January 13

Canadian Freebies: Mouse Pad!

Posted by on January 13, 2010 at 7:00 PM

If you’d like to order a free mouse pad from asaoc.org, fill in your details on the link below:

The mouse pad is supposed to be free for you if you love swimming! I don’t think this is a pre-requisite… I hate swimming, but love freebies!

The freebie is supposed to be for people in the US and Canada, but the domain is registered in Ottawa, for the Amateur Swimming Association of Canada.

Thanks Catherine Canadian Freebies: Mouse Pad!

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2 Comments to “Canadian Freebies: Mouse Pad!”

  1. This sounds like a great freebie but I haven’t been able to get through. Even though they have removed the code it still comes up as “error – incorrect code.” Has anyone else had the same problem?

  2. Tommy says:

    Yes.. same problem for me! :(

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