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Canada Luggage Depot Promo Code: Exclusive 10% Off

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Canada Luggage Depot Promo Code: Exclusive 10% Off

Get 10% off luggage, backpacks, bags and more with our exclusive to Moosers coupon code for Canada Luggage Depot.

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I love a discount on top of a sale, and with this coupon, you can take advantage of the current sale going on, plus add the extra 10% off at checkout.

I recently took a little trip to Winnipeg to visit the other Moosers on our team. It was actually a really fun trip, even with the cold, and I really love travelling through airports. There is just something about the buzz of everything going on, people going here to there and the well-oiled machine that an airport is. It just fascinates me. I even happened to see our gold-winning Olympic men’s curling team boarding their plane to Sault Ste. Marie, coming home from the games. That only revved my excitement of travelling.

With travelling comes baggage. I saw a lot of bags this weekend and took note of what is handy and what is not. Having only gone a short time, I just needed a carry-on bag, which I could stow in the overhead cabin. My bag has both handles and a telescoping handle with wheels, so it is really handy. But, on my last flight, on a really small (and scary) plane, my bag didn’t fit in the overhead and I had to keep it under my feet for the entire flight. That sucked. I’d like to get an even smaller bag with the same qualities for overnight trips. Canada Luggage Depot has a huge array of bags, many of which would fit my style.

On the other hand, one of my co-workers was here for a week, travelling overseas and doing a lot of shopping. She had luggage that was hard-sided and large, to carry all her goods. It was also shiny and a standout colour. I’d love to get something like this for longer trips.

Shipping is free when you spend over $99 at Canada Luggage Depot and you can check for more of their coupons on the forum.

Canada Luggage Depot Promo Code: Exclusive 10% Off

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