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AwesomeBooks Coupons: 4 For 3 or 20% Off

Posted by on August 3, 2013 at 4:00 PM

AwesomeBooks Coupons: 4 For 3 or 20% Off

Awesome Books is a company out of the UK that has truly fabulous deals on books. Right now they have two really remarkable offers that I wanted to share, where you can get four books for the price of three or get 20% off your order. Enjoy free shipping when you order two or more books.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: pick443 (expired)
  • Discount: 4 For 3 Bargain Bin Books
  • Expiry: Unknown
  • Coupon Code: pick20 (expired)
  • Discount: 20% Off Bargain Bin or Used Books
  • Expiry: Unknown

The four books for the price of three offer is only on bargain bin books. However, the 20% off coupon can be used on bargain bin books and used books as well.

We don’t often post about companies from overseas but once in a while I like to post about this company. Their free shipping to Canada on book orders of two or more is really worth its weight in gold, and with the school year coming up I often turn to book companies like these for my books. As I am an English major I am often reading old novels and books that I can get for pretty cheap from companies like AwesomeBooks. Since the book-lists for most universities are out now I welcome deals like these!

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70 Comments to “AwesomeBooks Coupons: 4 For 3 or 20% Off”

  1. kavi says:

    expired code!

  2. Anna Waters says:

    Thanks for letting us know kavi :)

  3. kavi says:

    Hi all!

    ‘summer10′ for 10% off bargain bin and used items….what are you waiting for?
    best Regards..Kavi

  4. kavi says:


    gets you four bargain bins books for the price of 3books…
    One book totally free!!!!

  5. CANADIANFAN says:

    Thanks so much for these codes.
    I am, ( to my wife’s unhappiness ) a HUGE book lover & reader and these codes make my favorite hardcovers AFFORDABLE to me.
    It’s VERY generous of you to share.
    Thanks again from Canada North

  6. I agree! Awesome Books is one of my favourite places to buy books from! :-) Besides, you can often get the UK covers which are often better than the US covers for the same books!

    • CANADIANFAN says:

      You’re right!
      Often, it has happened that a book I wish to review on is NOT EVEN LISTED by ISBN as it was, I presume, a Brit-only release.
      BTW I am up to over 400 reviews on
      Thanks again for the code…..I will, of course, post any that I find…..the latest was LIT20 which I didn’t post here….but did on 2 other sites but this may now be my ONLY Awesome code place….LOL

  7. thesilentman says:

    Does someone know, when “backtoschool” code expires, please?

  8. […] last time I posted Awesome Books coupons, I received a really good response from the community! CanadianFan […]

  9. kavi says:

    ‘lang10′ gives 10% off used and bargain bin items..
    as at 05.10.2013

  10. CANADIANFAN says:

    backtoschool still working…….got 1 free this morning.
    Thanks again!

  11. CANADIANFAN says:

    backtoschool still working…bought 8 and 2 were free today

  12. kavi says:


  13. CANADIANFAN says:

    I’m happy to say that cs20 still works as well as backtoschool
    Didn’t try the others though although christmas20 no longer works

  14. CANADIANFAN says:

    Nothing new for 2014 yet?
    Have a bunch I want to buy but don’t like paying the ‘full’ price so I’ll wait ’till a new code arrives….soon I hope

  15. CANADIANFAN says:

    I see they are getting rid of the free shipping effective this Sunday and was hoping to sneak in with a purchase before that…naturally coupon-inspired!

  16. kavi says:

    hurry10=10% off used & bargain bin..
    enjoy…keep yur eyes peeled for 20%,


  17. kavi says:

    WBD10=10% off on 3+ used and bargain books !

    • Elias says:

      Any coupons or discounts lately from awesome books? They are becoming stingy and now apply shipping fees to Canada.

  18. CANADIANFAN says:

    No coupons yet.
    As a side issue I had posted my displeasure ( quite polite as well ) with their shipping costs to Canada and DESPITE their claims to the contrary they HAVE deleted ALL my posts….AND blocked my ability to leave any others on their site.
    I was shocked to say the least as they had earlier replied to an Italian lady that they had not in fact edited her post when she inquired why they had.
    It is now clear that awesomebooks is firm in their shipping costs and will brook no nay-sayers to their new and obviously VERY unpopular policy.
    Why they did not instead opt for a scaled shipping like most other sites with a reasonable initial cost and a minimum increase for each additional book.
    I can see, as I am sure, many of you can, a SERIOUS reduction in the number and variety of ‘new’ incoming books to the site.
    I’m sure this reflects the poor feeling many people have and shows up in substantially reduced sales.
    They have pushed themselves into a spiral of reduced sales and increasing costs……as my grandmother used to say….it’ll all end in tears.
    ’nuff said.
    Hope this post remains for at least a short time….we’ll see how strong the awesomebook leverage is.

  19. kavi says:

    april20=20% off used books
    valid till 15.04.2014.!!
    enjoy! :)

  20. Thanks for keeping this thread alive guys! :-)

  21. CANADIANFAN says:

    Thanks for this most WONDERFUL coupon….in fact with my order it actually made up for the new inflated shipping cost so I’m quite happy.
    10 % didn’t do it for me but 20 does.
    Happy reading everyone!

  22. Daisy says:

    Thanks so much for continuing to provide coupons Kavi – I have been coming back to this thread for almost a year now and you are almost single-handedly keeping my book addiction alive. I am SO grateful!!!

  23. micek27 says:

    I agree with Daisy.
    Kavi, You are a wonderful person –Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these coupons with us! Thanks for sharing HAPPINESS among people.
    I really apreciate it!

  24. Daisy says:

    My turn to share a coupon if you missed out on the april one: get 20% off with ‘may20′

  25. kavi says:

    Hi everybody! I am glad to see that this thread is still going strong after so much time…thank you all for your inputs!
    Summer15=15% on used 5+ books..
    enjoy..have a nice weekend!

  26. CANADIANFAN says:

    Unfortunately the summer15 is already invalid.
    I have a bunch in my want list so I’ll just wait until another one comes along.
    Thanks to Kavi,Daisy and Avigayil for regularly posting FANTASTIC coupons.
    Thanks so much.

  27. kavi says:

    break10=10% 5+ used books

  28. CANADIANFAN says:

    Thanks Peter for the lit20……worked for a long time but as of today none of them seem to work….not even little break10.
    Got a bunch in my wantlist so I’ll just be patient I guess.

  29. CANADIANFAN says:

    Great code Peter…….glad I waited.
    I purchased 18 books so it was a HUGE savings for me.
    Thank you very much for my 4 free books!!!!!!
    I owe you a tall can now.

  30. Peter says:

    I have only one thing to say: AWESOME20

  31. CANADIANFAN says:

    Once again thank you Peter……it doesn’t get better…..books20 just ended

  32. Artemisia Melitini says:

    The last two codes are both valid. I just placed my order with awesome20 and it worked, but I also checked books20 as well. Thank you so much!!!!

  33. Karoline says:

    Thanks Peter, also just used awesome20 and it worked…hurray!

    – 10% off when you buy 5 or more Used and Bargain Bin Books until midnight on Monday 3rd November.

  35. kavi says:

    WINTER10 wins you 10% off 4+ used books..Enjoy
    merry xmas and happy new year to you all!

  36. KAVI says:


    GO FOR IT!!! STILL WORKING 05.01.2015!!!!!


  37. CANADIANFAN says:

    Sadly, the awesome20 no longer works so I’ll wait until a new 20% shows up.
    I can’t afford them without it.
    Thanks to those that contribute these great coupons…Kavi, Avigayil and Peter among others.

  38. CANADIANFAN says:

    I just tried awesome20 for the heck of it….along with a huge bunch of old codes and guess what…..awesome20 works AGAIN….how long is anyone’s guess but right now it’s working

  39. kavi says:

    Hi everybody

    ‘Spring 15′ brings 15% off any purchase of used books total> 23$(15 pounds)

  40. CANADIANFAN says:

    Darn it!!
    ‘Nothing good at all right now……hope something comes along ’cause I have 8 books a’waitin

  41. Daisy says:

    New Easter Coupon:

    10% off 5+ books = SPRING10

    and – not sure for how long – but AWESOME20 was also working again this morning :)

  42. kavi says:

    valid up to 27.04.15
    enjoy ladies and gentlemen!

  43. KAVI says:

    AWESOME20= timeless favorite , always working..easter egg!!

  44. CANADIANFAN says:

    Sadly KAVI……after a VERY long time, the awesome20 coupon died today.
    I’ll have to wait until another 20% pops up…..I’m spoiled now and nothing else will do.
    Have a great new year everyone!

  45. CANADIANFAN says:

    boxday good for 10%

  46. CANADIANFAN says:

    BTW…..just for giggles I tried awesome20 for the last 3 days and no go but today…..IT WORKS!

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