December 14

Globo Canada: 50% Off Select Boots

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Globo Canada: 50% Off Select Boots

How’s the weather for you today? Here it is yucky as the snow blows by with the cold beside it. I don’t mind snow, but I like to see it on a sunny day, drifting peacefully down, knowing it won’t last long. As I sniffle and watch it blast by my window, I can only feel cold inside my bones. This leads me to thinking about my boots, which while fashionable, are not good in the snow. If I am walking in anything more than an inch of snow I can instantly feel the cold and wet. Good thing Globo has 50% off a number of boot styles for men and women.

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I really love tall boots, whether they are made of leather or some other weather-resistant material. If I had the money, I’d have a different boot for each day of the week. My favourites:

  • Pastyrik – these cold weather boots look so warm on the inside and out – was $119.99, now $59.98
  • Cerepoveca – sometimes a woman just needs a sleek, sexy boot with a heel – was $139.99, now $69.98

My husband has been complaining for a long time about the holes in his boots and how his feet are so cold while shovelling or playing outside with the kids. I guess I could listen and get him a new pair for Christmas. He’d love:

  • Banff Trail Legros – these boots are so affordable, great for any weather condition and have a great tread – was $79.99, now $39.98
  • Ozimek – these boots are more fashionable and look ready for doing some stomping – was $99.99, now $49.98

Globo is offering free shipping on all orders and since we love free shipping, check out what other stores ship for free too.

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