January 24

Fluevogs Canada: Women’s F-Shoes Bing Was $339 | Now $99

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Fluevogs Canada: Womens F Shoes Bing Was $339 | Now $99

Fluevogs Canada has discounted the F-Shoes | Bing from $339 down to a mere $99! These are solid leather boots that are great for nasty street conditions because the F-sole has an aggressive tread. This deal is just so sweet.

You can choose from black, burgundy, or a dark green. They have a side zipper for easy in-and-out and according to reviews they tend to run a bit big so you might want to size down. I contacted a Fluevog store to consult on sizing before I ordered a pair for myself. A pair of these babies in black will be heading my way any day now. Fluevogs Canada: Womens F Shoes Bing Was $339 | Now $99 Most sizes are still available and they have half-sizes which is great for those of us (like me) in between sizes.

Here are some loving reviews:

So simple. And so perfect you’ll wear them every day. Like all F-shoes, keep you ridiculously warm and dry and have great traction while keeping you stylish as well. Look fantastic with trousers and cute with knee-length or shorter skirts, sporty gone upscale. I only wish they had more colors.

Once again, another pair of boots that I somehow overlooked and now think are fabulous! The burgundy is a deep, rich color and I would have considered green but already have green Chapots. I’m mostly a 7.5 in shoes and 99% of the time I’m an 8 in boots (Simon, Chapot, Nuni, Lover, Inge, Luna, Hudson) so when I heard these ran big I thought a 7.5 would be fine, but there was heel slippage, which leads to blisters, so I tried the 7 and they were perfect.

I highly suggest consulting an expert for sizing. You can choose them in what you think is right and have them contact you to confirm – or you can email (or phone a store) before placing an order.

I really wanted a pair in the burgundy as well – but as I placed myself on a budget I figured 1 pair of really sweet leather boots was spoiling myself enough. However, if they do fit like the dream I am imagining – I might just have to get a second pair.

Shipping is $16.

Expiry: Unknown

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3 Comments to “Fluevogs Canada: Women’s F-Shoes Bing Was $339 | Now $99”

  1. CJO says:

    Thank you for this find! Fleuvogs are the BEST shoes/boots ever, and to get these at such a great price is an amazing deal! I just ordered a pair! Thank you!

  2. Kay says:

    I’m looking for these boots, in any color, in a size 7. Does anyone have them for sale anywhere ? Used is fine too. Need them for ranch.


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