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January 30

Free ½ Pound Bag Of Now Fresh Dog or Go! Cat Food (Printable Coupon)

Posted by on January 30, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Free ½ Pound Bag Of Now Fresh Dog or Go! Cat Food (Printable Coupon)

Pet Curean is offering a free half pound trial bag of Now Fresh Dog food or Go! Cat food. Request your free printable coupon then take it to your local pet shop to redeem

The past three days my poor kitty has sat next to me nuzzling my leg. He wants my attention of course. He also would like me to fill up his automatic food bowl that has gone low. For the past three days I have shaken that food bowl so the end of the cat food makes it out. Do not tell my cat, but we are out of cat food. The world is ending in his mind. I am sure I will pay for it with lots of pouncing to my toes at 2am in the morning.

Right now, you can get a free half-pound bag of cat or dog food. Simply request a coupon and they will e-mail it to you to print out. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the coupon. My coupon says it expires May 2015, which is plenty of time to get to the store for my free bag. The coupon e-mailed within minutes so check back.

This pet food is made in Canada, which I prefer. I also like that there is not a lot of filler in this food. My cat, like all cats and dogs, is a carnivore which means he should not be eating heavily modified soy, corn and other fillers. You can read about the ingredients in their cat and dog foods here. My vet once gave me the tip when starting to look for a new food make sure it is all one colour as the multi-colour foods almost always have more extra junk in them.

On top of that, Pet Curean added on a $5 off an 8lb bag of cat or dog food coupon. If both you and your pet like the food, you can save more right away on your second bag. That was so nice of them to fill up that ugly blank paper spot with another coupon. It is not necessary for any of us to waste paper or money.

If you are not sure where to redeem this coupon, check out the store locator. I was curious and popped Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg into the locater. Over a dozen store locations popped up that sell this brand of food. Check it out closer for the store near you.

I am always a little hesitant to try a new cat food with my pet. Part of it is habit. It is easier to keep buying the same thing repeatedly. Part of my reluctance is we had him on a different brand when he was one and he had the worst gas ever. Nothing good comes from a cat butt in your face to begin with, but add a cat with bad gas and it is torture. This seems like pretty high quality food and I can not say no to free, especially when the food bag for the cat is already empty.

(Expiry: unknown)

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January 27

Home Outfitters: 20% to 25% Off Printable Coupon

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Home Outfitters: 20% to 25% Off Printable Coupon

We haven’t blogged about Home Outfitters is a bit, so I thought we should feature this nice new printable coupon for them. Receive 25% off one regular-priced item when you pay with your HBC card, or receive 20% off when you pay with any other tender.

The coupon excludes All-Clad, Smart Buys, Saeco, Dyson, Le Creuset, Breville The Boss blender, and Jura. While I mourn the exclusion of Le Creuset (coated cast-iron rocks!), that leaves a million other brands to purchase with this printable coupon.

Home Outfitters was one of the places I had my wedding registry. From there, I had some items for my bathroom listed (shower curtain, toothbrush holder, matching cup, etc.) and items for the kitchen. Our Green Pan cookware set came from Home Outfitters as well as our bedding set, which has survived fairly well until now (the comforter now has a small tear in it). This coupon does not exclude any bedding, so find yourself a beautiful Nautica bed-in-a-bag set. That will get you a comforter, set of sheets, and pillowcases… all for 25% off (with your HBC card).

Speaking of bedding, sheets seem to be rather expensive these days for anything of quality. I should pop into my local Home Outfitters and see if they sell organic cotton sheets. If so, then this coupon is already used as my husband says we need another set in rotation!

I actually found the absolutely perfect waffle maker but did not buy it myself, only to never be able to find it again. It made six square waffles and the plates were removable. They also flipped over and had a grill on the other side. It was the best waffle maker but when you are planning a wedding, you just do not buy yourself a waffle maker. Unfortunately, I cannot find that exact model anymore. If I could find it again, I would use my 25% off printable coupon on that maker. I think it was by Cuisinart.

While this printable coupon does seem a bit limited as you can only use it on regular priced items, and only on one item, it really is a very good deal. Kitchen, bedding, and housewares tend to be expensive so 25% off something that costs a couple hundred dollars can be a rather large savings.

(Expiry: 5th February 2015)

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January 25

Take $5 Off $15, $10 Off $30 & $15 off $45 With This Coupon @ East Side Mario’s Canada

Posted by on January 25, 2015 at 10:08 PM

Take $5 Off $15, $10 Off $30 & $15 off $45 With This Coupon @ East Side Marios Canada

Perhaps you are planning on dining at a restaurant with your family or friends this week. If so, you will want to take a look at this new offer from East Side Mario’s restaurant Canada. For a limited time with this printable coupon, you can take up to $15 off your meal. Save $5 when you spend $15, save $10 when you spend $30 and save $15 when you spend $45. This coupon is valid until the 1st of February 2015.

Print this coupon and go into your local East Side Mario’s restaurant (excluding Newfoundland for some reason) to enjoy your savings. This coupon can only be redeemed between Sunday and Thursday unfortunately, but to be honest I prefer not to hit local restaurants on a Friday or Saturday. Sunday to Thursday you won’t have to wait so long for your meal because the restaurant will not be too busy.

Here are how these East Side Mario’s coupon savings work:

  • save $5 on your bill when you spend $15
  • save $10 on your bill when you spend $30
  • save $15 on your bill when you spend $45

At East Side Mario’s, I find it easy to spend $45. There appetizers and entrees all appeal to my taste buds. Of course, everyone has their own opinion. If you love pasta dishes, I would suggest trying their Spaghettini & Meatballs for just $12.99. This pasta is served in a delicious Napolitana sauce. You will also get some of East Side Mario’s famous meatballs and shredded Parmesan cheese. If you know exactly how you like your pasta dish, then build your own pasta for just $12.99 as well.

There are lots of affordable options for your entire family.Kids can even eat for as little as $5 each. There are quite a few Mini Mario Meals for all of your picky eaters too. My son seems to truly enjoy their Big Kids Chicken Fingers. There are other options like Cheese Quesadilla, Grilled Cheese Soldiers. Pizza and more.

You can use this coupon as many times as you like at your local East Side Mario’s restaurant, but unfortunately you are limited to one coupon per visit. This ESM coupon is valid on dine-in purchases only, and unfortunately alcohol and taxes are not included. Make sure you print the coupon or your discount will not be offered.

(Expiry: 1st February 2015)

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January 25

Bulk Barn Printable Coupon: $3 off $10

Posted by on January 25, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Bulk Barn Printable Coupon: $3 off $10

Bulk Barn has a new printable coupon valid for two weeks. Receive $3 off $10 in store when you print out and bring in the following coupon.

This is a very popular coupon for a lot of Moosers, so we are always happy to share one when it crops up. You will want to combine this coupon with your local Bulk Barn’s weekly promotions so click on the link here and select your province. The Bulk Barns in British Columbia appear to have many deals on Valentine’s Day themed chocolates, candy, and other baking supplies.

My husband is a big fan of Bulk Barn. He likes to go there for snack mixtures for work. Bulk Barn carries a large variety of mixtures with different ratios of nuts to dried fruit. I prefer mixtures with lots of coconut where he likes some chocolate, a bunch of nuts, and some dried fruit. In addition, he tells me, Bulk Barn has packaged foods like corn chips and such that he likes to purchase as well.

For me, the Bulk Barn is always about baking supplies. Often I do not need an entire box of something if I am working on a particular recipe. For example, I use so little Cream of Tartar that an entire container of it will expire before I ever use even one-fourth of it. At the Bulk Barn, I can purchase just what I need for one or two recipes. I can also purchase good quality chocolate for baking at a bulk price. I find the quality of chocolate makes a huge different in how a chocolate chip cookie tastes. I also like to try new baking ingredients I would never buy in ‘bulk’, but rather just sample small amounts and see how I like them.

Now, if you have a large purchase to make, I suggest splitting your shopping trip up into a couple of trips (and using the coupon twice), or sending your mate in with a printed coupon of their own and a shopping list. I will print of two coupons myself, as I can spend $10 just on dried mango to snack upon. My husband can then pick up the rest of our shopping list.

(Expiry: 5th February 2015)

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January 24

Get Red Hot Deals From $5 & Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada

Posted by on January 24, 2015 at 10:57 PM

Get Red Hot Deals From $5 & Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada

Something about these Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada “Red Hot Deals” keep me coming back for more. This round, you can get select items from Kitchen Stuff Plus online or in stores for as little as $5 each. There are three different categories this time. Shop for items for $5, $10, $15 or $20. You can get free shipping when you spend $75 too. When shopping online, you will need the coupon code below. When shopping in stores, follow the link to get the print coupon.

Click here to shop @ Kitchen Stiff Plus Canada now

  • Coupon code: KSP259
  • Discount: Select items from $5
  • Expiry: 8th February 2015

Looking to spend as little as possible? The $5 deals are where you will want to direct your attention. Kitchen Stuff Plus has an assortment of items available for just $5 during this promotion, which could save you a total of 66% off the regular price. The Trava Double Wall Travel Mug, for instance, was $14.99 but right now they are just $5 each. They come in a variety of colours, grab one for everyone in the family.

In the $10 deal section at Kitchen Stuff Plus, you can expect to save upwards of 50% off the original price. The Sherpa Microfiber Throw is sure to keep you warm this Canadian winter. Curl up with a hot chocolate and this throw instead of going outside in the cold. This throw would have previously cost you $30. There are four different colours to choose from, but I personally prefer the red sherpa throw.

I seem to have so many craft supplies to organize lately. I could really benefit from the Non-Woven 4-Drawer Fabric Cabinet that is on sale for just $15 at Kitchen Stuff Plus. That sounds like a much better price than the original cost of $35. There is even a pocket for labeling on the front of each woven fabric drawer.

Last but not least, are the $20 deals. If you are looking for a great personal blender for occasional use, check out the Chefman Colour Splash Personal Blender for  just $20. This blender was $40 before and is great if you like to make a smoothie once in a while. There are a variety of colours available from red, orange, blue and purple. These are affordable enough that they could even be a great baby shower gift – I made all my baby food myself.

If your purchase exceeds $75 after discounts, you will also attain free shippingThe catch is that you can only purchase 2 of each item at this low price. With the options available, I would take full advantage and stock up on future birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Be sure to check out the Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada coupon page in the Bargainmoose forum. Sign up for email updates there so you don’t miss any future Kitchen Stuff Plus offers.

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January 24

Kelsey’s Canada Printable Coupons: Take $10 Off $30 & Free Brownie Pops

Posted by on January 24, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Kelseys Canada Printable Coupons: Take $10 Off $30 & Free Brownie Pops

Kelsey’s Canada has brought back their $10 Cash Card offer. For a limited time, you can save $10 off your purchase of $30 or more at your local Kelsey’s with this printable cash card. This offer is valid on Ontario only and you must print the coupon below to redeem the offer.

Having a young child can sometimes make it difficult to enjoy eating at a restaurant. Personally, I find Kelsey’s to be a fun, family oriented restaurant that doesn’t give me dirty looks when my son flings spaghetti on the floor. Kelsey’s is also quite affordable and I find their food delicious. Kelsey’s even has new menu items and new alcoholic beverages, although hard drinks are not included in this offer.

I am slightly obsessed with the Kelsey’s Feta Bruschetta Flatbread for just $11.99. This bruschetta is a flatbread topped with basil pesto, fresh roma tomatoes that are marinated, fresh basil, feta cheese and more. We order this as a starter every time we go to Kelsey’s, but I usually eat the most of it. As the main part of my meal, I usually get the Buffalo Chicken Caesar Wrap for $12.99. As you can tell, the items on the Kelsey’s Menu are quite affordable. You could easily get a full meal with your loved one and child for $30-$40 to redeem this $10 Cash Card.

Leave it to Kelsey’s to have restrictions on their Cash Cash. The $10 Kelsey’s Restaurant cash card can only be used from Sunday to Wednesday between 4 pm and close. This card is also only valid on dine-in purchases. This cash card will expire on the 1st of March, 2015 so you still have quite some time to use it. You can print it as many times as you like, but you can only redeem one coupon per visit.

You could also sign up for Kelsey’s eNewsletter and receive a delicious freebie. When you sign up, you will receive an email that contains a coupon for free Brownie Cake Pops – and I am not kidding when I say these are absolutely delicious. You will have to purchase an adult entree to get your free desert, and unfortunately the two coupons available cannot be combined.

You can always find more Kelsey’s restaurant coupons and promotions in the Bargainmoose forum.

(Expiry: 1st March 2015)

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January 17

Get Red Hot Deals for Just $10 & Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada

Posted by on January 17, 2015 at 6:05 PM

Get Red Hot Deals for Just $10 & Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada

It’s time for some new Red Hot Deals from Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada. This week, shop at Kitchen Stuff Plus stores or online and you can get select items for only $10. When shopping online, you will need the coupon code. When shopping in stores, print the coupon provided below.

Click here to shop @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada now

  • Coupon code: KSP257
  • Discount: Select items for just $10
  • Expiry: 25th January 2015

Throughout the year I take advantage of these Kitchen Stuff Plus Red Hot Deals. Since each week there are different items at great prices, I get a lot of Christmas shopping done throughout the year. This week, you will save up to 66% off the regular price of the items included.

If you need a few decorative organization accessories for the bathroom, now is the time to get them. You can get the 3 piece Regency Bath Canister Set or the Glacier 3 Layer Glass Jar for only $10. These are great for Q-tips, cotton balls, band-aids, bath salts and more. I use them for bobby pins and hair elastics since my cat likes to make a game out of stealing those. Both of these were $20 previously. You could also get the Regal Glass Toilet Paper Reserve for just $10. This toilet paper reserve was $30 previously, and looks decorative as well.

If your New Years resolution was to eat healthier, then you are probably already tired of slicing vegetables. Cucumber is my personal favourite healthy snack, and the Chef’s Mate Mandoline Slicer does a great job at slicing cucumber up quickly. This slicer was $25, but during this week at Kitchen Stuff Plus, you will pay just $10. Some fruits and veggies will be too big to slice in the mandoline slicer, so pick up this 3 Piece Colour Grip Poly Cutting Board Set for just $10. I bought this set for  my Uncle for Christmas and his family loves it.

You will also attain free shipping when your purchase total exceeds $75. The catch is that you are limited to only 2 of each item at this price. You will need to add 15 items at $5 to reach this total. With the options available, take this opportunity to grab a few future birthday presents for friends and relatives!

To receive future coupons for Kitchen Stuff Plus, visit our coupon page in the forum. You can also sign up for email updates there so you don’t miss out on any future Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada coupon codes or discounts.

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January 12

Free Root Beer When You Sign Up for E-Newsletter @ A&W Canada

Posted by on January 12, 2015 at 11:40 AM

Free Root Beer When You Sign Up for E Newsletter @ A&W Canada

When I think of A&W Restaurants, I automatically think about their famous Root Beer. This week, A&W Canada wants you to sign up for their e-newsletter. In exchange for signing up, you will receive a coupon for a free Root Beer.

Once you get your free Regular Root Beer coupon in your email inbox, you can redeem it at your local A&W restaurant, no purchase required. Be careful not to click “redeem” until you are in an A&W restaurant. You will only have on hour to present the offer on your phone to an A&W cashier after you click “redeem”.

To enjoy this freebie to the fullest, I would enjoy it in the restaurant. They will serve your free root beer in an ice cold A&W mug, and that just makes the world of difference. Too bad this isn’t a free root beer float, those are truly delicious as well. A&W root beer is known to be frothy with a full-bodied taste. A&W’s root beer has been famous since 1919 when Roy Allen set up a little roadside drink stand to aid the thirst of the spectators when the World War I veterans were returning. His delicious concoction was an instant success. Back then he was selling this delicious drink for a nickel per glass, but free is even better than that.

Although this offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offers or coupons, there are other A&W Canada printable coupons available right now as well. You will be limited to one coupon per customer per visit, so choose wisely (or bring a friend).

The other A&W Restaurant coupons are:

  • Free Spicy Chipotle Chubby Chicken Wrap with your purchase of any regular priced combo
  • Enjoy a Bacon N Egger or Sausage N Egger sandwich at the regular price and get the second sandwich for free
  • Enjoy a Mama, Papa or Grandpa Burger at the regular price and you can add bacon and cheese for free
  • Upgrade to sweet potato fries for free with the purchase of fries or a combo at regular price

(Expiry: 25th January 2015)

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January 11

Get a Free Pineapple Edible Pop @ Edible Arrangements Canada

Posted by on January 11, 2015 at 10:49 AM

Get a Free Pineapple Edible Pop @ Edible Arrangements Canada

One of my New Years Resolutions was to eat more fruit, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this freebie offer from Edible Arrangements Canada. As part of your “Fruit Resolution”, you can sign up for email notifications at and receive a voucher for a free Pineapple Edible Pop.

Sign up for your free Pineapple Edible Pop voucher now, before supplies run out. If supplies do not run out, this offer will be valid until the 17th of January 2015. Your freebie voucher will be valid for use until the 1st of February 2015 so you have a good amount of time to head into your local Edible Arrangements store to redeem the offer.

The last time I ordered something from Edible Arrangements was about a year ago when my friend had her baby. Of course I sat in the hospital with her and enjoyed some of the delicious treats. We ordered the Delicious Daisy arrangement for around $35. This arrangement had the Pineapple Edible Pop in the mix. This treat was a flower shaped pineapple piece with a round piece of cantaloupe as the center of the flower. It was delicious.

I ordered one of these free vouchers myself. There is an Edible Arrangements store not too far from me. I can’t promise that I won’t get suckered into buying other things when I go in, although this freebie does not require any purchase. I see what you did there Edible Arrangements, I see what you did! How can you head into a store full of delicious fruit and chocolate covered fruit and not buy anything? Challenge accepted.

Of course, I can tell  you a little bit about what they do offer in stores.. so you can prepare yourself for the challenge. The Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box is a delicious favourite for just $29. This treat is great for any occasion and can easily be shared between multiple people. I am a bit frugal minded though, I would simply head into the grocery store myself and make this for a whole lot cheaper. Considering there are only 12 strawberries in this pack, you could probably buy chocolate dip and strawberries for under $10 in total at your local grocery store.

Enjoy your free treat from Edible Arrangements Get a Free Pineapple Edible Pop @ Edible Arrangements Canada

(Expiry: 17th January 2015)

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January 9

Get Select Items for Just $5 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada

Posted by on January 9, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Get Select Items for Just $5 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada

Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada has different Red Hot Deals each week. This week, you can shop at Kitchen Stuff Plus online or in your closest store and get select items for just $5. In stores you will need to use the printable coupon from the link provided below, online you will need the coupon code to get your discount.

Click here to shop @ Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada now

  • Coupon Code: KSP255
  • Discount: Select items for just $5
  • Expiry: 18th January 2015

These Kitchen Stuff Plus items for only $5 are great finds. They might not last long at this price, so stock up now. Otherwise you will have until the 18th of January to enjoy these discounts. There are twenty different items to choose from, with discounts up to 66% off the regular price.

The Softsac Duo Laundry Hamper/Sorter caught my attention. Mainly because I get so aggravated with my significant other for dumping all of the laundry in one load, and then my nice white blouse comes out pink. This laundry hamper was $20 but is now significantly less at only $5.

I also get a little annoyed with boxes of canned pop laying around. Beside my fridge, under the sink.. sometimes I wish the people in my house didn’t drink pop. The place might look a little more organized with this Soda Can DispenserDuring this Kitchen Stuff Plus promotion, you will pay only $5 instead of the regular price which was $12.

If I made a brownie in a cake pan, I could probably eat the whole thing myself. Maybe if I use this Optimum Non Stick Brownie Pan I will be able to share a little easier. This pan will make your brownies in three separate pieces. Do you realize that would make every brownie have delicious crunchy edges? That’s my favourite part of a brownie. This brownie pan would have cost you $15 elsewhere, but Kitchen Stuff Plus has it as just $5 during their Red Hot Deals promotion this week.

You will also attain free shipping when your purchase total exceeds $75. The catch is that you are limited to only 2 of each item at this price. You will need to add 15 items at $5 to reach this total. With the options available, take this opportunity to grab a few future birthday presents for friends and relatives!

To receive future coupons for Kitchen Stuff Plus, visit our coupon page in the forum and enter your email address. You definitely won’t miss any future coupons then!

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January 8

Chapters Indigo Canada Printable Coupon: Buy One Book & Get One 50% Off

Posted by on January 8, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada Printable Coupon: Buy One Book & Get One 50% Off

Starting today until January 14th, buy one book at regular price and save 50% off the second regularly priced book.  Valid in-store only at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Smithbooks, Indigo Spirit and The Book Company locations.

If you’re looking for a good book to help you get through the winter blues, then this is a deal for you.  Winter has to be the best time of the year to get a new page-turner.  Who doesn’t like to curl up by the fire with a nice warm blanket and forget all your troubles for a bit?  This may be a good time to get the kids a book or two for the upcoming spring break too.

This deal is probably best suited for finding a book that you’ve forgotten to pick up at some point.  Newer and popular titles are already discounted by at least 27% or more.  You’ll have to dig around a bit to find something that is not marked down by at least 25%.  I have found that Chapters online pricing doesn’t necessarily correlate to their in-store pricing.  In my experience in-store prices are a bit more then what they show online for some reason.  It would be best to just go down to your nearest store and have a look around and see what you can find.

I’m interested in picking up the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy: Box Set for $33, as I loved the movie.  Another movie I’m a big fan of and can’t believe I haven’t read is The Hobbit.  The softcover is $9 online but I have a feeling it will be a few bucks more in-store.  I’m pretty sure I had it at one time but got lost in the shuffle of a previous move.

The “fine print” has a few restrictions in it you should be aware of.  The offer excludes everyday Bestseller discounts, French language titles and Rosetta Stone branded products. Be sure to check out this coupon in the forum before you shop so you know all the limits.

Moosers what titles are you thinking of picking up?

(Expiry: 14th January 2015)

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December 27

Get 30% To 50% Off With Printable Coupons @ Michael’s Canada

Posted by on December 27, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Get 30% To 50% Off With Printable Coupons @ Michael’s Canada

Michael’s Canada is keeping the sales coming with some great coupons you can use in-store. Right now, you can print a coupon that gives you 30% off your entire regular priced purchase for Saturday only in store. If you miss the coupon today there are still a few other great coupons to grab for the next few days.

Have you ever made any kind of crafts that require more than one-step? Perhaps you have also found yourself back in the store multiple times in the same week.  You get your pile of loot home to start your beading/crocheting/floral arrangement/scrapbooking/kids craft and dive in. Halfway through you realize you need one more item and usually the best place to pick up that item is the craft store. Michael’s is helping you out with these extended coupons so you can receive 30% off all of your items on Saturday but still receive 50% off one item on Sunday to Wednesday for that one item you forgot.

Saturday is really the time to shop because you can add the discount on to the great sale prices already available. If you like to knits or crochet, Michael’s is having an up to 55% off all stock yarn sale. I used to crochet hats and baby blankets for friends and have an entire box of just yarn in the basement to prove it. Once you add up 3 to 4 skeins of yarn for the project and an accent colour or two your total can really add up. Plump up your stash and pick out some of the great soft fibres Michael’s has.

Check out the 70% off all holiday items, some of these items will be on deep discount once you stack the coupon on top. In the holiday section online they are displaying a large variety of craft kits and toys alongside the traditional holiday décor. These craft kits do not all have a holiday theme and make great birthday gifts or gifts for other holidays. You can also pick up some cute holiday décor, keepsake ornaments or holiday craft supplies for next year. The online selection you can view is limited so make sure to check out all over your local store for all of the options.

The holiday has pretty much exploded across my living room. I was thinking about heading over to Michaels myself because they are offering 50% off decorative storage, photo boxes and craft storage. Michael’s thinks they are being slick offering a discount on boxes for Boxing Day. Looking across at all the new toys and fun that I have no idea where to put, I may go there to pick up some storage solutions.

Michaels is also offering different doorbusters every day through Wednesday so you may want to check out the flyer in our Michael’s Boxing Day forum or our coupon dashboard.  There are also other great Boxing Day deals still to be grabbed in our forums.

(Expiry 31st December 2014)

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November 13

Hallmark Canada Printable Coupon: $5 Off 2 Disney Greeting Cards

Posted by on November 13, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Hallmark Canada Printable Coupon: $5 Off 2 Disney Greeting Cards

Mooosers, how many of you give greeting cards over the holidays? Until Christmas, you can save $5 off the purchase of 2 Disney greeting card with the use of a Hallmark printable coupon.

Whether for a winter birthday or for any other occasion, if you need cards, this is a wonderful promotion. Since it’s only redeemable on cards that are $3 or more each, this means that if you get two cards at $6, then you can expect to have to fork over just $1 to cover the difference. Of course, we all know that the good cards tend to be more of the $5 a pop variety, so realistically, you can’t expect to pay around $5 for both cards with the use of this printable coupon.

None of my friends or family have birthday in November or December but I do have one friend whose birthday falls mid-January. As such, I’m planning on hitting up my local Hallmark store to find an appropriate card, especially since she’s crazy about Disney despite being in her late 20’s. Hallmark’s printable coupon may only be redeemable on Disney greeting cards but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find one that could fit just about any occasion, especially since on their main promotional page, they list 3 cards, one of which has the words: “friends are like sunshine” written accross it and the other features “winter wishes” in big bold letters.

So, the chances are good that if you were planning on sending plenty of holiday greeting cards to friends and family, that you could more than likely find holiday-related cards among these and not necessarily just for kids either.

Keep in mind that you may only use one coupon per visit but technically, there is nothing stop you from coming back the next day and the day after that… just as long as the store employees don’t recognize you. Hallmark Canada Printable Coupon: $5 Off 2 Disney Greeting Cards

Plus, you can also take advantage of a “3 cards for $10″ deal if you need more cards. With the purchase of 3 cards, your will also be able to get gift bags for just $2 each. Whether you’re better off the promotion or getting a third card for the $10 deal really depends on each card’s worth. If each card is $3, then you’re definitely much better off redeeming the printable coupon. Otherwise, it might be better to get a third one.

For more Hallmark printable coupons, keep an eye on the Bargainmoose forum.

(Expiry: 24th December 2014)

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November 7

Carter’s OshKosh Canada Coupon: Extra 25% Off Everything

Posted by on November 7, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Carters OshKosh Canada Coupon: Extra 25% Off Everything

If you are love with Carter’s OskKosh as much as all the rest of us, you’ll love this coupon they have right now, getting you an extra 25% off everything in-store and online.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: BCEVENT
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: 10th November 2014

Click here for printable coupon

Click here for store locator

You absolutely must check out the utter cuteness that Carters OshKosh has planned for Christmas clothing. I no longer have any babies, but the girl and boy baby Christmas outfits are uterus-contracting!

This Carter’s Christmas glitter bodysuit and pant set with the sweetest red tutu is regularly only $12. You’ll save $3 and get it for $9. At these prices, you can afford to change her a few times that day. At that age, mini fashion shows are the best! Plus, at that age, accidents happen too, so better to have a standby! The First Christmas bodysuit is always a must-have for photo-ops. It was $6, but now only $4.50.

For the very best deals, shopping in the sale section will get you the most bang for your buck. I found this OshKosh B’gosh french terry pullover “Best Day Ever” on sale for $12.99, down from $16. Add it to your cart to further your savings down to a total of $9.74.

Did you know it has barely even snowed yet and already my kids have each lost at least one mitten and a hat? Where do these things go? I have no idea! I am stocking up and hiding everything this year, as it is really hard to find mittens in January in stores. I’m not kidding. I love that Carter’s has 2-packs of mitts, because the people who plan these things are obviously parents too. I like my kids to have really warm mittens, but also thinner gloves for the warmer days, like the outdoor gripper gloves, which are $6 for two sets. After coupon, you’ll get the two sets for $4.50, which is only $1.12 per glove and won’t make you cry when they lose one of the same hand in both sets.

Shipping is free when you spend over $50. Have a look at our Carter’s coupon forum for more coupon codes and printable coupons.

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November 6

Beauty Deals Roundup Of The Week

Posted by on November 6, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Beauty Deals Roundup Of The Week

How many of you Moosers watched the Country Music Awards last night? From Carrie Underwood, to Lucy Hale, Miranda Lambert and many others, there were loads of stunning looks this year and if these inspired you to up your own beauty game at home, then check out these beauty offers and coupon codes for this week!

Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics – BOGO offer on staff holiday picks with the coupon STAFFPICKS on orders over $25 and until November 10th.

Fruits & Passion: Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $25 until November 9th. It’s usually only free on orders form $85.

Lancome Canada – Free 7-piece holiday gift set on orders over $50 with coupon FESTIVE14. Only while supplies last.

Mac Cosmetics: Free shipping on any order when you enter coupon code MACSHIP at checkout.

Origins – Their Friends & Family Sale is now on and during 5 days only, you can save up to 20% off with the promotion code FRIENDS. Either save 10% off orders between $38 – $59, 15% off $60 – $79 or 20% off any order over $80.

Racinne – Shipping is now free on all orders over $75. No coupon code needed.

Shoppers Drug Mart: Print and bring the coupon in-stores on Friday, November 7th to get a $20 discount on any order over $75.

Shu Uemura – Either get a free tote bag with code KARLTOTE when you spend over $75 or use the code SHUPETTE to get a free Shupette cosmetic pouch. While supplies last only. – Save 25% off Burt’s Bees products like lip balm, ointment, body wash, shampoo and more. Expires November 9th.

Tria Beauty – Get a free holiday beauty kit ($95 value) with with any Tria device purchase when you enter the coupon HOLIDAY. Ends soon.

As you can see, there are plenty of great beauty deals to take advantage of this week, some which are sales, others require you to enter a coupon code or even use a printable like in the case of the Shoppers Drug Mart one (don’t forget that this one is only one day). I’m particularly excited about the Burt’s Bees 25% discount at because these products are absolutely phenomenal in restoring and preserving skin softness during the fall and winter seasons. All of the coupons above may also be found on our forum.

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