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Monoprice Coupon Code: 30% off iPhone 5 Cases (US)

Posted by on February 8, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Monoprice Coupon Code: 30% off iPhone 5 Cases (US)

Does your significant other have an iPhone 5? Maybe your iPhone 5 IS your significant other. Maybe you noticed an iPhone 5 on the kitchen counter of that girl you accidentally happen upon while testing out your new telescope. Regardless of the situation, you can get a new pearl of crystal case from Monoprice!

Get a fancy iPhone 5 case @ Monoprice.com

  • Coupon Code: PEARL30
  • Discount: 30% off pearl and crystal iPhone 5 cases
  • Expiry: 14th February 2013

The cases are priced at about $15 each, and the coupon code takes 30% off that. Regarding shipping, Monoprice ships from the US but Canadian shipping is pretty reasonable, with a test order showing a $5 shipping cost on these items (so the Monoprice coupon code will cover that). These would also be under the threshold for duties and customs, just keep that in mind.

So these cases are extremely girly and obviously aren’t for everybody. Regardless, this is a good deal for a pretty neat looking case. I’ve said it before but it should be mentioned again. The iPhone 5 (and every other iPhone) is a huge scratch magnet. You really do need a case. You can get a plain silicon case and it’ll work fine but the iPhone is a fashion accessory. If you’re going to cover it up, you need to cover it up with something that is at least as pretty if not prettier than the phone itself.

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