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December 20

5 Ways to Save Money on your next Electronics Purchase

Posted by on December 20, 2014 at 8:00 PM

5 Ways to Save Money on your next Electronics Purchase

I remember when flat screen televisions used to cost $2000 to $3000 for the latest LED technology or plasma technology.  Nowadays you can get a flat screen television for well under $1000.  Technology and electronic gadgets have a very unique characteristic about them that is unlike any other thing that you can buy… newer, smaller, faster, more updated versions keep on coming out to the public.  Some even more frequently than yearly (such as the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6).  Remember the first iPod?  Then the iPod touch? Now the Apple watch?  Sometimes it is hard to keep track of it all.  One thing is for sure though, electronics are not cheap.  Especially the “first” for something, these products are is never easy on the wallet.

Whether it is new electronics or older technology electronics, here are five ways that you can save money on your next electronics purchase so that you have more money for the important things in life!

Take Advantage of Discounts

The Apple Store gives you an education discount if you go to a school that is on their list or are a parent of a student or a teacher etc… You even get the discount if you are enrolled in school but have not started school yet.  Head to The Apple Store for more details and to see if your school is on the list.

 Sell Your Old Stuff

Consumer Reports recommends that you sell your old device first (or at least make sure you can sell it) because over time it will depreciate even more.  Oftentimes you will be able to get some good money out of your old device.  A lot of people want to use it for parts even if it’s too slow for you or not working properly.  For example, my 2009 Apple Macbook Pro could probably still fetch $300 or more (which will give you a nice “discount” on your new Macbook Pro purchase, which will likely cost over $1100).  You can easily sell it on Craigslist, or even trade it on for a gift card (though you would have to ship it from the United States and that can be tricky with customs).

Don’t Snub Refurbished

I am a pretty big fan of refurbished goods.  What are refurbished goods?  Refurbished electronics are electronics that have been returned to the manufacturer and restored to a like-new or almost-new condition and resold.  Often the discounts from a new product can be 30% or more off.  For example, I got a laser fax/scanner/printer many years ago that was refurbished.  I’ll admit, I was a little wary at first but was very happy with the steep discount of 40% off what it would normally cost.  Also, usually refurbished products have the same warranty as the new products, so there we go, peace of mind!  The printer is still working amazing and I am still very happy with it. suggests that refurbished electronics can save you a lot of money in the short run.  It’s also good for the environment because you’re taking it away from where it would normally go, the garbage.

Time Your Purchase

If you time your electronics purchase throughout the year you might be able to save a bit more money.  According to Lifehacker, there is a perfect sweet spot time to buy anything.  Electronics, televisions, and computers etc., are best bought in November and December, which does not surprise me with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day deals in full effect during these two months.

Ask to Price Match

One great thing about Canadian retailers is that electronics stores are pretty liberal about price matching.  Check out Hippowises’ easy-to-read table and easy-to-use guide on how to price match in Canada.  It tells you each electronics retailer information and how much their Price Match Guarantee is.  For example, Best Buy and Future Shop are on the list, so is Memory Express, Staples, and NCIX to name a few.  Most companies will match the price and also beat it by about 10% or even better.  It all varies according to what was advertised and which store is being pitted against which store.

Bargainmoosers, how do you like to save money on your electronics purchase?

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December 18

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Unsure as to what to get someone on your Christmas list? Then impress your loved one(s) by making one of the following last minute Christmas gift idea. Best part of all is that these are all very frugal ideas and are guaranteed to cost less than if you were to buy them already made. Plus, it’s just that much more special if you make your gift yourself.

1. Candy Cane Hand Scrub

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Here’s an idea from Cutepolish that I actually plan on doing myself. It’s super quick, easy and looks like it could be very effective. Simply combine sugar, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil in a mason jar or container, mix and that’s it, you have a candy cane hand scrub. I plan on making mine in mason jar mugs, so that my friends can then re-use it for a drink.

2. Irish Cream Liquor

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you spending Christmas at someone else’s house? Then you can’t show up empty-handed! Make your own Irish cream liquor instead with the help of A Farm Girl In The Making‘s recipe. We all know how pricey good quality liquors can be, so the best way to save money is to mix your own drinks. For this recipe, you’re going to need Irish whisky, heavy cream, fat free sweetened condensed milk, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, vanilla extract and cold coffee.

3. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I love love love this idea! Although you could just walk into a store and buy a pre-packaged gift basket with different hot chocolate packets, it’s so much better if you make your own. To make it even more unique, follow Bubbly Nature Creations‘ instructions to place the hot chocolate mix into clear plastic fillable ornaments. If you really want to make your gift standout, then you could also paint the ornaments. For any of you with babies or kids, this is a great opportunity to make hand-print ornaments as well! 6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

4. Mason Jar Candle

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you ever received or given candles as a gift? Then can easily be tacky but not if you make your own! Something Turquoise has a very easy-to-follow guide on how to make your own mason jar candles that anyone is sure to appreciate receiving as a gift, especially if you also personalize the jar.

5. Beeswax Lip Balm

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Know someone who loves Burt’s Bees or better yet, love natural products altogether? Then make them lip balm from beeswax that is very similar to the Burt’s Bees one. Broke & Healthy has a very clear guide on how to make your own with loads of explanations and helpful pictures.

6. Bath Bombs

6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re really stumped as to what to get someone for Christmas, it can be extremely tempting to walk into one of those heavily scented stores at the mall like Lush or The Body Shop Canada to get a skincare gift set but considering these gifts are more often misses than hits, make your own to avoid any mishaps. As you can see by Maria’s Self recipe, bath bombs are actually super easy and quick to make. Just make sure that the giftee enjoys taking bats first. 6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Image Credit: Karen Jackson

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December 17

Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

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Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

With Christmas around the corner, many people are taking their Christmas trees out of storage and getting them ready to be the centre of attention for the next few weeks.  Even more people are probably going to their nearest Christmas tree lot to look for the freshest and nicest tree… ready to shell out $100 for that fresh scent and authentic tree experience.

However, if you’re like me and you live in an apartment (where many by-laws do not allow you to have a fresh/ real tree in your apartment because of fire risk) then you may want to think about alternatives that can be good for the environment (and plastic Christmas trees tend not to be the best for the environment) and also good for your wallet.

Admittedly these ideas are probably more practical if you don’t have young children in the home, but they are still great ideas!

Here are a few ideas to save you money on your Christmas tree this year, especially if you’re open to thinking about an alternative Christmas tree:

DIY White Christmas Tree

Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

For the ultimate frugal Christmas tree, why not make it out of paper?  Popsugar has a great Do It Yourself article on how to make a Christmas tree entirely out of paper.  Extra props if you use recycled paper or paper you are planning to recycle anyways to make your tree.  I love how modern and minimalist it looks!

Tomato Cage Tree

Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

From Buzzfeed I love how this looks so amazing and is yet so simple.  Just grab a tomato cage and some lights and wrap it around and around and you are ready to make a beautiful tomato cage tree (it will be the centre of attention and discussion at your next party, I’m sure–“How’d you make that?”)

Christmas Card Tree

Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

Don’t know what to do with all the Christmas cards that you get?  Instead of placing them on the mantle or hanging them on a string across the room like everyone else does, why don’t you try making it into a Christmas card tree?  Simple and elegant and a great reminder of all the loved ones you have.  Home Life suggests that you use blue tack to stick them on your walls, that way you can re-arrange your ‘tree’ as you get more cards.  Also you probably don’t want to damage your walls which might be the case if you use regular tape of course!

Get a Potted Christmas Tree

Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

There are over a few hundred million trees cut every year just for Christmas.  The best alternative to buying a new tree (and throwing it away) is to buy a live, potted tree where after you use it, you can plant it into the ground (or have someone plant it for you) so that it is still alive for the next few years where you can dig it up and repot it again in your living room.  A small potted Christmas tree can look great in your living room, especially if you raise the bottom part of the tree, so that the tree looks bigger than it actually is.

Personally I would get an even smaller potted tree, but they are difficult to care for (e.g., they don’t last well indoors).  One option is to go with a tree rental service where they drop off your live tree and pick it up and replant it for you.  However, this option probably isn’t very economical, but it is good for the environment!

Go for a Cardboard Tree

Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

Instead of a paper tree you can get an even easier tree where you just need cardboard and scissors.  The Style at Home blog suggests getting a cardboard tree.  Literally thinking outside the (cardboard) box.  You can make a small one for your table or a larger one for the floor. Perfect for small spaces and great if you have pets (pets love tinsel, baubles, and can break your ornaments unfortunately), all you would need to do is fold it up when the holidays are over.  Although the company that made these cardboard trees doesn’t seem to be in business anymore, I don’t see why anyone couldn’t make this themselves.

Bargainmoosers, have you ever used an “alternative” tree?  If not, do you usually have a “real” tree or a fake one?

Photo credit: Stephen Woods

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December 16

Santa, I Know Him! Shipping Deadlines For Christmas Shopping Online in Canada

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Santa, I Know Him! Shipping Deadlines For Christmas Shopping Online in Canada

“Hark! How the bells… sweet silver bells… all seem to say… throw cares away.” Christmas is coming like a freight train. If you have not purchased all of the gifts you want before the holidays, now is the time to finish your list. If you do not like battling the crowds in the stores close to the holidays, knowing these shipping deadlines is important to make sure you have everything you want by Christmas. The longer you wait, the more you will pay in shipping costs.

 Items Will Arrive Before December 25th – Standard Shipping  Still Applies

Please note additional deadlines for Express or Next Day are included if available

  • Dell (December 16th) Dell has standard 3-5 day business shipping. If you order by December 16th it will get there by Christmas.  For two day shipping in time for Christmas you can order by December 21st. To get an item next day in time for Christmas you have until December 22nd at 12 noon to order!
  • (December 16th-December 17th) Dates vary widely by region for this retailer. If you want an item from Home Depot online by Christmas check the link closely and act fast!
  • Hudsons Bay (December 16th-December 22nd) Hudson’s Bay is offering standard shipping up until the last possible moment. Deadlines to order an item are dependent on your region. Express shipping and next day delivery for most locations is available up until December 23rd. Free pickup in store deadlines vary from December 19th to December 22nd.
  • (December 17th) Most items ship in time for Christmas if you order by December 17th and free standard ground shipping will still apply. Express 2-day shipping orders must be ordered by December 19th.  Rush one day shipping on orders must be ordered by December 21st.
  • Amazon (December 18th) Amazon has regular delivery offered by Christmas if you order on or before December 18th (December 16th if you’re in a rural area!). Two day shipping is available up through December 22nd. One day shipping if you order before December 23rd by noon is available. Same day shipping is available on December 24th if you order before noon.  Amazon is a shipping champion!
  • (December 18th) All items that have an expected shipping date of 1 business day will arrive in time for Christmas if you order by December 18th. If your item says 2 or more business days however, Staples says you need to allow extra time. I would not count on an item marked 2 or more business days arriving in time for Christmas.
  • The Source (December 19th-December 22nd) The Source has standard shipping deadlines starting on December 19th – December 22nd depending on your location. Express shipping is available and the deadline varies between December 21st and December 22nd based on location. A few select areas have a December 23rd deadlines by noon for express shipping orders. You can also pick up your order at will call centres in store up until December 24th, but you must have the order placed by 8:00am on December 24th. Will call centres are open until 3pm on December 24th. You can also pick up at will call centres on December 26th.
  • (December 19th) While free shipping isn’t available for Newegg, you can still get 3 day shipping in time for Christmas if you order before December 19th. Two day shipping is available if you order by December 22nd. One day shipping is also available if you order by December 23rd.
  • Old Navy (December 21st at noon) Old Navy will allow you to place your order up until December 21st at noon to receive standard shipping delivery in time for Christmas. Rural areas had until December 15th at 2pm to order in time for Christmas. Old Navy will also offer free standard shipping on orders over $50 through December 21st. 2 day shipping deadline for delivery by Christmas is December 22nd by 2pm. One day shipping for delivery by Christmas is December 23rd by 2pm.
  • Future Shop (Estimated December 21 for GTA but varies) Future Shop is making it as easy as possible on us to shop. On their site is a little tool that tells you exactly how many days you have left to order. For Toronto you have a generous 7 days left to order, but for other locations it varies. Free standard shipping for all orders over $25! Click on the link and see how many days you have left to order.
  • Best Buy (Estimated December 21 for GTA but varies) Sister company to Future Shop, Best Buy is also making it as easy as possible on us to shop. On their site is a little tool that tells you exactly how many days you have left to order. For Toronto you have a generous 7 days left to order, but for other locations it varies. Free standard shipping for orders over $25! Click on the link and see how many days you have left to order.

Items Will Arrive Before December 25th With Express Shipping or Ship to Store Only

  • (December 16th or December 17th) The deadline to order from Sears varies based on your location, so make sure you double-check the link. Most locations have a Christmas deadline of either December 16 or December 17 to have an item shipped to store in time for Christmas, and shipping to store is free. To ship to your home some items will ship in time, others will not and there is a lot of variation across items. Check carefully as you checkout.
  • SportChek  (December 19th) Order by December 19th via express shipping and you’ll have your present in time for Christmas morning. The regular shipping deadline has now passed, so free shipping will no longer apply to get it in time for Christmas.
  • Chapters Indigo (December 23rd) Chapters Indigo will let you pay premium shipping to get an item in time for the holiday up until December 18th. If you are in the GTA only you can have it shipped to your home free with basic shipping if you order by December 18th. Chapters Indigo also offers a next day shipping that will be expensive depending on the order, but you can order up until December 23 and still get your present to most major urban areas.

Shipping In Time For Christmas Is Based On The Item You Order and Your Location

  • Walmart (dates vary by item) Free shipping at Walmart has now passed if you want your order by Christmas. Walmart will let you express ship items more quickly, but they cannot guarantee all items. Each item will give you an estimated shipping date, so it makes it harder to even approximate. Shipping is also free to Canada Post or other “Grab and Go” locations, which vary by region. Overall some great deals here but they will not guarantee you will get all your items by Christmas unless stated when you add it to your cart. Walmart tends to be quick with their shipping, so it may still make it in time for the big day.
  • Canadian Tire (dates vary by item and location) Canadian Tire really wants to get you into their store. Many of the items for sale are available only in store. Canadian Tire is encouraging participation in their pay and pick up in store program. If you want to purchase an item from Canadian Tire, you will have to check your specific item and location on their website. You may also want to consider visiting their stores if it is something you need.
  • The Brick (dates vary by item and location) The Brick’s shipping and delivery is all based on stores and warehouses that are close to you. For this retailer you will have to check the specific item you are looking for and shipping will depend on the location you live in.
  • (varies but estimated December 16th) Costco items all vary based on the item you choose and the location you’re in. Most items seem to estimate 3-7 business day delivery, but the amount of time can vary. You will need to add an item to your cart to find out if it will make it to you house in time for Santa’s deadline.
  • (varies but estimated December 16th) is continuing to use their standard business practice of shipping within 3-7 business days for the holiday season. That makes it harder for us who are ordering close to the Christmas deadline. 3-7 days is a big date range for Santa. Each item should tell you how long it would take to ship, but to guarantee an item by Christmas my estimate is you need to order by December 16th.
  • Toys R Us (estimated December 19th) Toys R US shipping policies say most of their items ship from the warehouse in 2-4 business days, but shipping varies per item. If I was ordering and I had to have something from Toys R Us for Christmas, I would go in the store to guarantee I had it or buy somewhere else.

That’s a lot of shopping Moosers! Where are you doing your last minute shopping online?

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December 13

DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments!

Posted by on December 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM

DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments!

I’m a fan of Pinterest; the site that can make you both horribly excited about crafting and feel horribly inadequate at the same time when your projects FAIL. As I write this blog post, I’ve got some cakes in the oven in an attempt to make a rainbow cake, which has been splattered all over Pinterest for the last while.

While searching for some Christmas crafts, I spotted these DIY Frozen ornaments made by Nancy over on TwoSistersCrafting. She was on a mission to find some Frozen baubles at the store, but couldn’t find any. Nancy made her own from various empty baubles and craft supplies. They look really fabulous, as you can see in the pictures above and below.

Frozen is all the rage at the moment, it’s so popular! Just in case you missed it yesterday, I posted about this Disney Frozen MagiClip Flip ‘N Switch Castle and Anna Doll for $16 on The toy is still available, if you want to wrap it and put it under your Christmas Tree which is decorated in home-made Frozen baubles!

DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments!

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December 11

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

Posted by on December 11, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

It’s not the most frugal method but if you have ever bought ornaments before Christmas, then you will know that the best ones can be pretty pricey. Save yourself some money and create your very own ornaments with these six DIY ideas! They’re super easy and I guarantee that you will want to make extra to give out to friends and family.

1. Thumbprint Ornament

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

I’m not much of a painter but I’m confident that even I could make these red nose reindeer ones from Little Bit Funky. All you need are a couple of white or blue ornaments, paint and a fine paint brush. Simply dip your fingers into brown paint, then use a paint brush to draw on the antlers, eyes and a red nose. Arguably, this one could also be called a moose fingerprint ornament, but if you do, make sure to snap a picture and send it to us! 6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

2. Fingerprint Christmas Light Ornament

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

Thumbprint ornmants seem so easy, that I decided to include this Christmas lights one from The Happier Homemaker. Same concept as the reindeer one but you need to instead use differently coloured paint to dab on lights. Once you’re down, string them all together with some black paint! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

3. Filled and Painted Ornaments

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

Little Gray Fox has come up with a brilliant idea for creating beautiful ornaments and even better is that this is perhaps the easiest idea of the bunch! All you need to do is pour a bit of paint into a clear glass ornaments, swirl it around and voila, you’re done! Sure, you can buy coloured ornaments but where’s the fun in that? Plus, searching for a particular colour can be a hassles, so it’s much easier to just select the exact colour that you want! You can also go a step further by pouring sprinkles into the ornament or whatever other ideas you may have. Once you’re down, simply seal off the top with hot glue.

4. Handprint Ornament

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

Here’s a wonderful oranment idea from You’re So Martha that I will be utilizing myself. Create your very own hand print or footprint moulded ornaments and the best part is that you probably already have all of the needed ingredients, which are flour, salt and water. You read that right: just three ingredients! These could also be painted however you see fit.

5. Newspaper Strip Ornament

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

Got a couple of old books or newspapers lying around that you will never read again? Then here’s another idea to go with the 7 Ways to Upcycle Books that I wrote about recently. Just in time for Christmas, you can use strips of newspaper or pages from a book to make a unique looking ornament. Instructions are available at Craft and Creativity but once you hop over to their site, keep in mind that English instructions are available underneath the Swedish ones.

6. Beaded Candy Cane

6 Easy DIY Ornament Ideas

Not a fan of painting? No worries, grab yourself a couple of chenille pipe cleaners along with red and white pony beads and make yourself some beaded candy canes a la Fountain Avenue Kitchen‘s brilliant idea. Plus, you can either use these as ornaments or you could even place them strategically around the house if you’re in the mass production mood.

(Image Credit: Damien Weidner)

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December 9

Accounts and Apps that Will Save You Money if You Like to Travel

Posted by on December 9, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Accounts and Apps that Will Save You Money if You Like to Travel

I’m a huge fan of travel, especially international travel.  Over the years and almost 40 countries that I have visited, there have been a few accounts and apps that have been helpful for me when I plan my travel and also during the actual travel itself.  Here are five apps and accounts that may be of interest to you for your next vacation abroad.

Tangerine Chequing Account

I recently signed up for the Tangerine Chequing Account (I already have savings accounts with Tangerine, which used to be known as ING Direct) solely because Tangerine waives International ABM Access Fee (which can usually be upwards of $5 per transaction from your usual bank, in addition to the $3-5 that the International ATM charges you).  The International ABM Access fee is waived except for in Colombia and Panama.

The great thing is that the interest rate is better than any big bank chequing account too, 0.25% as of writing this post.  For current rates, check out Tangerine’s website here.

On a recent trip I tested it out (made a few purchases on an ATM internationally in the Netherlands and Denmark) and checked my Tangerine account when I got back.  Low and behold, the only transactions I saw was the conversion rate, thankfully there were no extra fees charged from Tangerine.

If you are interested, Tangerine often has great cashback discounts for opening an account.

Amazon and Mariott Rewards Visa Credit Card

This is a popular travel credit card, however, I do not own it myself.  The foreign transaction fee is preset by Visa and Mastercard, at 2.5% of your purchase.  With the Mariott Rewards Premier Visa Credit Card, you can stop worrying about the foreign transaction fees that your typical credit card will charge you (which are usually hidden and you won’t be able to see it directly on your credit card bill).  Same goes for the Visa credit card in Canada.  These are both from the bank, Chase.

Check out The Toronto Star’s article on credit cards to save you foreign transaction fees for more information.

Pay Back App

The Pay Back App if one of my favourite apps and probably the app that I have had the longest, pertaining to travel.  I have used it when traveling with friends and they are a big fan of it too.  No more ambiguity when it comes to who owes who for what.  No more complicated charts and records.  With the Pay Back App, you can record multiple trips and use different currencies (as long as you double check with the current conversions to make sure they are accurate).  All you do is input the friends involved in the trip, input the expenses (and to make sure you click on who paid for the expense and who is involved in sharing the expense), and at the end of the trip, click “PayBack!” and you have a summary of who owes what, which can be emailed as well.

XE Currency App

I have had the XE Currency App for years.  It uses live and mid-market rates (but you need access to the Internet, though it can save the exchange rate if you leave the wifi area) and you can add the currencies you want to compare.

You can download the XE Currency App here, the cost is free!  It is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Firefox OS devices.  Although the currency exchanger that you use or the credit card rate that is charged will be different than the lives rates that you obtain from the XE Currency App, you will at least know how much it should be…roughly.

Google Translate

According to LifeHacker, one of the best apps to get if you travel abroad often is either Google Translate or iStone Travel Translation.  For Google Translate, you can either type your phrase or say it to Siri.  Google Translate has the capability to translate 58 languages in text or 23 languages by voice.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!

There you have it, there are some tricks from the trade on how to save money if you travel abroad often.  I hope these will be of utility for you on your next adventure!

Bargainmoosers, do you have any tried and true tips and tricks to save money while traveling abroad?

Image credit: Peter Rowley

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December 4

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

Posted by on December 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la, la la la la… and what better way to get jolly than by decorating your home for the holidays? Whether you have already started or are still looking for ideas, below you will find a list of 7 inexpensive ways to decorate your home without spending a fortune.

1. Joy Wall Hanging

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

Greet the mailman who will be ringing your doorbell every day with parcels this month from all of your online shopping (or the guests you invite) with some joy with this super easy craft from 20 North Ora. All you need is some felt, decorative pieces and glue to make your very own joy wall hanging. The best part about it is that it can be hung virtually anywhere!

2. Ornament Wreath

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

If you want a truly unique wreath for your front door, then Beautiful Life Made Easy has you covered. This ornament wreath may look complicated but it’s actually super easy to make. All you need is a metal coat hanger, a bunch of ornaments, some ribbon and glue. This is a particularly great project for anyone who has scored loads of cheap ornaments after Christmas in the previous years.

3. Iced Branches

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

Love winter so much that you wish your home could look icy cool without feeling cold? Then make your very own iced branches with the help of instructions from Make Them Wonder . Take a stroll outside to grab some branches from your nearest park and then use tacky glue to adorn them with Colorfill diamonds. Once your branches are ready, you can place them in a vase anywhere in your home! Alternatively, you could also use glitter instead of diamonds.

4. Candle Holders

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

Store-bought candle holders are great and all but even better are those that you can make yourself like these ones from Pop Sugar. Although this Christmas decoration idea may be better suited for a chilly Sunday afternoon spent inside with a glass of hot cocoa or eggnog, it’s actually a rather easy one, despite appearing somewhat complicated. By turning wine glasses around, you can create your very own scenery with mini Christmas trees from the dollar store and sugar to create the snowy look. If you prefer to use a vase, then you can also make an ornament vase instead as per Haukmoon269‘s YouTube instructions.

5. Advent Calendar

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

Make your very own advent calendar with  By Stephanie Lynn‘ step-by-step guide. You can hang little chocolates on each number or simply use it as a decorative piece anywhere in your home. As Christmas draws nearer, you could even hang a different little ornament on each day.

6. Candy Cane Holder

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

Take inspiration from Living Well Spending Less and decorate your vases with candy canes. December is the month of poinsettias and if you have already bought a pot or two to decorate your home, then you can add a unique touch to those store-bought pots by decorating them with candy canes as well.

7. Snowman Fridge

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decoration Ideas

I love this idea from Crafting My Talents as it’s so easy and festive. For all those of you with a white fridge or maybe even white dishwasher, then you can quickly and easily turn it into a snowman! All you need is some construction paper and for the scarf, you can even use holiday wrapping paper.

Image Credit: James Gray-King

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November 22

Planning Out Your Christmas Shopping Plans

Posted by on November 22, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Planning Out Your Christmas Shopping Plans

It’s the second last Saturday of November, and the rumblings about the holiday season will be hard to avoid. Whether you’re hearing about it from co-workers, friends, family members, or your significant other, it’s no secret that Christmas is around the corner. At this time, I’m going to ask you a question that may either make you proudly and confidently say “yes”, or it just might add to the stress that these holidays can sometimes put on each of you. Without any further ado, here it is: Have you done all of your Christmas shopping?

If you haven’t, you don’t really need to be stressed out about it. After all, you’ve still got nearly 5 weeks to go before that fateful day on the 25th of December. Plus, you’ve got reputable websites like Bargainmoose that can always provide you with the latest deals and coupons for a huge variety of popular stores right here in Canada. The only problem that you’ll likely encounter is the nuisance of shopping in a crowded shopping mall, which doesn’t just occur on weekends during this time of the year! Parking your vehicle at a mall during this time of the year may also prove to be a difficult task, so there’s another reason why many people don’t look forward to doing their Christmas shopping too late – especially when you hit the month of December.

Once December hits, many people realize that Christmas is around the corner, so certain popular items, especially if they were just introduced recently, may be tough to find for its regular price. For example, last year the hot items to have were the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One systems, which were first introduced on November 15th, 2013 and November 22nd, 2013. It was a real challenge to find these anywhere before Christmas day – stock was flying off the shelves within minutes, and were selling for inflated prices on online auction sites like eBay.

In other words, if there’s something new and fresh that’s been introduced for this holiday season that’s on your Christmas list, don’t wait until the last minute to get it. If this gift is something that someone you care about really looks forward to getting, especially if they deserve to be rewarded with a great gift during the holiday season, you should try to at least get that before it becomes difficult to find it in-stock at your favourite retailers.

When you’re planning out your Christmas shopping plans, it helps to just slow down from that daily rat race that we call “life”, take a breather, and spend some time in your home office/computer room/bedroom to organize a brief list of what you need to get. Now this time of the year can get pretty expensive, and it can certainly lay a smack down on our bank accounts, so when you’re making your list, you should also take the time to do a little bit of research on the items that you plan to purchase for Christmas.

Doing an adequate amount of research on the products that you plan to buy is a great way to save some of your hard-earned cash during the holidays. I’ve included some of the ways that you can do this below:

  • First of all, find out the different retailers that will carry the products that you’re looking for. After doing this, check out their websites to see how the items that you want are priced, and look for the best deal.
  • You should also check out the coupons and sales that we have listed for these retailers right here on Bargainmoose. You can check out our coupons by clicking here.
  • When certain items appear to be priced for the same amount, refer to the coupons that we have listed here on Bargainmoose (click on the link above to check them out). You can sometimes find promo codes where you could save a certain percentage off of your purchase, or you can even “buy 1 get 1 free” for some particular items. Either way, at this time of the year, there’s always a way to find a sale, and we’re here to provide you with the cream of the crop! On a side note, I apologize for using that dated reference.
  • When you want to avoid the crowded atmosphere of a shopping mall, do your shopping online! Many popular retailers like WalMart, Future Shop, Toys R Us, HollisterBest Buy, and even Peoples Jewellers have great websites that allow you to do your shopping online, and some even provide you with access to some web-exclusive discounts, and you can get the soon-to-be gifts that you need shipped right to your door (or another location, if you want to hide the evidence from your family)!

How do you handle your Christmas shopping plans? Feel free to leave your comments below! I hope you all have a great night, my fellow deal hunters!

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November 21

5 Tips to Save Money on Christmas This Year

Posted by on November 21, 2014 at 8:00 PM

5 Tips to Save Money on Christmas This Year

As we all know, the holidays are expensive.  In 2012, according to an article by the Financial Post (and a survey conducted by Bank of Montreal), shoppers planned to spend an average of $674 in gifts during the holiday season and just shy of another $1000 for trips and travel during the holiday season.  People planned to spend an extra $100 compared to 2011.  For some reason Christmas spending inflation beat the average inflation for times outside of Christmas.

Here are some more ways to prevent overspending and to achieve holiday deflation instead of holiday inflation!

Make a List and Check it Twice

Just like Santa does, making a list and checking it twice is a great way to stay on budget.  You will be surprised how much everything adds up.  As mentioned in a post on how to save money on Christmas shopping, it is important to have a budget for each person so you know in general how much you plan to spend.  Try to make a goal to spend under the average amount the average Canadian spends on holiday gifts.

Use Discount Gift Cards

As mentioned in CBSnews, using discounted gift cards is a great idea to save money.  Buy your gift cards with your cash back credit card (make sure you are able to pay off your credit card bill at the end of the month though) through sites like or through to save anywhere from 1-2%, and then purchase the presents with these gift cards.

Don’t Buy Cards or Wrap

Personally I don’t buy Christmas or holiday cards every year and I have re-use my wrapping paper and gift bags to help my wallet and the environment!  Here is a great Bargainmoose post on how to save money on Christmas cards.  Here’s another great Bargainmoose post on how to save money on Christmas gift wrap.

If you are going to buy Christmas cards or holiday themed wrapping paper, buy them after Christmas is over for the following year.  That way you will get at least 50% off in savings.

Use your Points

A great point that Heather from Bargainmoose made is to use your Air Miles, Shoppers Drug Mart, or cash back credit card points for your Christmas purchases.  This is a great idea because then you know how much you have allotted for your Christmas shopping ahead of time.  It will make the “sting” of Christmas spending less painful because you know that this is money that is “bonus” and not something coming out of your actual pay cheque.    Of course, you likely won’t be able to get presents for all the people on your list with this method, but it will definitely help the holiday budget a little (or a lot), that’s for sure.

Give Homemade Gifts

For about five of my close girlfriends, we had agreed a few years earlier to give homemade gifts to each other.  We give the same present to each other (e.g., make a batch of the same homemade gift) and we actually look forward to ‘guessing’ what has been made for us.  This has worked out really well as otherwise I would be spending at least $150 extra per  year.  We keep the costs of the homemade gift on the low end.  In the past, I have made homemade Bailey’s, bath bombs, jewellery (earrings and bracelets).  My friends have made me an infinity scarf, a personalized mug, homemade hot chocolate mix… the list goes on!

I find that homemade gifts are a great way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas without the consumerism attached to modern Christmas.  The most important part of giving homemade gifts to your friends is to ensure that they are understand they will be giving home made gifts too!  The last thing you want is someone to feel ‘short changed’… not that they should, but you never know how people end up feeling.

We all usually get together on a small weekend getaway and give the gift at the same time.  The Lifehack article on 10 Ways to save money this year without losing the sparkle emphasizes that we should focus on the celebration of the holidays, and not the gifts.

Bargainmoosers, how do you save on Christmas shopping?

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November 20

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

Posted by on November 20, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

CDs are quickly becoming obsolete but if you have plenty of these lying around and you don’t anticipate ever using them again, then here are 6 ways to repurpose your old CDs into something more useful.

1. Mosaic Tile

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

If you have a bit of time on your hands, then definitely check out Me And My DIY‘s moisaic tile idea. In this clever DIY, a bird bath is upscaled with the use of old CDs broken into little pieces and the cracks are then filled with grout. However, you could just as easily use any old plate, platter or even vase to create this look. No worries about the old broken mirror superstition either as CDs aren’t made of glass! 6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

2. Coasters

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

You can never have too many coasters but since store-bought ones are often tacky and overpriced, here’s a great way to repurpose those old CDs with a brilliant idea from Crafts by Amanda. With the use of colourful fabric, store-bought stencil or anything else you have on hand, you can create beautiful coasters that your guests are sure to notice. These would also make great stocking stuffers.

3. Closet Organizers

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

Here’s a fantastic way to organize any closet: DIY closet organizers from old CDs! This organization idea from Home Dzine would be particularly perfect for anyone looking to organize a child’s closet but it could also be used to organize your own closet by day of the week to avoid the hassle of having to decide what to wear each morning. Super fun and easy to make: just add a label, cut a slit in the CD and that’s it!

4. CD Hanging

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

This craft would be awesome for any teenager’s room, although it could just as easily be used as a room divider as well. Check out instructions on how to make these CD hangings at Creative Me Inspired You, though keep in mind that a drill is needed to make holes in the CDs.

5. Bowls

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

Did you know that CDs can be melted and re-shaped? As explained on Hubpages and Surviving A Teacher’s Salary, all you need to do is place a CD on a ball of foil and bake at 325 degrees. Don’t worry about it catching fire, everything will be fine but do make sure to employ caution as the CD will be extremely hot and this is the kind of craft that is perhaps better suited for adults only or at least, under strict adult supervision. Alternatively, you can also place the CD on an upside down mason jar for a more rounded bowl.

6. Tree Holiday Door Decoration

6 Ways To Repurpose CDs

Brought to you by Jean Synodinos‘ Youtube Channel, creating a tree door decoration from old CDs is a great idea, especially with the holiday season already upon us. Although you can glue CDs onto a cardboard in the form of a Christmas tree, you could also get creative and make a candy cane one or perhaps even one in the shape of a bow. Once you’re done, you can decorate it with Christmas lights to make it stand out even more.

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November 18

The Most Common Money Saving Mistakes

Posted by on November 18, 2014 at 8:00 PM

The Most Common Money Saving Mistakes

In our exuberance and unbridled enthusiasm to save money, I’m not afraid to admit that some of us go a little overboard. Frugal is one thing, but some of us are cheap beyond all rationality. I’m talking to the point such an approach actually begins to cost us money.

Below, you’ll find a number of ways that trying so hard to save money can often be a fool’s errand and self-defeating prophecy.

D.I.Y. Home Repairs

Some home repairs are easy and worth doing yourself. For example, fixing a minor hole in the wall is no problem, according to eHow and most plumbing issues can be easily taken care of, thanks to this little guide from Life Hacker, but there are absolutely some repairs you should never do without a professional because it can end up costing you much more than you save not to. Not to mention, some of these jobs can be pretty dangerous and not worth the risk. goes through their Top Five Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself and they include electrical work, thanks to the danger of live wires and potential to screw up your home’s circuitry and turn it into a fire hazard, roof repairs, on account of potentially falling off, gas appliance repairs, since you could blow up your home, asbestos removal, due to the long-term health effects, and plumbing repairs, where you actually have to weld pipes and reroute the plumbing system. Oh, and did we mention water damage can cost thousands of dollars if it’s not caught in time?

Everything for a Dollar All the Freakin’ Time

Some people swear by the dollar store like it’s a divine miracle, which is fine if all that you’re buying there are items of no consequence. However, if you find yourself picking up electrical appliances, such as extension cords, lamps and other things that typically come with safety standard labels, watch out because these products could be counterfeit and those labels could be fake.

The last thing anyone needs is overloaded electrical wires and appliances causing fires in their home. Plus, we’ve all had the experience of buying something from the dollar store and having it break right out of the package. Also, make sure you check those expiration dates on any food or over-the-counter medication you buy for a dollar because some of those items are known to be past their expiry and best before dates.

Beware of B.O.G.O.

Sometimes things are just free with no strings attached – like when McDonald’s locations in Connecticut gave away free fries – but often “free” comes at a price. This especially true when you have to spend money to qualify for a free offer like in the case of “Buy One, Get One Free” deals or, the ever popular, “Free Shipping for Orders Over __ Amount of Dollars”

Free does things to our emotions because we think it has no downside and it makes us feel good, so, as a consequence, free often makes us reject what is actually a better deal.

Behavioural economist Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational, found that when given a choice between a free $10 Amazon gift card or a $20 Amazon gift card costing $7, most people chose the $10 gift card for free, even though the $20 gift card is the better value.

“You actually get a $13 gift certificate for free, but this is camouflaged by the question. That word ‘free’ just shakes all rationality out of us,” says an article discussing Ariely’s 2006 study.

So, be careful with “free” — it may not be free at all.

The Dollar Menu

We know: “It’s only a dollar, what harm can it do?” Well, it turns out quite a lot in the long run. Money saved during frequent trips to McDonald’s, and other fast food joints, should probably be banked since you’re going to need it later for your inevitably skyrocketing medical expenses. Not to mention, time you could be spending doing other things than managing your health.

A report from The Conference Board of Canada, evaluating healthcare spending among industrialized nations, says that obese people in the U.S. spend $1,400 more a year on their health than a person who is not obese.


We’ve all seen them, those Costco shoppers who buy vats of mayonnaise and a lifetime supply of toilet paper, or those bargain hunters and extreme couponers who get toothbrushes and toothpaste for next to nothing. Both buy up so much at these stores that their garages start to look like a No Frills. Oh sure, they say they donate most of it to charity and give it away, but does it really save money?

Not when you buy so much you have enough food and toiletries for multiple lifetimes, so much that you can’t possibly use it all. Every time you’re unable to utilize all of your stockpile effectively, this is unequivocally money down the drain. Plus, did you ever think about how much time and gas it takes just to go hunting for bulk bargains?

What kind of money saving mistakes have you made? Tell us in the comments.

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November 16

The Best Ways to Prevent Loss, Damage or Theft of Your Most Important Articles

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 8:00 PM

The Best Ways to Prevent Loss, Damage or Theft of Your Most Important Articles

If you’re like me, then you have a penchant for mishap and misadventure.

I tell you, there was a time when I must’ve lost, damaged or got stolen my most important articles (I’m talking about my wallet, cellphone, debit card, passport) at least once every six months. It got so bad that I contemplated setting up a savings account just to cover the cost of recovering these important items.

But this trial by fire eventually led to me to discover the best ways to keep everything in my pocket and after a while, there was no need for that account. Oh sure, I still have mishaps from time to time, but you don’t lose the building blocks of your life every six months without finally learning how to minimize the damage and saving a little money in the process.

I went through it, so you don’t have to. Therefore, when you read the following tips – don’t forget to tip your server and thank him on the way out.

Insure Your Cellphone

Honestly, what’s wrong with us? Phones aren’t phones anymore. We’ve taken to carrying personal computers in our pockets. Phones are daytimers, internet connections, maps, music players, video players and more. Our entire lives are on our phones and yet, they are as fragile as the computers they are and we carry them in our pockets.

Something we take everywhere should be more durable. Something we take everywhere should not be stored in an open piece of cloth. But it’s not and it is, so we’re bound to damage it or lose it at some point.

This is why when you get a cellphone, you should sign up for the protection plan. I’m with Rogers and for only for $7.99 a month on top of a bill I would be paying anyway, I have access to an insurance plan from Asurion that will instantly replace my phone for any reason – loss, theft or damage. All I have to do is pay a fee at the time of claim. The fee is $125.00 plus tax. This may seem like a significant amount of money in isolation, but when you consider that when you need to replace a phone without this protection it can cost you $400-$600, it is much cheaper.

Where does this estimate of $400-$600 come from? This cost can be the cost of the phone you lost (if you received it free with your contract) combined with the punitive fees for breaking your contract and your regular usage bill.

However, if you pay the $125.00 and send your damaged phone back in the provided prepaid envelope, you’ll get another phone in two days with no judgement, no exclusions, no additional cost and no additional commitment.

Support Tracking Technology

One of the easiest ways to keep your wallet in your pocket is to buy a wallet chain, but there’s no chain for your cellphone, so use the tracking capabilities that are already available. There are many apps, such as Lookout, which will use the GPS and photo technology in your phone to help you track it down when it’s lost or stolen. Lookout will goes as far as taking a picture of the thief with your phone’s camera and e-mailing it to you. Some cellphone brands, such as Sony Xperia have their own tracking software built in to their phones. All you need is a regular computer and an internet connection to see where your phone went off to.

Of course, even though a wallet chain is the best low-tech solution to prevent lost wallets, there are high-tech solutions too. Tracking technology has come to wallets as well, thanks to a number of Kickstarter projects. SmartWallit is a successfully funded project where your wallet and cellphone work together to find each other. If you leave the room without your wallet, your cellphone rings and if you leave the room without your cellphone, your wallet rings. This is just one idea. There are a myriad of others.

Don’t Put Everything in One Place

One of the best ways to minimize the impact of lost articles is to not keep all your important cards and documents in one place. Backup your photos and contacts in the cloud so they are easily recoverable if you ever need to replace your phone. As an Android user, my phone gives me the option to backup my contacts in my gmail account and backup my photos on Google+.

I don’t put all my cards in my wallet, only the ones I need at the time – the rest stay at home. When you go on vacation, you might consider carrying a dummy wallet in an easily accessible pocket that would act as bait for thieves, while your real wallet sits in a much more secure location on your person.

How do you keep track of your most important items? Tell us in the comments.

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November 15

Save Even More Money With These Convenient Flyer Apps

Posted by on November 15, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Save Even More Money With These Convenient Flyer Apps

Do you remember the days when you only found out about upcoming deals at the stores you loved to shop at by actually visiting the store the night before these sales were active? You would typically have to do this to pick up one of their new flyers, where the latest deals would be highlighted in print. I know I would look forward to every Thursday evening, when the local newspaper would arrive at my door. Of course, I wouldn’t be excited about reading the news (well… I did like flipping over to the classifieds section so I could find out about upcoming garage sales). I loved Thursday nights so I could review all of the flyers – especially when it was almost Christmas time!

Before we relied on the internet to learn about the latest and greatest deals that are out there, we all flipped through store flyers, seeing if there were any actual great deals available at a myriad of different stores, whether they were locations where we would buy our groceries, hardware stores, toy stores, or stores that would sell a wide variety of electronics. Many of these retail chains that I used to receive flyers for have come and gone, such as Zellers and Compucentre, but it really was a fun way to find out about the newest weekly deals that these stores were providing their customers with.

Don’t get me wrong – flyers still exist to this day, and if I’m going into a store like Best Buy or Future Shop, I will sometimes pick up one of their flyers near the front entrance doors to take a peak at some of the deals that they have available. However, I think it’s safe to say that many people rely on websites such as Bargainmoose to discover all of the latest deals and coupons that are available, especially since coupon codes are so popular (and some of those sales are only valid for a few hours).

Also, many of these retail locations release their flyers online, so you could check out their latest sales without having to wait for your newspaper to arrive. At this time, I’m going to introduce you all to a few apps that can help you check out the latest flyers for a myriad of different stores in your area. You can download these apps for free on your cell phone (whether it’s an iPhone or an Android) or your tablet device, and they certainly make the flyer-browsing experience even more convenient. Check out these apps below:

Flipp: Now this is one handy app! With Flipp, you can easily clip items (it will go straight to your shopping list), and highlight any top deals that you see. Best of all, you can search for specific stores or products with this app, so you could swiftly navigate through the best deals of the week. When you press and hold your finger on a specific item that you’re looking at, you can also learn more info about it to help you make a wise decision on your potential purchase. You can download this flyer app for free when you navigate to the Apple Store (iTunes) or Google Play.

Reebee: Reebee is yet another flyer app that’s easy to use, and very useful! You can also get this for free on the Apple Store (iTunes), Google Play, and even Blackberry World. Like Flipp, Reebee allows you to browse through the latest flyers by simply using your cell phone or tablet. You’ll also be able to ensure that you only get flyers that are valid for your local area, so you won’t have to worry about browsing through tons of flyers for stores that aren’t even around you. Many people are seeing these apps as a green solution, since many users have opted out of paper flyer distribution now that they’re using these apps!

Shopping Flyers Canada (Android App): This humble phone application allows you to do exactly what its name implies – you get to digitally flip through a myriad of different flyers from a huge crop of familiar retail stores around your area. All flyers are categorized, so it’s easy for you to navigate through them with this app for Android devices. According to the developers of this app, it apparently works best on a Wi-Fi connection. You can check out this free app on the Google Play Store by clicking here.

Whichever flyer app you choose, there’s one thing that’s certain: they have their own set of loyal fans that love these apps. Try them both out, and see which one is more suitable for you to use. Either way, they’re all convenient programs that make it easier for you to find out about the latest deals, which will especially be important during this holiday season! Are there any flyer apps that you like to use? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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November 13

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

Posted by on November 13, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

How many frequent flyer miles have you racked up? Whether your suitcase is all beat up from frequent travels or you have just started travelling, below are a couple of ideas for injecting new life into a suitcase, whether old or new! You could also try heading over to your local thrift store in the hopes of scoring and old-fashioned suitcase that could work even better with these DIY projects.

1. Suitcase Table

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

Nothing complicated with this idea from Good Housekeeping! Simply screw on 4 legs onto a suitcase to turn it into a table that you can also use as storage. This one would be perfect for placing at the foot of the bed that you can then use to hold extra pillows, blankets and maybe even your laundry in lieu of a hamper.

2. Suitcase Pet Bed

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

Got pets? Then you know they’re going to want and love a space that they can call fully call their own and this is exactly where Love That Pet‘s suitcase pet bed come in. Unless you have a large enough suitcase you’re willing to allocate enough space for in your home, this idea would mostly only be suitable for owners of cats or small to medium-sized dogs.

3. Craft Suitcase

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

Although Offbeat Home & Life created a craft station from a picnic basket, you could just as easily use a suitcase instead. I have two cats but having recently gotten into crocheting, it’s rather hard to have all my yarn and hooks out in the open as the little troublemakers seem to instinctively know when I have my supplies out. So, I would totally use this neat DIY project to store my crochet supplies but it could also be used to store any other crafty essentials.

4. Suitcase Chair

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

Entertaining guests can be fun but not when there is a lack of seating. Follow See Kate Sew‘s instruction and create your very own DIY suitcase chair. Depending on how puffy you make the cushions, you could then potentially close the suitcase and keep it stashed away for whenever you need extra seating. Either that or you could also use it as a table, perhaps even for eating in front of the TV!

5. Picnic Table

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

Complete with speakers, you could also repurpose an old suitcase into a picnic table! Add table legs, cut out holes for speakers, fill with your favourite goodies and bring it with you to the park for a romantic date. Check out Kipay‘s YouTube tutorial for more detailed instructions but this one is a great one to make for the summer. Heck, you could even improvise a little indoors picnic during the winter as well! 6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

6. Pet Food Bowls

6 Ways to Reuse Old Suitcases

I couldn’t resist adding another pet-friendly idea because this one is just too ingenious. Turn any small suitcase into a dish carrier for dogs or cats with Beyond The Picket Fence‘s guide. Not too long ago, one of my cats got into the habit of spilling her water bowl each and every time and to curb the problem, I bought a special platter to keep the bowls in place. Although the problem has since be solved, the platter looks somewhat tacky. The suitcase trick would definitely serve to prevent any spilling all the while adding a unique touch to any decor!

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