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Great Alternative Shopping Sites for Valentine’s Day

Posted by on January 29, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Great Alternative Shopping Sites for Valentines Day

More than ever I relish finding alternative shopping websites that facilitate my love for something different and on a budget. Not only can you find unique, vintage, used, reused, natural, handmade, and locally sourced goods, you can often find them at great prices. I am a big fan of a different model of consumerism – one that recycles, reuses, and tries to be as natural as possible. Here are some of my favourite places on the internet to shop:

  • TrendTrunk: Now my go-to place to buy and sell used clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes. Used is not ‘bad’ – in fact, I have already scored some awesome finds on this website for fantastic prices. Valentine’s Day is coming up so check out this Juicy Couture Black and Gold Watch for $99.99 (orig. $195) or this Relic Classic Remix Flap HandBag for $33 (orig. $49.99). Prices include shipping.
  • Shopcaster: This website is pretty new to me. It is an online marketplace where you can browse and buy from local independent boutiques, though they want you to sign up for an account before you can look through their products. There are plenty of ideas for Valentine’s Day around here – but I like this Pre de Provence lavender soap for $10.99 out of Toronto and these cute Biko Fortune Cookie Necklaces also out of Toronto for $45.

How about you, Bargainmoosers? Have any great ‘unorthodox’ places you like to shop?

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