June 22

Canada Day Sale @ Hotels.com

Posted by on June 22, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Canada Day Sale @ Hotels.com

Fancy a break? There’s a Canada Day sale now on at Hotels.com, where they’re offering discount of up to 30% on certain hotels, in certain Canadian cities.

Some deals are for 15%, 20%, and the 30% deals tend to apply to stays of 3 nights or more. I’m seeing deals in Calgary, Halifax, Quebec, and Vancouver, also a few American cities too. If any of those are on your list of places to visit, check out the prices on Hotels.com.

For those of you with Android or iPhones, there is a Hotels.com app which might be handy if you want to do things on your mobile instead. If you’ve made a booking on Hotels.com, you can manage your reservation from the app, which could be good to use when you are out and about on your travels.

Alternatively, there’s a summer sale advertised on Hotels.com, and if you book anything with that, you can get a free $25 gas card too. Also, there are various sales happening for New York (yes please!) and Niagara.

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