October 8

First Choice Haircutters: Printable Coupon for 15% Discount on Hair Cuts

Posted by on October 8, 2008 at 6:00 AM

First Choice Haircutters: Printable Coupon for 15% Discount on Hair Cuts


This First Choice Haircutters coupon has now expired. If you would like a new coupon to use there, just sign up to their email updates.

Here we have a great printable coupon for use in store @ First Choice Hair Cutters. It gets you a 15% discount. They have 400 hair salons across Canada, so you might be able to find one near you.

It’s valid until June 2009, so you have ages to take advantage of this one!

I really enjoy getting a haircut… I’m so busy with work most other times, being able to sit down and get pampered for an hour or two is a real treat. My local salon has those electric massage chairs for when you are getting your hair washed! Pure luxury! I’d love to pick one of those celebrity hair styles out of a magazine and just say to the hair stylist, “Give me one of those hairstyles.” Tee hee!!

First Choice Haircutters: Printable Coupon for 15% Discount on Hair Cuts

QuietFish gives us ladies some tips on haircuts – including one that I usually don’t follow: Don’t go too long between haircuts.I always wait and wait and wait… what’s the recommended wait between haircuts?

- Anna

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  2. Lynne Furniss says:

    How do I recieve coupons? When I go on line it says there are no salons within 25 miles. There is one about 5 miles or less!
    I go to FCHC every month but I can never get coupons.
    Lynne Furniss

  3. Vernon Nava says:

    My address is:

    I always wanted to go to First Choice for my haircut. They can do what I like with my hair.

  4. Anna says:

    Hi Vernon. I’ve edited out your address – best not to show it on a public website. If you’d like the free coupon, please follow the instructions in the blog post above :)

  5. betty says:

    why can I not find printable coupons for first choice haircutters?
    I have signed up for reminders, I have visited coupon websites as well as first choice website, and nowhere can i find anything that tells me to PRINT a coupon

  6. Anna says:

    Maybe there is no such thing Betty.

  7. adi says:

    i oloveys go to first choise hair cuters and they are the best

  8. me says:


    Look in your SPAM box……that is where mine ended up

    re: coupons

  9. me says:

    Thank you for signing up for the reminder service! Please add firstchoiceinfo@firstchoice.com to your address book to help ensure delivery of your reminder emails.

  10. me says:

    OH me again………mine took about a week or 2 to get an actual email with coupon…….:)

  11. ANN says:

    Any recent coupons for first choice hair cutters

  12. Erin Bbbbb says:

    The coupon sent in the email is only $1.00 not $2.00 like in the mail. Hardly worth it.

  13. Renie Sims says:

    I have had my hair done @ First Choice for 20 years now and have not had a bad experience

  14. John says:

    One of the worst haircuts I ever received and by the most miserable female hairstylist I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t go back and advise others not to go,unless you hate yourself!

  15. Shashi Mehrotra says:

    Since last 10 years I am getting my haircut at First Choice, I am quite pleased with the service

  16. HIPPY says:


  17. ishaan says:

    best hair sloon in mississauga

  18. Leanne Chard says:

    All I really want right now is to print the coupon I keep clicking and it keeps taking me back to the same page Thanks a lot.

    • Avigayil says:

      This coupon expired June 2009. Anna run’s a blog, so we have years worth of deals running back on it. to see the current ones, click on the Bargain Moose text at the top.

  19. Gloria says:

    How come you advertise on Nova Scotia Tv no appointments required just walk in. My daughter and I went to one in Halifax and she wanted her hair streak and they said no you have to have an appointment. So we walked out and went somewhere else. I have been to a few while visiting down there and I asked them about this and they said you do need appointment for colors,perms etc. I live in Ontario and I go to |First Choice all the time and have never had any problems.

  20. Neica Krymuza says:

    All I wanted was a coupon for your stores. This is the hardest place I have ever tried to get one. Your site is not user friendly at all. I still did not get a coupon.
    You can keep them. I will try to get my husband to my hair dresser. She has no coupons and is chaeaper and I feel has better service than you do.

  21. Darlene says:

    Tillsonburg hair cutters told us we could get a three dollar coupon at First Choice Hair cutters .com. for my next hair cut. How do I get it?

  22. Thresa says:

    How do I get coupon for my next hair cut.

  23. cheryl says:

    Where do I get First Choice coupons? I used to see them all the time, now I can’t find one.

  24. vina says:

    if i received my discount coupon at my email , can i used my blackberry to show my coupon rather printing it?

  25. GRAZIA says:

    very goog clour

  26. Yvette says:

    your web site sucks for coupons

  27. joan lowery says:

    how do I get your coupons?

  28. gina says:

    I’m trying to save and use coupon when I get my hair crop. I still can’t my coupons.:-( I just get stressed not saving.

  29. yusuf ishmail says:

    please send coupons for haircut

  30. table123 says:

    I just joined & wanted a coupon for first choice haircut& it ‘s expired.I wished i never joined.You need to update.

  31. I want a coupon on firstchoice perms

  32. Lorraine Legere says:

    I was receiving $2 coupons up until February but they have stopped coming. How can I continue getting these coupons?

  33. Anna Waters says:

    Can you try re-subscribing Lorraine? I’ve been getting coupons up to now, with no issues.

  34. Dolores Loiacono says:

    How can I print my coupon?? I have the reminder but cannot print it.

  35. I would Like Coupon for my kids haircuts.

  36. Sandra says:

    Just found out today that the haircut reminder service is ‘discontinued’. So the $2 coupon i always got to print out for my haircuts are gone :-( They claim to send out newsletters with promos and coupons , but never got one with a coupon yet. Disappointed, every little bit helped.

  37. sierra says:

    i have a buddy who goes to get his hair done at first choice every Tuesday because it is ellegidly cheaper on Tuesdays. he gets his hair done for $10 rather then 20.
    is this true? and does this apply to women as well or men only?

  38. Alice Johnston says:

    Hi, wondering if there are any coupons for May, June, etc? Can’t find them on your website. Thanks, Alice Johnston

  39. april demooy says:

    want coupons

  40. joe heisenberg says:

    I am going to get a haircurt today.

  41. Shelly says:

    Hi I have not received any coupons on here in months I have done all the updates and everything and still no coupons. I would like to get a coupon eitheer today or by wednesday cause I need a haircut badly thank you

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