August 19

Bargainmoose Birthday Bash HUGE Canadian Giveaway: We’re 4 Years Old!

Posted by on August 19, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Bargainmoose Birthday Bash HUGE Canadian Giveaway: Were 4 Years Old!

*** Contest now closed, winner is Bargainmooser Ann!! ***

I can’t believe it! Bargainmoose is FOUR years old this month! We first posted here on the 16th of August 2008, and here we are four years, and more than ten thousand blog posts later. But this site wouldn’t exist in the form it is now without YOU guys – the Bargainmoosers! And to repay you for being my loyal Moosers, I am going to have a super-fantastic Canadian giveaway.

“What can I win,” I hear you ask. Well, you can win a NEW 16GB wi-fi iPad worth $519. Do you want it? DO YOU WANT IT!! I’ve only got an iPad 2 myself, and even I want it!!

As well as that fantastic top prize, we’re also going to be giving away TEN iPod Shuffles, each worth $49, over the course of the next ten days. Check back daily to win one of the iPod Shuffles and to gain more entries to win the new iPad. Tomorrow will be the official “Day 1″ of the contest, where we will give out the first iPod shuffle, as well as bonus entries to the new iPad contest.

First of all, if you want an entry into the contest for the new iPad:

Comment below, telling us what major events happened to you over the last four years.

Make sure you are subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email newsletter as everyone subscribed there will be automatically entered into the iPad contest.

For bonus entries:


  • Contest ends 29th August 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of bonus entry per contest per day
  • Admin’s decision is final, contest is subject to change

Well, I for one, am stoked to be giving out such a super set of prizes. I hope you will be just as excited as me!

Good luck Moosers!

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527 Comments to “Bargainmoose Birthday Bash HUGE Canadian Giveaway: We’re 4 Years Old!”

  1. Rachael says:

    I finished university and moved to a different city!

  2. Stephanie says:

    In the last four years? Wow, so much has happened. Here we go: 1) Got engaged. 2) Bought a house. 3) Got my drivers’ license finally (15 years late). 4) Bought a car. 5) Overcame my fear of singing in public. 6) Competed in a singing competition. 7) Left my 10-year permanent job to become a writer.

    Looking forward to the next 4 years!!!

  3. william troughton says:

    #1 we have a new grandson, #2 the company i worked for 20 yrs closed down and last but not least, I retired and wow this is so different and a bit of eye opener!

  4. Tom says:

    Visited India.

  5. Adriana Beukema says:

    Got kicked out of my family and moved 3 times, once to a different province.

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    shared on fb aug 29

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  7. Elizabeth says:

    The last four years have been an amazing watershed for me! I am an Aussie born in Sydney and I abandoned my home, my career and my family to start fresh in Vancouver Canada because “them there Moosses were calling!” Now four years on I am buidling a life here which is challenging but whenever I feel overwhelmed I just look out the door and there are amazing mountains all around, fresh air and not too far away the fraser river………I will find the Peace I crave.

  8. Colin says:

    In the last four years, I completed high school.

  9. Jason says:

    Over the last 4 years, I read approximately 200 books.

  10. Brad says:

    In the past four years I’ve been met with both joy and hardship. I moved away from home to enroll in University; indulging in the arts, and studying constantly. Exactly as planned. I gained many new friends, and grew a wider outlook on the ways of the world. My life was turned upside down by the tragedy of my brothers death. Things went into limbo for me for over a year. I was unable to cope, and lived alone. Given the opportunity to travel; I visited Mexico and was given a cathartic experience from the locals. To this day I live with the cheery disposition of a Taoist, letting life flow like a river, and having it bring unpredicted things my way. Lesson learned.

  11. Kari says:

    I completed my MBA

  12. erin donaldson says:

    graduated university and bought a house

  13. Matt Wilson says:

    I met the love of my life :)

  14. Sandra says:

    Rescued many stray animals.

  15. Chris Dunn says:

    I’ve been invited to a lot of weddings. Never as the one in the tux though :P

  16. renae says:

    Well in the last four years i have entered the dreaded high school,luckily i have stayed on the honor roll. I won the soccer provincials twice for my age group and i also volunteered with a group that helps the homeless and a lot more in the last 4 years!

  17. Andy says:

    My wife & I retired last year after much heartfelt debate over whether we should take the plunge or not. We have never looked back & love waking up every day to an incredible sense of freedom, although we seem to be busier now than when we were working!

  18. nadmar333 says:

    Was introduced to Bargainmoose, I finished my Masters, got my drivers license, I lived overseas for a bit, visited Chicago twice, got a job in accounting knowing nothing about accounting, quit the job in accounting, got engaged, went to San Francisco, currently chasing my dream job, and still a bargainmooser.

  19. jumpingranny says:

    Who won the iPad?

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