December 2

Bargainmoose 10 Day Christmasathon: Win an iPad Mini or Loads of Daily Prizes! (Closed)

Posted by on December 2, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Bargainmoose 10 Day Christmasathon: Win an iPad Mini or Loads of Daily Prizes! (Closed)

*** Contest now closed, winner was AgentJ ***

It’s December! This is due to be one of the busiest months we’ve ever seen here on Bargainmoose, as we’ve grown and grown so much over the last 4 and a half years. And to celebrate Christmas, we’re throwing a Christmas contest, giving away some super prizes to the Bargainmoosers.

Our star prize this Christmas is one of the latest pieces of technology from Apple – the iPad Mini! Who would like one of those!?

To enter the iPad Mini contest today:

Leave a comment below telling us why, in ten words or more, you would like to win the iPad Mini.

For bonus entries today:

  • Make sure you are subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email updates
  • Tweet a link to our Bargainmoose contest (leave link to your tweet below)
  • Share this contest on your Facebook (leave link to comment below)
  • Post a hot deal on the forums

Then, starting tomorrow, you’ll get the chance to participate in the 10 daily contests to win a $50 gift voucher each day, plus gain even more bonus entries to win that coveted iPad Mini. Come back tomorrow for more contest entries!


  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of contest entry per household
  • Ends 13th December 2012
  • Contest subject to change and admin’s decision is final

P.S. On top of all the cool swag mentioned above, I am going to have spot prizes at random times over the ten days, giving away little gifts to Bargainmoosers. These spot prizes will only last a matter of hours or even a day, so make sure you stop by the site often and try your chances at winning.

Happy Holidays Moosers!

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594 Comments to “Bargainmoose 10 Day Christmasathon: Win an iPad Mini or Loads of Daily Prizes! (Closed)”

  1. Cheryl Imayoshi says:

    The ipad is perfect for my little gradaughters. There are so many apps for kids that are fun and help learn things at the same time. The mini ipad would be perfect for their little hands.

  2. lisa says:

    Would be nice for me to connect to my son in Norman Wells NWT.

  3. Linda says:

    A ipad mini would be great to take along to the store ,or use those funny bar code things?

  4. Lori Sexton says:

    I think it’s a pretty nifty techie gaget.

  5. Nancy Smale says:

    Would like to win the i pad mini so I can connect with my grandson who lives a long way away. It seems very cool and I think he would be impressed by me using it with him.

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  7. William says:

    I would like to win an iPad Mini for myself. I haven’t purchased any device in a long time and I wish I don’t have to this year! :D

  8. ravefirell says:

    It’s got all the features of the iPad and it’s more portable! I could totally replace my cellphone with this.

  9. Kelly Mckay says:

    this would work great at the gym iphone too much quinting mini would be a lil bigger!

  10. Denise da Rosa says:

    My husband and I just got married and bought a new home. We were not able to go on a honeymoon after our wedding and also we now only have a tiny midget Christmas tree which is very empty underneath. I would love for this to be the first and probably only gift under our tiny tree for my wonderful husband who deserves a lot!!

  11. Nancy says:

    It is the number one item on my son’s wishlist and it would be such a wonderful surprise for Christmas.

  12. Mayda says:

    It would be that one super special gift that I could give to my grandson this Christmas

  13. Lori Bazan says:

    I would be the best mom ever if I could gift this to my son!

  14. Jackie Jung says:

    Well it would great to connect with family near and far.

  15. Mei says:

    A perfect gift for my daughter and get connected with her.

  16. Shannon Bowie says:

    To be able to face time with family ANYWHERE would be a dream come true! THANK YOU :)

  17. Rose Lefler says:

    My grandchildren all have IPads and they think I am so old because I don’t. I would love to show them that I am not that old!!!!!!!!

  18. says:

    I work afternoons and miss my kids who go to school during the day. We really only see eachother weekends. With an Ipad mini we could video chat if they were to use their ipod.

  19. Andrew says:

    I would love to win an iPod mini for my son so that he will free up the family laptop.

  20. arlene says:

    i don’t have a traditional office, working for an airline, so online access is not always easy. an ipad mini being so portable (even pocket-friendly) would mean staying connected, hustling from gate to gate.

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  22. Teresa Daniel says:

    I have three boys involved in various sports and need all the help I can get with organizing my life! An iPad mini would be a huge help!

  23. Kelli says:

    It is awesome – who wouldn’t want it?

  24. Katherine Williams says:

    I’d like to have an iPad Mini so that I can communicate with my family in Nova Scotia! :)

  25. drew says:

    A great gift for our entire family which will enjoy at home or away and will keep us connected with other family.

  26. Patty B says:

    As a wonderful surprise for my husband.

  27. My children all have IPads and they think I am so old because I don’t. I would love to show them that I am not that old.

  28. karly says:

    I have spent the last 11 months on Maternity leave, therefore I have had a very small income being on EI. I had to tell my kids that they were not getting very much for christmas this year. It would be nice to surprise them with this gift..

  29. murray says:

    I have 5 beautiful children that would love this gift for christmas

  30. kathy says:

    I would love this for my grandchildren when they come to visit.

  31. Krista says:

    I would like this so I can connect with friends and family :)

  32. Carm says:

    Would love to be able to win an iPad – great contest, thank you.

  33. katrina lopez says:

    If we win the Ipad mini, my 4y/o daughter and 2y/o twin daughters, will be very happy to play games and watch videos together when we go out to keep them busy. Thanks, merry christmas to all especially bargain moose!

  34. Mary Jane says:

    I would love to win the Ipad Mini so I can use it when I am travelling to stay in touch with family.

  35. Judy Williams says:

    I would love to win this for my grandkids – they love electronic gamees and I might get to use my computer when they come for a sleepover if I had an ipad

  36. cindy says:

    I would love to be able to connect with my family through facetime, unfortunately we can only voice chat right now… :)

  37. Brad K says:

    I would really like an iPad mini so I could use it all over the house and stream music .

  38. Camelot5 says:

    I have an iPad and absoltuley love it! I would like to win the iPad mini for my Mom because I know she would really use it a lot and love it just as much as I love my iPad.

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