January 21

Gamestop Canada: Nintendo 3DS Trade Offer

Posted by on January 21, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Gamestop Canada: Nintendo 3DS Trade Offer

The Nintendo 3DS has just been announced and will be released March 27, 2011. Gamestop Canada is offering people the opportunity to trade in or trade up to help offset the cost of getting the new console. You can receive a $125 trade credit for your DSI XL or any 5 used games (minimum $8.00 trade value) when you trade towards the pre-order of a Nintendo 3DS.

The console will cost $249.99 so you are trading in for 1/2 the value of it, pretty good if you ask me for those who need to have the latest and the greatest. It looks like it will be available in Aqua blue, pictured above, or black.

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4 Comments to “Gamestop Canada: Nintendo 3DS Trade Offer”

  1. Theatrefreak says:

    I phoned ebgames and they said that they don’t gave any offers for the 3DS if you trade in your Dsi XL although they are taking pre orders. I was told it would be $50 down to preorder. Does that sound right?

  2. Matt says:

    When does this deal end?

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