March 22

Home Depot Canada Printable Coupon: $4 Off Any Orchid

Posted by on March 22, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Home Depot Canada Printable Coupon: $4 Off Any Orchid

Use the printable coupon to get $4 off an orchid at the Home Depot this week.

This coupon limits you to only two offers per customer. I’m sure if you printed it off again tomorrow and went back, you’d still be able to get another two orchids if you plan on filling your home with orchids.

I love orchids, and they were actually part of wedding bouquet. I just love the uniqueness of them and especially love the white ones with a splash of another colour on them. We are staging our house to sell and I have this very large window on my stairwell, with a wide ledge. It would be perfect for plants with a southern exposure, but as I’ve blogged before, I have a brown thumb. I would really love to see an orchid sitting on that ledge, as I think it would totally beautify that window space.

I don’t know the prices of orchids at Home Depot, but they usually sell for at least $10 and probably up to $10, so $4 off is a nice little discount.

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