August 15

Amazon Canada: KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Only $239

Posted by on August 15, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Amazon Canada: KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Only $239

Amazon has dropped the price on their KitchenAid Artisan five quart stand mixer. Some colours are only $289.99 and the other colours have varying prices, but are also discounted. On top of this, KitchenAid has a mail-in rebate promotion going on for a number of their appliances, but on this particular model you’ll get $50 back, making the price only $239, which is quite sweet!

I’ve been really wanting one of these stand mixers for my loves-to-bake husband. On a whim, he’ll whip up a batch of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, a cake, or whatever and while I love him for it, my thighs don’t like him as much. Either way, I’d love to reward his love of baking and get him something he’ll really appreciate. This might be perfect gift to save for him for Christmas as well. While everything I bake turns to dough, I wonder if this appliance would help me be better at baking. I even made a boxed cake mix where you only add water and it didn’t turn out. How does this happen? I think I may have over-whipped it and a stand mixer would take this step right out of my hands.

While both the black and the white are ultra-slick and at the $289 price point, I really love that you can accent your kitchen with a kitchen appliance like this. I have the Artisan food processor in red, and it looks amazing on my counter, so it would be nice to match them up. The red is also $289 and so is the very hot metallic chrome. Decisions, decisions!

Depending on the colour you want, this item may sell out fast, so don’t hum and haw over this and come back tonight hoping to get the colour you want. For example, the watermelon, while the most expensive at $403.56 only has six left in stock.

Amazon will ship this item to you for free as well. I’m not sure when this deal will end, but the mail in rebate deal ends in September, so you have quite a bit of time to get your forms in.

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August 15

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Free 8 Piece Estée Lauder Gift With $36.50+ Purchase

Posted by on August 15, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Free 8 Piece Estée Lauder Gift With $36.50+ Purchase

I just love to get free gifts with my purchases especially when they are beauty products.  Hudson’s Bay Canada has a great deal right now with the Estee Lauder line of products. Get a free eight piece gift with your purchase of $36.50 in Estee Lauder products up until September 1st.

Estee Lauder is a very popular brand for beauty and cosmetics. If you have used their items before, you will know how easy it is to spend just $36.50 to get your free gift.

What will your Free Gift Include?

  • Signature cosmetics bag
  • 5 ml Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II
  • 30 ml Modern Muse body lotion
  • 2.8 ml Bold Volume Lifting Mascara
  • Pure Colour lipsticks (Hot Kiss and Pinkberry)
  • Choice of eye shadow palette, blush or bronzer
  • Eye cream/body lotion/eye shadow & American made lipstick/mascara

The value of this entire deal is $98 so this is a pretty incredible deal to get for free. I think that this is the perfect opportunity to try some different items without actually having to purchase them.  If you like them, great; you can get them in the future. If you don’t like them, no money lost.  It is a win/win situation.

Bonus Deal:

You can actually get even more of a great deal if your total is a bit more.  When you spend $80 or more in Estee Lauder products, you will get the free gift above and another one.  You will also get a deluxe gift sized sample of Advanced Night Repair and your choice of Resilience Life, Resilience Supreme, or Advanced Time Zone Moisturizer.  The total value of this gift is $158.

Shipping Information:

If you use your Hudson’s Bay Mastercard or credit card to pay for your purchase, you will end up getting free shipping.  If you are are paying for your purchase with any other sort of tender, you can still get free shipping, but you will need to spend at least $99 to get it, which is still not bad.

This deal is also in stores but supplies are limited. There is a chance that individual stores could sell out before the expiry date. Additionally, there is a limit of one free gift and one bonus deal per person.

(Expiry: 1st September 2014)

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August 14

Mobilicity Canada: Unlimited Canada & US Calling For $29/m

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Mobilicity Canada: Unlimited Canada & US Calling For $29/m

I stumbled across the cell phone plan to pretty much end all cell phone plans. Receive unlimited calling across Canada and to the USA for only $29 a month!

Like, seriously. This plan is blowing my little brain cells. As my phone is unlocked, I shall be checking out if they are available on Vancouver Island as soon as I am done writing about this deal. What all do you get? Everything, baby… including:

  • Unlimited Province-Wide Talk
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Long Distance
  • Unlimited U.S. Long Distance
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting & Forwarding, 3-Way calling
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited North American Text
  • Unlimited North American Picture Messaging
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • Unlimited Data (under the fair usage policy)
  • 30 minutes North American Voice Roaming

Did you just read all that? Simply, that is about as mind-blowing as a plan can get! This plan regularly costs $45 a month from Mobilicity, but they are having this sweet little back to school promotion that will give you all of this juicy data, unlimited minutes, and more for just $29 per month.

Do you have relatives in the USA that you really do not call nearly as much as you should? No problem, with this problem you have just been hooked up with unlimited U.S. long distance. Call your aunt in Florida or your cousin attending Harvard. The 30 minutes voice roaming is also useful for when you step out of coverage areas.

I was checking on Mobilicity’s coverage areas, and here is what they say:

Mobilicity offers unlimited coverage within our 5 unlimited coverage areas in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. In addition to our unlimited coverage areas, we also offer nationwide coverage, covering up to 95% of the Canadian population.

I am not sure what the difference is between the two, but from the map it appears as if Nanaimo is not in one of the unlimited coverage areas, but rather in the ‘roaming area.’ I assume that means I cannot get this plan. However, if you live in one of the five major cities above, you should certainly get hooked up with this offer while it is still available. Do note, to transfer your phone between carriers it will need to be unlocked (not on contract). That is my preferred way to do cell phone business anyway.

I have never had Mobilicity as a cell phone carrier; have any of our Moosers?

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August 14

Soda Stream Canada Promo Code: 20% Off All Soda Stream Products

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Soda Stream Canada Promo Code: 20% Off All Soda Stream Products

Carbonate your drinks with Soda Stream and use the code below to save 20% off beverage stations, flavours, carbonators at!

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: SUMMERTOUR
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expires: Unknown

Ever since seeing the commercial that Scarlett Johansson shot for Soda Stream (and which was banned, by the way), I have definitely been wanting to give Soda Stream a try. For those of you who have never heard of them before, the concept is simple: a beverage station, as they refer to it, carbonates drinks. What this means is that the stations, which closely ressemble Keurig brewing machines, add bubbles to your drink.

Even more interesting is that Soda Stream is supposed to be much friendlier on one’s budget because instead of having to buy cans upon cans of carbonized beverages like Coca-Cola, Sprite and so on, you can just make them yourself and this also helps to reduce waste in the world as well, as you’re not buying endless amounts of plastic bottles. In fact, here’s how Soda Stream has broken down the cost of soda if you choose to bubble up your drinks yourself:

After your initial purchase of a home beverage station package, you’ll enjoy seltzer and sparkling water in reusable 1-liter PET bottle for just $.30 per litre and flavoured sodas for about $.88 per litre, before any applicable shipping charges. Penguin machine users will pay just $.46 per litre of premium sparkling water and as little as $.83 per litre of fresh gourmet soda.

With this coupon code, you’re also sure to get a beverage station for cheaper than anywhere else. There are a couple of beverage stations to choose from, but one of the cheapest ones is the Genesis Titan. With the code, you’re looking to get it for $79.99, while everywhere else it’s about $100 (i.e. Canadian Tire & Staples). The most expensive one you can get is the Penguin for $249.99 and luckily with the coupon, it comes down to just $199.99. It comes with two carafes and the cheapest I have found it anywhere else is at Amazon for $279.99. Basically, all of these machines serve the same purpose, that of adding fizz to your drink, but the more expensive one looks sleeker and some also have digital displays.

When I created a test order to an Ontario address, shipping was free on orders over $150 and $15.93 for an order that didn’t meet that threshold. However, do keep in mind that the fee may vary depending on your location and that it takes on average 10-12 business days for your purchase(s) to arrive.

As usual, this Soda Stream coupon code may also be found on the Bargainmoose forum.

(Image Credit: Ted Eytan)

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August 14

Laura Canada: Up To 80% Off Clearance Sale

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Laura Canada: Up To 80% Off Clearance Sale

Laura Canada is having a massive clearance sale both online and in stores with up to 80% off original prices.

I was finding amazing prices all over the place, but sizing is very limited. If you want to shop this sale and come away with some stellar deals, then you are going to need a little patience with finding your size amongst all the clearance goodies.

One of the first items I spotted in the sale was the Elastic Waist Pocket Detail Pencil Skirt that was $110 and is now on sale for $19.99. This is the perfect business skirt that you will positively wear to death. At 81% off the original price, it will also keep your money exactly where it should be: in your wallet (or bank account). The skirt is available in sizes 14 and 18. I did find another skirt in a size 16, the Stitched Detail Stretch Pencil Skirt. It is also on sale for $19.99, originally $110.

In the shirt section, I found several deals to whet your appetite. The Conrad C Placement Print T-Shirt was $75 (I think that is somewhat overpriced to begin with), and is now on sale for $11.99. It is a simple white t-shirt with a fun blue graphic to match your jeans or shorts. Among the tops, I found the simple elegance of this Sweetheart Neck Knit Top to be a lovely addition to a woman’s wardrobe basics. There are still sizes to choose from in the green and in the white. Originally $75, the shirt is now on sale for $15.99.

If you are in the market for accessories, Laura has them starting at just $2.99. This Hammered Double Chain Link Necklace was $24 and is now discounted to $4.99. It is an inexpensive way to accessorize your wardrobe and, if you are like me, bring some colour to your usually black ensemble. Pair it with this Open Linked Hinge Bangle Bracelet and you only need a pair of discreet earrings to complete your outfit. The bracelet was $25 and is now $5.99.

If you have the Laura Privilege Card, then you will get an extra 10% off both regular priced and sale items like these tops. The Privilege Card costs $35 for your first year with an annual renewal of $20, so I would only buy it if you shop at Laura Canada a lot.

Shipping costs a flat rate of $7.95, so you might want to stock up on these amazing sale prices.

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August 14

Amazon Canada: $70 Off Star Wars The Complete Saga Episodes I-VI Blu-Ray Box Set

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Amazon Canada: $70 Off Star Wars The Complete Saga Episodes I VI Blu Ray Box SetMay the force be with you as you take advantage of an awesome deal on a Star Wars box set. For a limited time, you can save $70 on the Star Wars: The Complete Saga (episodes I-VI) box set in Blu-ray and get it for just $89.99 (reg. $159.99). It comes up to 44% off the original price.

Even better is that this is a Blu-Ray version. Even though technology has widely moved onto Blu-Ray, DVDs are usually the ones being discounted, so it’s nice to see a deal on one of the most popular franchises in the world. When it comes to DVDs or Blu-Rays, I definitely only ever choose Blu-Rays, especially for high action and popular movies.

With a total of nine discs, six of the discs in this box set are:

  • Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
  • Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
  • Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
  • Episode 4: A New Hope
  • Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

The other three discs features extra and deleted scenes:

  • Star War Archives: episodes 1-3
  • Star Wars Archies: episode 4-6
  • The Star Wars Documentaries

This Blu-Ray had actually been very much anticipated, and has over 150 reviews with a total consensus of 4.4 stars out of 5. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

Star Wars on Blu-ray…it took a lot less time than Star Wars on DVD! And in special features and deleted scenes alone, it was well worth the wait. You can’t do a box set like this without the bonus of unseen footage. The good news is, The Complete Saga is loaded with unseen special features and deleted scenes. In fact, the Tosche Station scene is worth the purchase alone. It’s that great.

I have to admit that even though I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, I can certainly appreciate a good deal when I see one. However, Star Wars fans should keep in mind the following review:

The original trilogy (without any 1997 added special effects, that is) isn’t there (that was to be expected), but also, the special features of Episodes 4, 5 and 6 (the documentaries, interviews, trailers, etc.) isn’t here anymore. Episodes 1, 2 and 3′s second discs are nowhere to be found either.

Plus, since Amazon typically ships orders over $25 for free, you’re also sure not to pay any added shipping fees.

(Image Credit: Andrew.T@NN)

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August 14

Clearly Contacts Canada: Glasses Clearance Sale & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Clearly Contacts Canada: Glasses Clearance Sale & Free Shipping

Clearly Contacts Canada is hosting an up to 70% off glasses clearance sale with free shipping and free handling on all orders.

There is a wide range of sale prices, with many glasses discounted over 50% off. The sale section can be a bit daunting, but you can narrow it down by size, your favourite designer, sex, and colour. Here are a few pairs of glasses I found that might be of interest to you.

These frames for men are from the well-known designer Michael Kors. They are made of metal and are eligible for progressive lenses. These same glasses are also available in silver for the same price. For anyone who loves their aviator sunglasses, these glasses feature the aviator style in a more modest size.

I love the bold look of these DSquared2 glasses for women. The frame is a glossy black and features a subtly upturned cat eye shape with a rounded bottom. The glasses are made of acetate and are progressive lens eligible. While these glasses are also available in a tortoise colour, they cost double the price of the black version. This company, DSquared2, is actually the brainchild of two Canadian born twins: Dean and Dan Caten.

These oval shaped glasses are not your standard shape, as the oval has slight corners around it that are quite evident in the frame. It makes these glasses look like ovals trying to burst out of themselves. The inside arms and outside arms are accented in a light purple, and the Baby Phat logo is very prominent on the front of the arms.  These women’s glasses are made out of black acetate and cannot be used as transitions as the lens is too short at only 25mm tall.

These glasses and many more for men, women, and children are on sale at Clearly Contacts Canada right now. Clearly Contacts offers free shipping and handling on all glasses and sunglasses orders no matter how much or little they cost. I suggest measuring your current best fitting glasses and comparing them to the measurement chart underneath each pair of glasses. Those charts are as important, if not more important, than style and will help you find the best fit.

(Image credit: reway2007)

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August 14

Dyson Canada: 40% Off Mini Tower Fan – Now $299.99

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Dyson Canada: 40% Off Mini Tower Fan   Now $299.99

Dyson Canada is offering 40% off the AM02 Mini Tower Fan. This unit regularly retails for $499.99. However, Dyson is selling it for just $299.99 right now.

Dyson fans are different from a regular fan. They feature Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology that draws in air and multiplies it up to 16 times for a truly cooling experience. The fans are also completely blade-less: you can stick your arm right through one while it is running at full blast. I have done that so many times while visiting them in stores. This means children (like me when I was I kid) will not get their fingers hurt by shoving them between the bars to touch the blades. I just wanted to see if I could stop the blades with my bare hands!

The tower is 39.6″ tall, 7.5″ wide, and 4.3″ deep. It is the mini tower fan, but it is still tall. When I was trying out the Dyson fans in my local store, I found the towers better than the desk fans because the air pressure was in a column instead of in a circle. It felt like the air pressure was stronger from the towers. That did not make me too happy because the towers were always more expensive.

The speed is completely variable on the Mini Tower Fan, and it is an oscillating unit. The fan comes with a magnetized remote control that will stick to the top of the unit when you do not need it. From the remote control, you can control speed and oscillation as well as turn the Dyson fan on and off.

Now, I have seen all sorts of arguments both for and against Dyson. Most arguments against Dyson come from people who do not own Dyson (funny that), and say they are too expensive for what you are getting. I personally do not own one of these fans so I do not know. However, I do own one of their vacuum cleaners. Despite it being a little small for the job (my fault, I got the mini vacuum), it is still one of the best vacuums I have ever owned. We have had it over four years now and it is still in fantastic condition. Therefore, from what I know of Dyson, they put out good products. I would love to try one of their fans.

Receive free shipping on all Dyson products.

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August 14

Cash Back Grocery Offers This Week

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Cash Back Grocery Offers This Week

We have another great roundup of grocery offers that will get you cash back on your groceries.  You can download these apps for free, to save yourself money every week on all your grocery needs and you will be able to download them through the links below.

Here is a look at some of the offers this week:

  • Patak’s Cooking Sauces for 2- $0.75 cash back
  • Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10- $10 cash back
  • International Delight Iced Coffee- $1 cash back

There are a total of 24 different cash back offers this week for Checkout51 and they are all valid until August 20th.

Here is a look at some of this weeks offers:

  • Jiffy Pop- $0.50 cash back
  • Live Clean lip balm- $0.75 cash back
  • Kraft Peanut Butter (500g or more)- $0.75 cash back

They have a total of 17 different offers this week that will be available through until August 20th.

Snapsaves is a bit different from the other companies.  Instead of having a list of offers each week for cash back, they offer two new ones a day. Both of the new offers will be valid for an entire week from the start date. Here is a look at some of the deals this week.

Friday August 15th

  • Ground beef- $0.25 cash back

Saturday August 16th

  • Butternut Squash- $0.25 cash back

Sunday August 17th

  • Lemons- $0.25 cash back

Lastly, we would like to introduce a new company to this list.  It is called Changio and it works a little bit differently. Instead of getting cash back you will get points that you can save and they will add up to great offers.

Here are a few you will see:

  • Carrots- 20 points
  • Lettuce- 20 points
  • Chapters $20+ spend- 100 points

Between all of these money back apps, you have the chance to save a bundle on your groceries this week.  It costs nothing to you to download so why not try one or all of the out and see what you can save!

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August 14

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

I’ve got a four year old daughter who is growing like wildfire and accordingly, getting through a LOT of pairs of shoes. As a result, we seem to have an extremely large number of empty shoe boxes hidden in the dark and damp corners of our garage. I was browsing pinterest and I saw an idea for making a shoe box in to an organizer, so I started googling for more awesome ideas to upcycle shoe boxes. Here are seven ideas for you:

1. DIY Shoe Box Organizer

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

Here at, you can see a quick tutorial about how to upcycle that old shoe box into a nifty organizer, for storing your various bits and bobs. As shown in the piccie, you could use it for stationery, or maybe even for the kids to compartmentalise and store various toys; Lego, dolls, bricks, etc.

2. Funky Storage

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

Ok, this idea isn’t much of a stretch to be honest, but it still looks fantastic. Cover the old shoe boxes in fancy and colourful fabrics, and just use the shoe boxes for storage. The range of varied patterns and vibrant colours look super and really brighten up a storage area. There’s a tutorial here on Youtube if you need some help with it.

3. Jewellery Hanger

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

Cover a shoe box lid in canvas (or any fabric you want), pop in some push-pins, hang it on the wall – for a cheap and cheerful jewellery hanger. Find the tutorial here on Homeawaitsus.

4. Wall Art

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

Cover your shoe boxes in vibrant wallpaper samples or even fabric, and mount them up on the wall in various positions, as illustrated in the image above. It gives an inexpensive and colourful focal point for a bare wall. This DIY task doesn’t have to be done with just shoe box lids, you could use cereal boxes, any cardboard items you have available. The different sized boxes would give extra depth and contouring for a stunning finish. Read a bit more here on Crafts & Coffee.

5. Drawer Dividers

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

Cut to size, you can use empty shoe boxes as handy drawer dividers. Why spend a fortune on the ready-made ones from Ikea? Just get out your scissors and snip away (found here on apartmenttherapy).

6. Ribbon Dispenser

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

If you are in the habit of using ribbon for present-wrapping, crafting, and any other activity, you’ll know how awkward it can be when you have a big box filled with tangled spools of random ribbon. You could use an old shoe box and turn it into a handy dispenser. While it’s not the exact tutorial pictured above, there’s a tutorial for a similar style here on Crabtree-creations.

Please let us know if you try any of these out – we’d like to hear about your results in the comments below. Have you upcycled your shoe boxes into anything fantastic?

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August 14

Nygard Canada Coupon: Additional 20% off Red Tag Items

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Nygard Canada Coupon: Additional 20% off Red Tag Items

If you are looking to update your wardrobe, Nygard Canad has the sale to help you do that.  They currently have a Red Tag Clothing Sale happening that will already save you a bundle.  Add this awesome coupon code listed below and you will save an additional 20% on those great prices for a limited time only!

Click here to shop the Red Tag Sale @ now

  • Coupon Code: SUMMER9
  • Discount: Extra 20% off sale items
  • Expires: Unknown

This incredible Red Tag Sale has items list at up to 70% off the regular prices already.  The coupon code will save you an additional 20% off the lowest ticketed price with this sale.  You could end up with some incredible savings.

This sale is very easy to maneuver around and shop because they have everything listed in categories such as size, and specific items like tops or accessories. I love it when stores do this because I can just click on my size and shop only the items I know they have in my size that will fit me.  I can’t tell you how many time I have found the perfect dress or jeans on sale for an awesome price, only to see they do not have my size.  What a let down!

One of my favourites from this sale would have to be this Carnival striped dress that was $129 and is now on sale for $63.95.  Once I added the coupon code to my cart, the price dropped another 20% bringing the total down to just $51.16.  That is an incredible deal!

I also love this black satchel that was $80 and is now on sale for $39.95.  That is already 50% off the regular price.  Once I add it to my cart with the coupon however, the price drops to just $31.96. It also comes in a nice beige colour as well.

If you are looking to see how much it will cost you for shipping, I can help you with that as well. If you spend over $75, you will get free shipping on your entire order. If your shopping cart is less than $75, then it would be $9.95. Personally, I think it is worth it to do the minimum to get the free shipping.

We post all of the Nygard coupons and sales on the Bargainmoose coupon forum for easy online shopping. Always check it out before you buy anything from any online store!

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August 14

Chapters Indigo Canada: $10 Bonus Card with $50 Purchase (In Store)

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: $10 Bonus Card with $50 Purchase (In Store)

Now is the time to shop in store at Chapters Indigo Canada. Their current promotion will give you a $10 bonus card with a $50 in store purchase.

There are quite a few exclusions to this offer, so here they are:

Excludes red and white stickered SALE items, gift cards, electronics & related accessories, tablets, Lego Friends, Lego Mindstorm, American Girl products, Indigo Love of Reading foundation products, donations and loyalty memberships.

While most of this list does not faze me, I am annoyed that red and white stickered sales items will not go towards earning your $10 bonus card. However, I am delighted to see that books are not excluded from this offer. Thus, you can take your book list for school to Chapters and not only knock off some of your back to school shopping, but also receive a little freebie. There is one card per transaction and per customer.

Now, the $10 bonus card is valid from the 25th of August up until the 10th of September. It has to be used all in one purchase. There appears to be no restriction on what it can be used on except that it cannot be redeemed for cash or credit. I am curious if you can redeem it online, but for some reason I highly doubt it.

I buy most of my books online, which makes sense if you are buying hardcovers, as Chapters offers 30% off hardcovers online compared to their in store prices. However, softcover books are fair game and they have a budding home section full of very pretty items too. There are also some items I would never buy online like bookends. They are so heavy that they do not qualify for free shipping. I have a love affair with bookends so I have wanted a pair for years. Shopping in store at Chapters is also a great way to meet new books because you can flip through the physical copies and see what you like.

Some of the larger toys for children are also best to buy in store because they are over-sized (so excluded from free shipping). Items like this Classic Walker Wagon and this 10580 LEGO DUPLO Deluxe Box of Fun would cost you shipping fees if you bought them online. Pick them up in store to avoid shipping fees and get a bonus $10 card to spend later.

Image credit: Rick Chung

(Expiry: 24th August 2014)

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August 14

Carter’s OshKosh Back To School Sale: $5 Tops & More

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Carters OshKosh Back To School Sale: $5 Tops & More

Carter’s OshKosh is having a big back to school sale with tons of doorcrashers and more great sales. One I found very interested was short and long sleeved tops for only $5, with a regular price of $8 and up.

Kids go through tops like they do underwear – fast and dirty. My kids are constantly spilling, running through mud, using their shirts as a place to wipe their mouths and I just can’t get the stains out, whether the shirt cost $5 or $50. So, I’d much prefer to pay $5 and get them a closet full of tops. I find the tees at Carters OshKosh are quite cute too, with funny sayings that are great for all ages.

I’m thinking I wish they had my size in this Life of the Party long sleeved shirt for girls or this Eat More Cupcakes shirt. Both describe my personality perfectly.

The Halloween Shop is the perfect place to get ready for Halloween, as Carters OshKosh has lots of fun orange and spooky tops. A lot of schools no longer let kids wear their costumes to school, which I think is crap, but anyway, a fun way to still celebrate the holiday is with a Halloween-themed shirt. This fang-tastic top is perfect for October 31st and could keep going the rest of the year.

Other doorcrashers includes $10 jeans, with regular prices starting at $14. There are also a lot of great deals for the babies in your life who won’t be going to school, but want to look cute in Carters OshKosh clothing too.

All leggings are only 2 for $12, which is fantastic, because she could wear them every day of the week and have an extra to spare for less than $50.

Shipping is a flat rate of $8, no matter what you buy, so get as much or as little as you’d like.

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August 14

Azio Levetron GM2000 Gaming Mouse Only $17.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Azio Levetron GM2000 Gaming Mouse Only $17.99 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada

You’re going to have to move fast if you want to grab this deal for the Azio Levetron GM200 Gaming Mouse! is offering this top of the line gaming mouse for $17.99 (Regular $49.99. That’s $32 off!) with FREE ground shipping.

Now other sites are offering the same mouse for $19.99; the only difference is you have to pay for shipping, whereas with, the offer is slightly cheaper at $17.99 and the shipping is for free. The free ground shipping is what really helps this deal be such a steal. For just $17.99 you’re getting a top of the line gaming mouse for a fraction of the cost.

The Azio Levetron GM200 Gaming Mouse is the Ferrari of the gaming mouse world. It has six buttons. That’s right. Six buttons. Including your standard right and left click buttons, a mouse wheel, the innovative DPI button, as well as a forward and a back button for added web surfing/gaming convenience. The DPI button allows the user to switch from 800-, 1600-, and 2000 DPI on the fly with a simple click of the button. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with DPI, don’t worry neither were we, DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, which is a measurement of mouse sensitivity. The higher the DPI allows the gamer to move the mouse cursor further on the screen with less mouse movement. It also allows the user greater ability to pinpoint places on the screen more accurately.

Now these features won’t necessarily enhance your ability to enjoy Wikipedia or Facebook but for the avid gamer these perks allow for greater control and a higher and more competitive level of game play. Then again, this mouse could help increase the speed and ease of clicking on the great deals here on Barginmoose. There’s only one way to find out.

The Azio Levetron GM200 Gaming Mouse has a really high positive review and customer satisfaction score. However, the mouse’s ergonomic design was crafted for the right-handed user in mind, so please be aware that this mouse is NOT lefty friendly. Haters gonna hate. But for those who can enjoy this mouse, should enjoy this mouse and click quick to make sure you can grab one before they’re gone.

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August 14

Defiance Video Game! Free!

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Defiance Video Game! Free!

Defiance is the game based off the highly popular SyFy Channel TV show in the U.S. that can be watched up here in Canada on Showcase.  The show’s rabid following has led to a clever online game that has an ever-growing community of players. Now Sony is allowing you to play the game for FREE by clicking the link below!

The game Defiance can be either downloaded onto your PlayStation 3 or it can be played online on via streaming on your computer. The game originally was being sold for $49.99 and several sites are now offering it at various discounted prices. But you can’t beat FREE! And that’s why this deal is so incredible because it literally costs nothing. The game is downloadable so there is no shipping. Just click the link. Download and start playing right away. In fact, I’m currently downloading Defiance directly to my PS3 as I write this.

Here’s a little background on the game and the TV show, Defiance. It’s the year 2046 and the Earth has been forever transformed physically due to alien terraforming technology. The technology crashed down to earth from space during a long destructive war between humanity and the aliens. Not only has the Earth’s topography changed with new mountain ranges, lakes, forests, and vegetation, but also there are now new alien animal species, as well as new earth/alien animal hybrids that terrorize the survivors.

The aftermath of the war has forced the remaining humans and aliens to band together to ensure their survival. The world now has a 19th Century feel as long distance communication and air travel either doesn’t work or is too dangerous due to the planet’s new electromagnetic atmosphere. North America is predominantly a badland region with most living on the eastern seaboard of the continent, while the town of Defiance is set as a frontier town located in what was once St. Louis.

Now although Sony is offering the game for free, there are bundle packages that you can buy that add missions, character enhancements, and other options. But that doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t have a great experience playing the game as is. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try the game risk free and if you do enjoy it, then you can possible splurge on a bundle with some of the money you just saved.

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