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Clearly Contacts Canada Coupon Code: 1st Pair Of Glasses Free

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Clearly Contacts Canada Coupon Code: 1st Pair Of Glasses Free

Clearly Contacts Canada is offering your first pair of glasses from the company for free with the following coupon code.

Click here to shop glasses @ Clearly Contacts now

  • Coupon Code: FPF
  • Discount: free glasses
  • Expiry: Unknown

I read an article recently that said that the Canadian company Coastal (which owns Clearly Contacts) was the top internet retailer for glasses. I thought that was pretty cool that a Canadian company had cornered the glasses market like that.

You can choose from around 402 frames for your free glasses. You choose your first time free frames here, and then from there input your prescription. I have never ordered from Coastal before, and am looking forward to using the coupon for a new pair of glasses for my husband. We have glasses from Warby Parker which we are really happy with, but they don’t do transitional lenses where as Coastal Canada does. Though the transitional lens feature may be an extra cost not included in the coupon, the coupon will at least take care of most of the cost of new glasses. These Ltede 1040 Tortoise which are regularly $79 are first on my list.

Shipping is $9.95 and I believe you still need to pay shipping and for any non-standard upgrades to your glasses (like transitions).

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4 Comments to “Clearly Contacts Canada Coupon Code: 1st Pair Of Glasses Free”

  1. Maggie says:

    Tried this offer and was very pleased. Best fitting set of glasses I’ve ever had. Very good quality.

  2. We just ordered my husband a pair of transitions (so they cost more). He still got $89 off the price of his order which was sweet. :-)

  3. Arlinda Wu says:

    Very happy with the service. I order my first pair of glasses and when it arrive the glasses was fit too small
    And call the customer service regards to this and Chris from customer service had provide me with a great help to do a exchange on the item. Very very happy with the service and highly recommend Clearly to all of my friends and family.

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