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DealTicker: $39 for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Taxes Included ($149.95 Value)

Posted by on March 21, 2012 at 6:00 PM

DealTicker: $39 for Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses   Taxes Included ($149.95 Value)

DealTicker has an outstanding deal that is selling like hot cakes: Pay only $39 for a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Taxes Included ($149.95 Value).

If you get redirected to your own city, the deal is under Saskatoon.

You get to choose from 3 different colours: red, white or black. Shipping is an extra $10, but totally worth it for these famous Ray-Ban glasses. Comes with original box, cleaning cloth, and all related accessories.

Make sure to read the fine print on how this deal works. The vouchers never expire (bonus).

A few things of note from the comments:

These are authentic items but we are not an authorized reseller, as such, these items do not carry the Ray-Ban warranty. They do come with a case.

Also, they come in size 50 (white or red) or 54 (black). Use this chart to figure out your own size.

I want to get a pair in either black or white, just can’t decide. My current lovely glasses have a terrible scratch on one of the lenses that drives me insane when I wear them.

Shipping is applies upon DealTicker Checkout, Glasses will be shipped automatically to the address you have on deal ticker. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for shipping.

Deal expires in about 5 and 1/2 days.

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55 Comments to “DealTicker: $39 for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Taxes Included ($149.95 Value)”

  1. Chelsey says:

    I feel super sceptical about this! Have you ordered from them before? I’d be so sad if they were, indeed, fake and they were able to just pass it off as real, even though they are stating they are. :(

    • Anna says:

      Dealticker is a reputable daily deal site, they’re stating that these are real, so nothing more we can do on this end to verify that. Some moosers have ordered some, so we’d love to hear about your sunglasses when you get them.

      Here’s something I just spotted:
      “Unfortunately the Markings on the sunglasses are very easily copied by the counterfiters’ so it is not always possible to tell. The markings on the fake sunglasses do come off very easily. The ray-ban Brand have “Ray-Ban” written in white on the right lens ( Polarized versions have “Ray-Ban P “ ) on the Left lens they have “RB” Engraved. This left lens engraving is the hardest to copy.”
      Might differ between models though. Do some googling!
      Let us know how you get on!

  2. sodarnsweet says:

    I ordered a pair of these sunglasses. What a great price! I hope that you get your referral credit. I used the link you put in. It would a shame if you didn’t. Great work.

  3. Avigayil says:

    I have also ordered a pair (and have had Ray-Bans before). I am certainly looking forward to this deal and though I don’t know e-accessories so am a bit skeptical too, so far DealTicker has a great reputation so I am going on their reputation.

  4. maggie says:

    Not being an authorized reseller skeeves me out. Did they fall off the back of a truck?? :/

  5. kkk says: did any of you got your glasses yet?
    did this deal turn out to be legit?

    • Avigayil says:

      It is a 6-8 week delivery time, so not yet. :)

      • kkk says:

        Oh, I see.
        But I bought the rayban sunglass voucher already.
        So I was trying to redeem the voucher code at great buy online store today, but it says my coupon code is invalid…howcome? or is the product already on the way of delivery when I buy the voucher that I don’t have to redeem it again at that website?
        (its already been 48 hours since the deal ended)

        Sorry it’s my first time using dealticker, im a little confused :(

  6. taz says:

    I received mine today and they are really fake. no effort done to make them look authentic either

  7. Ana says:

    Both Dealticker and that stupid e-accesories crap will go down! I received my Ray Ban today and boy,even from a far u could tell they’re FAKE! I am sending an email on both companies because this is indeed fraud, claiming that they’re authentic but in fact not.

    • KKK says:

      Wow damn…i haven’t received mine, but seeing this already made me feel like ****. For those of you who sent emails to dealticker, please let us know what they reply! I will send one to myself.

      • Ana says:

        I’ve called Dealticker and all they said was to just send them an email regarding what happened. I also emailed the stupid guy. Let’s see what happens. I will keep you posted

  8. Ana says:

    I emailed e-accessories too and they replied right away. They said they will refund my money and that i dont need to return the item back to them. Who wants a fake ray ban for free?

    • KKK says:

      thanks for telling us Ana..did they specifically mention how they will refund us? but still..i think they deserve a punishment instead of just refunding us lol

    • Pete says:

      Hello Ana, can you please tell me where is the contact info for the e-accessories thing? From what I remember, this deal of ray-ban direct us to a website call “” instead of the e-accessories one…where do you find about e-accessories? im a bit confused.


    • Jesyka says:

      omgsh thanks Ana. can you tell us the email address as well? i’m so frustrated i feel like dealticker should also be responsible for this as well. such a SCAM.

    • Billy says:

      What did u say to make them give u a refund? And do they say how and when they will?

  9. Bruno says:

    Has anyone heard back from Dealticker yet?

  10. Sara D'Elia says:

    This is a scam and it will affect Dealticker’s business because I will NEVER buy anything from them again. They didn’t even acknowledge my concerns.

  11. Allison says:

    I just got mine (finally!) and wow I feel totally ripped off. The second I opened it I could tell they were fake. I sent an email to eaccessories now I’ll be sending me email to dealticker.

    Can anyone else thats done this keep us all updated do that we can take the proper steps to get our money back? Thanks.

  12. Derek W says:

    We can start here, with the BBB:

    Also, time to go after whomever owns E-Accessories. They’ll be down before long, but I want to know the scammers who are behind this, so we can make sure they get the message loud and clear that scams don’t pay off.

  13. fsc says:

    Here is the email for e-accessories I could find

    I have already emailed Dealticker as well. First time using that site and NEVER again!! These glasses are so completely fake, how they thought nobody would know baffles me. Why would I ever spend $50 for a cheap fake pair when for a little bit more I could get originals. I will let you know if I hear anything back about this.

  14. Caroline says:

    how do I submit an attachment? I sent an attachment with their FAKE Ray Bans compared to a real pair that I have to show the differences…Not that you need to look for differences, the fact that my lenses are made of PLASTIC and are so cheap looking is a dead give away. Someone said it above – they didn’t even bother to make them look authentic. What a RIP OFF. I was skeptical as well, but I thought since Costco has them for under $100 (and no doubt Costco’s are real) then maybe the deal is true….half price off….was I ever wrong!!! If anyone can tell me how to post an attachment I can show you the differences from the Dealticker ones and my real ones…..

  15. J says:

    Emailed e-accessories demanding a refund. They responded promptly and cc-ed dealticker. Dealticker responded in a day or 2 and said my refund (less shipping cost) will be processed in a week or so.

  16. fsc says:

    Just an update for everyone, I have received a response from both Dealticker and E-accessories. I am getting a full refund and do not have to return the glasses. Dealticker makes the refund so contacting them is probably best.

  17. Cher says:

    I actually purchased both the RayBan wayfarer and the aviators from Dealticker and received both today. Both are extremely fake and do not come close to being real!!! What was worse is the 6 weeks of waiting for it only to have received sunglasses that looked more fake than the $2 bootlegs from China town! I have contacted deal ticker and will be receiving a credit back (not the $10 shipping) for the aviator. Just waiting to here back regarding the wayfarers. I will definitely not buy from Dealticker again!!!!

  18. Tali says:

    This is a very shady site, every time you post a question regarding any product for sale that they think might affect their sales they delete it or even block your IP address from going into their site, what a scam, people should have the right to express their opinions and share with other buyers. I asked a simple question about the size of some earrings for sale, it took them 5 days to answer the question and when I complained about the delay before the answer was given they kept deleting my comments. All I know is that I will never buy from them again, if they can’t handle a very simple question them why do they even have a forum, just very annoyed about the whole thing, also, many products are not legit or as described from what i have been reading around. What poor customer service and total disregard for the consumer. Shame on you dealticker. Company’s should not give their business to this site, there are many other sites that handle questions and consumer concerns without deleting them, how ignorant and total unacceptable way to handle a business, any consumer should be treated with respect, the word spreads dealticker and people will realize what a bad shady and SCAM of a company you are.

  19. Syn says:

    I just received mine. I was foolish enough to buy 2 pairs. 1 for me and 1 for my friends birthday. The fake plastic smell makes me want to puke. I am soo disappointed. I’ve just emailed both companies, I really really hope they refund my money. $100 (inc. the shipping) is no small change. Why lie? Why not say they’re fakes?? Gutted.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Got mine today. Did anyone take note of the packaging? There most certainly is a phone number on there which is – 289-400-5855 .

    Tried calling it today, of course the cell phone was off.

    These aren’t even “AAA” fake sunglasses, the arms are full plastic (no trust bar) I got attacked by the smell of industrial plastic when I took them out of their non UPC marked box. The least they did right was mark the booklet as Luxxotica rather than Bausch & Lomb, which some other fakers have not caught onto, yet.

    I had no problem asking for a refund, I told them I’m not filling anything out and that it’s fraud to make false claims of authenticity. Done deal, will be getting my refund within a week or two. Let’s see how “authentic” the Toms shoes will be once I get those (same company).

    As for the aviators they sold, out of the three choices (silver, gold, black maybe) one of the choices was authentic merchandise. The other two were replications (silver, gold) sold by greatbuyonline.

    I suggest calling them and mentioning the words “illegal and fraud” and you will get a refund. They’re (dealticker) issuing them and they are obviously well aware that there will be thousands of them.

    I hope this helps!

  21. Syed says:

    I received mine today. The moment i saw the box, i knew they are fake. Cheap finishing. I have sent an email to e-accessories and dealticker for refund. Will never buy again from this website.

  22. Andrea says:

    I just received my “Ray Ban” aviators today. They are fake. I emailed DealTicker support. Let’s see what happens…

  23. Jenn says:

    Received mine today. Clearly fake. Sent 3 emails to them demanding a refund and sent a complaint through Better Business Bureau. I suggest anyone who bought them to do the same.
    Absolutely fraudulent.

  24. Jenn says:

    just heard back from them. refund is coming in 3 weeks.

  25. Unhappy Customer says:

    Just email Dealticker and they’ll reply immediately. The estimated time process the refund is about 3 weeks.

  26. Lindsay says:

    oh boy! i should have known this was too good to be true. unfortunately i’ve come across this site too late. already bought a pair of “toms”

  27. Meg says:

    Oh man, I hope the “TOMS” shoes are authentic, I just ordered them last night, I’m getting worried now.

  28. Bruno says:

    My refund appeared on my credit card statement today (a $49 credit). I guess they did refund the shipping fee as well.

  29. Gail says:

    The Tom’s are fake – they send the wrong size, the elastic on each shoe is a different color, there are typos on the text on the soles….really low, ripping off a charitable organization! They won’t refund unless you send them back at your own expense, even though they sent the wrong size. Even then, who knows if they will refund the money. I have never dealt with such an unethical bunch of money-grubbers……….

  30. Robin Yu says:

    I personally had a great experience with Deal Ticker. I purchased something for Valentines day and even though I made the purchase late, they made sure to send it to me before the event. Great customer service and a great way to gain my trust. Will definitely purchase again!!

  31. J says:

    • I bought a coupon from Dealticker for a spa package with TWC image spa. TWC cannot provide me with any appointments for months and TWC asked me to contact Dealticker for a refund. I have contacted Dealticker and they refused to provide me with a refund. I have been very patient and followed DealTicker’s advice, to wait for TWC image hair spa to contact me to schedule an appointment. However, this has not happened. Essentially I have paid for a $35 non-service, having received absolutely nothing in return. I have not received a satisfactory response after multiple emails. It has been months. Dealticker finally confirmed with me today that they will not provide any refund even when TWC cannot provide me any service/good. Don’t ever buy from Dealticker!!

    • Anna Waters says:

      Hi J – I have a contact at Dealticker and I will drop them a line on your behalf to see if we can get anything resolved.

    • Lara says:

      I had the very same experience. Bought a deal here and those guys never gave an appointment for massage. And Deal ticker refused to process the refund either. Was ripped off.

  32. Lara says:

    Mine was no different from the experience others have mentioned. These guys are a bunch of crooks and have no real product. They list a product which never exists, then says it’d ship in 6 weeks after deal closes. They close the deal in 6 weeks saying its the last day of the deal. So, they keep your money for over 12 week and then you ask for a refund, they’d say that they would process the refund in 6-10 weeks. All they do is collect money and earn interest from it for 4 months and process the refund. What kind of business model is this? Its kind of stealing money and not having any real deals or products. These guys should be made to shut down this unethical business.

  33. Cliff says:

    Ordered the RayBan Aviators in July. Its December now and still no glasses! Tried contacting DealTicker through email and at their support number. No one answers at the support number and they do not reply to emails. This is a SCAM company and should be prosecuted for fraud and theft!

  34. Steve says:

    BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE – DEALTICKER IS A RIP OFF – Ordered wireless mouse for my son for Christmas. Decided did not need and sent email to them Dec 11, 2013, They sent email back asking what option I wanted and I picked full money refund on Dec 13. Was told would take up to 4 weeks for my refund. Since then have sent many emails and called them, of course for such a shady business, you don’t get responses. It is now March 6th, 2014, yes almost 3 months since I asked for a refund. Strange that when I ordered the item it took about 3 minutes to show up on pending charges on my VISA but when I ask for a refund…well you know … what a joke.
    I have put a complaint in with the BBB. I invite everyone else who has trouble with Dealticker to do the same. Check out the BBB website on the number of complaints they have. Maybe if several hundred more complaints come in, the BBB will finally do something about them.
    The only good part, they only managed to rip me off for $12. Never never ever again will I deal with this useless company.

  35. Steve says:

    If you want your money back – I only have 2 words to say to you – GOOD LUCK.

    • Mei says:

      I had to deal with them too in December. Told the person they should be shamed of themselves for ripping people off of their hard earned dollars. Filed a dispute with BBB AND with PayPal. I elevated it to a higher dispute with Paypal and got my refund from Dealticker within a day. They know they are scamming people. Steve, try to go through your credit card. You can always ask them even if it is past the 30 days. You need to sign and fax it back to them (Visa). Hope that helps!

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