September 12

Michael’s Crafts – Printable Coupon for a 50% Discount In Store

Posted by on September 12, 2008 at 5:42 PM

UPDATE – this one has now expired, but you should be able to see more tagged with “Michaels coupons“.

Printable coupons are great! This discount coupon from is for a 50% discount off one regular priced item in store @ Michaels Arts and Crafts.

I think the printable coupon was released in celebration of the opening of their 1000th art supplies store!

Michaels Crafts – Printable Coupon for a 50% Discount In Store

I am a big arts and crafts fan…. I love making something from nothing! In school, I was good at art, I kind of wished I had pursued it further. Nowadays, I have to make do with art and craft projects with the nieces and nephews!

Michaels Crafts – Printable Coupon for a 50% Discount In Store

If you’re interested in arts and craft, I know that art supplies can be expensive, so discount coupons like this which you can spend at your local Michaels Crafts Store are a great idea.

- Anna

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9 Comments to “Michael’s Crafts – Printable Coupon for a 50% Discount In Store”

  1. Maxine Martin says:

    I love shopping at Michael’s Art & Craft Stores, but I don’t seem to be able to get the coupons that are printable for the day following the most recent published expired date. Where do I go for information regarding how to solve this problem. I have signed up for this at both the store I shop at and also on line.

    I did receive the print out 50% coupon, but this is only the 2nd one I’ve be able to get since May when I signed up.


  2. Anna says:

    Hi Maxine :) I’m signed up to the Michael’s Newsletters too. There always seems to be at least a 20% discount coupon on the go. Sometimes they come out with these slightly higher coupons. There’s no special trick to it though, you just have to be a newsletter reader :)

  3. Sandra Kent says:

    Great place to shop. Good variety in every department

  4. Liz Todesco says:

    Love michaels, but wish they would get in scrapbooking material for highland dance

  5. Ada Langlais says:

    Shopped for a frame, custom made, on Tuesday, June 22, I donot know the name of the lady working that day, but she was the greatest.


  6. Edie Taylor says:

    Why is it so hard for me to get a 40%off coupon on line, I have signed up but in over a year I still have not recieved any letters or coupons.
    can you look after this and see to it that I will recieve the coupons

  7. Hazel Gaudet says:

    OH I have left my name so many times at our Michaels Store in Saint John, New Brunswick for deals and coupons and to this day never receive anything from you people at all, he keeps saying well give it to me again and puts it in machine. Now I wld say this is likely close to 3 yrs.
    Now here I sit wanting a coupon as I need a few items and cannot bring up on the web where to find one..very disgusted regular customer. So can you look after this for me and put my email address in. I stand in line and so many people have printed coupons…Please Help

    Well I might as well forget that, its no use….

  8. Fran Kwiatkowski says:

    I have not been receiving mail from you. Looking for coupons and to see the weekly deals.

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