Buy’s website and it ships for free for $39 as well.

The beauty of Chromecast is that anyone near your television with the Chromecast plugged in can use their devices to stream whatever is on their screen onto your television.  That means that if your friend who was visiting wanted to show you a funny video from his or her Android cell phone on your television, they can.

How Chromecast will Save You Money

The beauty about Chromecast is that it allows you to “cast” whatever is on your Macbook computer, or your iPhone, or iPad, or Android device, or Microsoft computer onto the television screen.

So that means, instead of watching all your shows on the small screen of your computer or laptop, your eyes can take a little rest and you can watch it on the television, without having to buy HDMI cables or measuring how many feet you want your HDMI cable to be.

I’m a big fan.  Here’s a review from Save Outside the Box about her experience with Google Chromecast.

How to Use Chromecast

It’s really quite easy to set up (you know, if I can do it you can) but if you want to see a step by step instructions on how to set up Chromecast, check out this CNET article on how to set up a Chromecast.

Bargainmoosers, do you have a Chromecast?  What would you rate it?

Photo credit: Yannig Van de Wouwer

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May 8

Jake And The Never Land Pirates Magical Tiki Hideout Was $40 | Now $20 + FS On $50 @

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 5:53 PM

Jake And The Never Land Pirates Magical Tiki Hideout Was $40 | Now $20 + FS On $50 @

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is such a popular show among our little ones, isn’t it? My son has recently become a little obsessed with toys in this category, so I have been keeping my eyes peeled for great deals so that my wallet doesn’t take as much of a beating. I found this Jake and the Never Land Pirates Magical Tiki Hideout on sale from $40 down to just $20 at That is 50% off the regular price, and if you spend $50 or more then you can get free shipping too.

The Jake and the Never Land Pirates Magical Tiki Hideout is a key accessory if your child loves these toys. This hideout was originally $40 and seems to be this price or more at other Canadian retailers. You are lucky enough to be able to snag it for just $20 if you act fast. This is the lowest price I have seen on this toy. Take a look at the prices elsewhere:

The Hide Out is located in Never Land. It is where Jake and his pirate crew reside. Watch this play set come to life as your child activates the exciting Pirate action and features. There are several things included in this Jake and the Never Land Pirates Magical Tiki Hideout set. These items include:

  • Magical Tiki
  • 3 working projectiles
  • Jake figure

This set is suggested for children 3 and up. It will require one AA battery which is not included. The Magical Tiki that is included can be places on any of the spots marked with an “X” to activate magical action. Transform the hideout or activate the secret lookout – but be sure to beware of Tick Tock’s bite. This set has a few reviews on the website, which leaves it with a 5 star rating.

Unfortunately, gone are the days where offered free shipping with no minimum purchase. It seems that as soon as Target closed their doors, Walmart Canada increased their free shipping threshold to $50. I am sure you can find another $30 worth of products to fill your cart if you want free shipping, or if you live in the GTA area you can always opt for the Grab & Go locker boxes. will even ship to your closest Canada Post office for free.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 8

40% Off Friends & Family Sale @

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 5:00 PM

40% Off Friends & Family Sale @

Adidas is offering 40% off sitewide this weekend with a friends and family sale. While this sale does restrict some items such as already reduced items, it is a great time to pick up some full priced items at a great discount. No coupon code is necessary. Just start plopping items in your cart!

Luckily, there are still plenty of choices! When I think of Adidas, one of the things I think of is running shoes. I love my runners, but I really hate the prices I shell out for them. I looked at some of the more popular sports shoes, and here is what I found that you could grab.

The Men’s Copa Mundial soccer shoes are a little pricey to begin with at $160. You can grab your own pair now for only $96. These men’s cleats are very popular and have been a mainstay in Adidas’s line for quite a while. These shoes have 130 reviews and a strong five-star rating. If you need a good quality pair of adult size cleats, these are a strong contender.

For a less expensive pair of running shoes for men, you may want to check out the Men’s Climachill Fresh 2 Shoes. These shoes were $100, but you can grab them for only $60. You will be able to choose between accents that are bright green, darker orange or black. Checking out the reviews, these look like they would be a solid bet. Even the few people who had anything negative to say were still saying they loved the shoes.

Check out the Women’s Galaxy Shoes that were $80 but are now only $48. You can choose between flash pink details or details in vivid mint. I like that these shoes look sporty and colourful without having the entire shoe in crazy colours. Reviewers are reporting they are comfortable, light and great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Free shipping is available for all orders over $50. If you order is under the minimum, you will only pay $4.50 in shipping fees.

Anna first mentioned this deal to me and tried to swing an even better discount.:

I noticed on the website that there is a 15% discount when you sign up for email updates. I signed up with a new email address to see if the 15% coupon code could be combined with the 40% cart discount, but sadly, it wouldn’t double discount. So, it’s 40% off the regular prices, but nothing more. 40% Off Friends & Family Sale @

Too bad, but 40% off full price athletic shoes is still tempting to me! Head over now and pick up yourself a new pair of shoes for spring. This deal is sitewide, so do not forget to grab yourself a matching hoodie or a new pair of running shorts!

(Expiry: 10th May 2015)

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May 8

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 4:00 PM

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink

Check out the PowerDirector 13 Video and Audio Editing Software on sale for Mother’s Day. This bundle retails for $229.98 and is on sale for $59.99. Use our exclusive coupon code to take off an additional 10%, making your total only $53.99.

PowerDirector is software that runs on a windows platform and makes amazing videos and special effects. While I am not a trained graphic designer, it would be nice to string together some of my family videos and pictures. This user-friendly software is just the ticket to create some great memories, and this bundle is a great price to get started. In addition, you can use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE10 and save 10% off sitewide, including this bundle!

Here is what you receive with this bundle:

  • PowerDirector 13
  • AudioDirector 5
  • PowerDirector Mobile: (for Win8 or Android)
  • Plus 5 special effects and templates packages including Cyberlink Travel Pack 2

There is also a free 30-day trial available for this software, fantastic! Thanks, Cyberlink! I like that I can try before I buy. Download it yourself and see if you gel with the basic functions.

Do be careful Bargainmoosers. Cyberlink automatically includes an extension on your downloading privileges in your cart, which will cost an extra $10.23. You can choose to remove that feature from your cart, and you will still have 30 days to download any software. The extension allows you to download the software for up to a year. A hard copy backup disk is also available for $8.60 but is not part of this package. Here is my cart to show you what it looks like when I removed the extras.

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink


You do have the option of having a disc copy shipped to your home. Shipping is a little steep at $21.80, but the software package cost is still the same. The main software itself will be sent in disc form.  The included add-on packages are only available via download but are still available with the shipped option.

Price Compare

This bundle price is a downloadable copy of this software. Other places that were selling this software are selling a disk version of this software. I found this software available at Amazon Canada for $99.99. Over at Best Buy Canada, the Power Director 13 software is selling for $99.99. Both pieces of software include the mobile editing features and the cloud features. Neither of these prices includes the bonus audio software or bonus special effects features that are available directly from Cyberlink.


Are you wondering how this software rates compared to other packages like Adobe? PC Magazine rates it very highly. They have named the PowerDirector line of software the top pick in video editing software for beginners for over five years. Tom’s Guide also has a very positive review of this software. They praise the user friendliness for beginners but also mention there are many tools to support a professional’s work.

Overall, this is a great buy for a fantastic piece of software. This will be a great evening project as you unwind at the end of the day. Now maybe I can sort through those mounds of vacation and baby photos and turn them into something more fun!

(Expiry: 12th May 2015)

PowerDirector 13 Video Editing Software Bundle Download Was $229.98 | Now $53.99 With Exclusive Coupon Code @ Cyberlink

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May 8

Little Burgundy: Herschel Supply Co. Wallets Were $70 | Now $20 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Little Burgundy: Herschel Supply Co. Wallets Were $70 | Now $20 & Free Shipping

There are two gorgeous Herschel Supply Co. wallets on sale at Little Burgundy Canada. Both the Walt Wallet in Harris Tweed/black stripe and Thomas Wallet Harris Tweed/White Polka Dot are on sale from $70 down to $19.98 each. As an added bonus, these wallets qualify for free shipping, no minimum required.

Both of these wallets are well worth the sale prices asked. I price compared these both with Herschel Supply Co. website. The Walt Wallet retails for $69.99 and the Thomas Wallet retails for $69.99.

Let us start with the Walt Wallet. This wallet is a bi-fold that zips up for security. It includes a currency sleeve, multiple card slots, and an internal coin pocket with custom brass snap. The wallet is made of traditional Harris Weed fabric that has been screen-printed with stripes. According to Herschel Supply Co., the inside is fully lined with a coated cotton-poly fabric. However, the inside fabric looks like leather on Little Burgundy’s website.

The Thomas Wallet is slightly different. It features the same Harris Tweed fabric but this time it has been screen-printed with white polka dots.  This wallet has a full zip not only has multiple card slots, it also has pickets for change, accessories, and a central phone slot. This is like the big sister to the Walt Wallet.

I really like both wallets and I am such a sucker for tweed. Personally, I would buy the Thomas Wallet as I need a bigger wallet to carry my cards, money, change, and more. I really like the addition of a cell phone slot. Often I balance my cell phone and wallet in one hand when i am running a few quick errands. With this wallet, there would be less of a chance of me dropping my cell phone while digging change out of my wallet.

Given the accuracy of Little Burgundy’s start prices; I say this is a very hot deal! I have a fantastic wallet by Fluevog; this wallet makes me want to purchase a second one – just for safe keeping of course. I wish this deal was around back when I replaced my old wallet.

With free shipping (no minimum), you save nearly another $5 on would-be shipping costs.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 8

Game Of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] Only $25 @ Walmart

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Game Of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu Ray] Only $25 @ Walmart

Walmart Canada has discounted Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] version for just $24.97. Ship to your local Canada Post location for free shipping on any order (no minimum). Alternatively, receive free shipping on orders of $50 or pay $4.97 for shipping orders under the free shipping minimum.

No matter what shipping option you choose, even if it is paying $4.97, this deal is well worth it. A quick price comparison with other websites shows Walmart’s price is great.

Amazon Canada has Season 1 of Game of Thrones [Blu-Ray] priced at $49.99. Some season one sets come with bonuses like the DVD copy as well or a journal. All of those are priced well above the $50 mark. I even found some bundles of season one and season two together. The bundles usually retailed for $79.99, which is nearly $40 per season. When in stock at Chapters, the set was $59.95. Back in April there was a deal on the DVD version for $20.49. Now the Blu-Ray version is only $4 or so more expensive.

This set includes the Blu-Ray version and the digital copy so you can play this season on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. I rarely use my digital movie copies, and I wonder if I am odd in that way or if most people just ignore the digital copy.

I will admit that I know very little about Game of Thrones – I have never watched the series (too much death) and I have never read the books. My partner is currently as clueless as I am, though that is about to change. He is just finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (last book!) and already bought book one from Martin’s Game of Thrones.

Some people argue that the books are better, while others prefer the HBO series. However, everyone agrees that they get very nervous about Martin killing off their favourite characters. I remember a Facebook status from a friend of mine when his favourite character was killed off – very emotional!

While many seasons have been released since, HBO’s Game of Thrones is very expensive to buy. Even on steep discount, most of them still retail for $50+. This is your opportunity to purchase season one for a much more palatable price.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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