September 4

Canadian Coupons: Reactine Discounts (Free Grocery Coupons)

Posted by on September 4, 2009 at 7:00 PM


I’ve spotted a few places online where you can grab yourself a few free grocery coupons, to get some dollars off your Reactine allergy products.




I’m linking you to both coupons, even though one of them is of a lower value. The reason for this is… wait for it… coupon stacking!!


Very few Canadian stores accept coupon stacking, but if you are a lucky ducky and live near a London Drugs store, then you really should print out both coupons and take advantage of their coupon stacking policy.

Their policy is that you can use multiple coupons on the one product, providing the coupons are from different sources, or have different bar codes.


Hopefully this will mean you could get a $5.50 discount off one pack of Reactine! (Let us know if you are successful please)

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