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April 27

WagJag Canada: $20 For $40 @ 1800 Flowers

Posted by on April 27, 2015 at 11:03 AM

WagJag Canada: $20 For $40 @ 1800 Flowers

With Mother’s Day coming up, flowers might be one of the first things on your mind. WagJag’s got a great deal on right now, where you can buy $40 worth of flowers from 1800Flowers, but pay only $20 for them, essentially getting yourself $20 off your purchase.

To be honest, every woman I know loves getting flowers. There were times when money was short and my husband bought me flowers and part of me felt like it was a waste of what little money we had, but the other part of me was so happy to be appreciated with a beautiful bouquet. I think generally most people don’t buy themselves flowers, but when you have a gorgeous bunch in your kitchen or living room or even on your desk at work, it does make you feel happier. This is not just because they look so pretty and smell so nice, but because you can think about the person who took the time to give them to you.

For all those moms out there who really have everything, flowers are a nice way to go. Usually you would spend quite a bit getting flowers delivered, but with this deal, you’ll save $20. Now, I do know there are shipping costs associated with 1800Flowers, but they are less than $20, so you can look at this way – you are saving the shipping, plus a little bit more. If you can’t be there to deliver, or you like the surprise of the doorbell ringing and your mom (or wife) getting flowers, then it is worth that extra charge.

The voucher will expire on June 30th, so this is ideally used for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day if your dad would appreciate flowers. But, you can use it for any upcoming event, like a birthday, wedding shower, anniversary, or whatever you choose by this date.

Just having a look around 1800Flowers website, I see flowers starting from just $29.99 and I’d love to get any of them. I love sunflowers and you can get 10 stems for $49.99, which will be $29.99 plus shipping with your voucher from WagJag.

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April 27

Staples Canada: 10% Off Toner & Additional $20 off $100

Posted by on April 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Staples Canada: 10% Off Toner & Additional $20 off $100

Staples has a great deal on right now that will get you all stocked up on toner. First, they’ve got 10% off HP, Canon and Brother toner cartridges. Then, when you get your items into the cart, you can click the links below to get yourself a unique coupon code that will get you an additional $20 off your $100 purchase.

Click here to shop the toner sale @ now

Click here to get your coupon for $20 off $100 on toners

Because there are so many different types of toner depending on your printer, I can’t go and list the deductions you’ll get for each one. I will find a few and give you some price comparisons though, because it is nice to see what you will really be saving.

Just a regular everyday toner cartridge like the HP 98A black toner, this item is regularly $173.50 at Staples. That is already a lower price than the competitors I found it selling at. Now, add an extra 10% off, bringing it down to $156.15. Then, add your unique coupon code above, which brings the total down to $136.15 including shipping.

As a price comparison for this cartridge, I found this exact one at Costco for $169.99, Canada Computers for $179.99, and at HP for $187.99. You are saving a minimum of $30 on this item alone.

If you do have a few toners you’d like to buy, you might be best to do separate orders, as you only get the one $20 coupon off.

Don’t get fooled like I did, and think that this sale is on all ink for your printer. This sale is only on toners and not inks, which means it is only for laser printers. Considering I don’t even have my own printer and my husband buys the ink for his, I had no idea there was actually a difference. This is what happens when you don’t work outside your home for over ten years!

Because you’ll be spending over $100, your shipping will be free on this Staples purchase.

Photo credit: Suzanne Cezanne

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April 27

Sumo Lounge Promo Code: Omni Reloaded Chair Was $199 | Now $99

Posted by on April 27, 2015 at 8:55 AM

Sumo Lounge Promo Code: Omni Reloaded Chair Was $199 | Now $99

If you are looking for a portable, lightweight and positionable bean bag chair for by the pool, at the beach, playing video games and more, the Omni Reloaded from Sumo Lounge is your chair. Regularly $199, you’ll get a discount of $100 by entering the coupon code below, paying only $99 with free shipping for this item!

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: OMNIR99
  • Discount: $100 off the Omni Reloaded
  • Expiry: Unknown

I actually have this versatile adult bean bag chair in fuchsia. I got mine for taking camping, as it packs down easily and has its own carrying case. The neon pink was a welcome addition to our natural surroundings. To be honest, I didn’t get to sit in my chair a lot, as my kids stole it from me most of the time. When the kids were off riding their bikes, I would relax and lay back to read and found it comfortable, which is saying a lot since I have many back issues.

The only thing I didn’t like it for with camping is that I was too low to the grounds and spiders kept crawling on me. So, I moved the chair to our basement, where we use it when we play video games. It works quite nicely for this. If I do get a pool one day, I am going to use it as a lounger by the pool and maybe get a few more to match, especially at this hot price.

It looks like only the three colours are left in stock, which are orange, lime and fuchsia. It is nice to get a bright colour like these for a chair like this. You wouldn’t want to get a boring neutral.

There are plenty of reviews on the Sumo Lounge site, like this one:

My wife loves to read in be but struggles to find a comfortable position with various pillows. I figured the Sumo Lounge would be a lot more comfortable. My wife absolutely loves it. The lounge provides great support and comfort. If you like to read and watch TV in bed you must purchase this product.

I find it very interesting that his wife uses it to read in bed. I’m going to totally have to try this! I also struggle to find a comfortable position while reading in bed.

Bargainmoosers, what do you think of this chair?

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April 24

Mark’s Canada: 40% Off Denver Hayes Plus $10 Off & Free Shipping On $50

Posted by on April 24, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Marks Canada: 40% Off Denver Hayes Plus $10 Off & Free Shipping On $50

I’ll say it again – I love stackable deals! This weekend Mark’s has 40% off Denver Hayes casual shoes (plus a few other sales). Once you’ve spent $50 on your new shoes or other items from Mark’s, take another $10 off with coupon code APRILSAVINGS2015. Once you’ve got that discount in the bag, add the exclusive coupon code MOOSEFREESHIP to get free shipping on that order as well, saving you another $6.50.

If you are looking at your closet and realizing you don’t have enough casual shoes for spring and want to get those boots put away, this sale at Mark’s will be just up your alley. They’ve got 40% off shoes for both men and women (although the women’s section far outstocks the men’s).

While I truly love my Toms, they are getting kind of boring and I don’t want to spend $50+ to get another pair. I need something a little more inexpensive with a little more flair, like these Denver Hayes terry canvas peep toe wedges. These would look cute with a skirt or pants. Regularly $49.99, get them for $29.99.

I know my husband would be ecstatic to get these Denver Hayes stockholm low lace-up casual shoes. I love the look of these and he has paid about $100 for other shoes similar to these from Aldo. Regularly $74.99, they are now $44.99.

Getting both those pairs of shoes will save me a total of $60, plus the shipping costs.

Another sale of note on Mark’s site right now is on their Windriver packable jackets. Regularly $39.99, they are on sale for $23.99. While Windriver is a brand that only Mark’s sells (I believe), I searched the web for other packable jackets. While there are brand names that sell these types of jackets like The North Face, the prices were at least three times as high as these. If you want an inexpensive packable jacket, this is a great deal, especially if you buy two (plus something else small) and get the additional $10 off and the free shipping.

(Expiry: 26th April 2015)

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April 24

Amazon Canada: Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker Was $84 | Now $53 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 24, 2015 at 11:40 AM

Amazon Canada: Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker Was $84 | Now $53 & Free Shipping

With summer coming, you may be dreaming about frosty treats. Honestly, I’m always dreaming about ice cream. Amazon’s got a great deal on today that will save you money on your ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet, because you can make it yourself. Regularly $83.99, you can get the Cuisinart frozen yogurt, ice cream and sorbet maker for only $52.99, with free shipping, today only.

If you are a browser of Pinterest, you may have seen many, many recipes for homemade ice cream. What I like about making my own ice cream is that I know what’s in it. I am not a fan of dairy, so I can make mine with almond milk. I can also control the amount of sugar that goes in and I know that all of my ingredients are natural and there are no added chemicals or additives. On top of that, I am a big candy in ice cream fan and I can add whatever candy I like, or if I want to keep it light, whatever fruit I want. There is just something about coconut ice cream that gets me giddy.

If you need more persuasion as to why you need an ice cream maker, check out this article I wrote last year on 6 DIY ice cream recipes that will save you money by making your own. I still need to try that peanut butter pretzel chunk. I’m licking my lips right now.

Now, back to the actual ice cream maker – this machine is fully automatic, makes frozen goodness in about 20 minutes and is large capacity at about 1 1/2 quarts, so your whole family gets a taste.

There are many reviews on Amazon for this product, with the large majority giving it a 5-star rating. Everyone loves this machine and how easy it is to use.

Shopping around the net, I found that this Cuisinart ice cream maker sells for about $75 to $99 at Canadian retailers, although this model doesn’t sell at many places. I am going to assume this is an older model, but with the plentiful and happy reviews it has, I’m going to think it doesn’t matter.

Shipping is going to be free on this purchase and you only have until the end of today to buy this deal.

Photo credit: Mi Mitrika

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April 23

Threadless (U.S.): All Youth Tees Were $25 | Now $13

Posted by on April 23, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Threadless (U.S.): All Youth Tees Were $25 | Now $13

We haven’t blogged about Threadless in a while, and while browsing Twitter, I saw that they have a good promotion going on featuring youth t-shirts. Normally $25, they are now $13, with hundreds of styles to choose from.These shirts are very original and your kid is pretty much guaranteed not have to the same one as someone else. This really helps when you are perusing the school’s lost and found, trust me.

I am a big advocate of being unique. While I have bought my kids clothing from Costco, I do find that six other kids will have the same sweater because their mothers also had the same idea. I can’t even count how many kids had the exact same Roots backpack and lunch bag bought from Costco this year. I think originality is important and spending the money to get it is what’s needed.

While I wouldn’t spend $25 plus shipping to get these t-shirts, I would definitely spend $13 plus shipping, as this discount pretty much covers my shipping.

There are some very cute and interesting styles like:

Threadless does ship from the U.S., so all prices are in USD and you have the potential for duties at the door. You’ll also be charged shipping on what you buy, with a minimum of $9.90 being charged to me.

While it is only t-shirts on sale for the kids, and not the hoodies, there are a few styles of long-sleeved tops that are on sale, from $25, down to $9.95.

I also see that Threadless has a very cool promotion that will make you want to buy a tee. For every t-shirt you buy, they’ll donate $1 to a local conservation organization. If you have decided not to buy a tee today, just sign up for their newsletter and they’ll donate $1 anyway. You have until this Friday to get in on that action.

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April 23

Frank & Oak Canada Spring Sale Coupon Code: 30% Off Sitewide

Posted by on April 23, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Frank & Oak Canada Spring Sale Coupon Code: 30% Off Sitewide

If you’ve been thinking about the trendy styles at Frank & Oak since I blogged them last, well I’ve got good news for you. Right now they have a very rare coupon code out for 30% off sitewide. Looking back to the coupon codes we have listed for them, they’ve never before had a code this high, even on Black Friday. They did once have 33% off, but you had to buy three or more items. With this coupon, you can buy what you like and still get 30% off.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: SPRINGSALE30
  • Discount: 30% off
  • Expiry: 26th April 2015

With Father’s Day soon to be, getting gifts for Dad or the father of your children is a no-brainer. I love to buy my husband clothing as a gift because he rarely shops for himself and truly, I have better style than he does.

This summer plaid shirt will be a go-to for my husband, who likes to golf and wear a casual style that isn’t sloppy. Regularly $45, it comes down to $32 with the coupon added.

The apothecary section had me very intrigued and in it, I found many items that would make perfect gifts, since you don’t need to know what size your Dad is (or guess his style). Unfortunately, the coupon is not applicable to this section, but I wanted to mention this Prospector Co. Burroughs beard oil that sounds luscious and will make all the hipsters rejoice. Although my husband is not a hipster, he has a newly-sported beard and would relish this as a gift. $28. Since you are going to pay a flat rate of $6 for shipping, there is no harm in adding additional items to your cart.

Bags and wallets also make beautiful gifts, especially when its something like this genuine Italian leather weekender bag. My husband would love this for business trips and weekends away with his boys. Regularly $335, it takes $100 off in the cart with the coupon, down to $235.

If you sign up for The Hunt Club, you’ll get free shipping on your order (plus a few other perks).

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April 23

Modern Furniture: Union Square Office Chair Was $340 | Now $247 & Free Shipping With Exclusive Coupon

Posted by on April 23, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Modern Furniture: Union Square Office Chair Was $340 | Now $247 & Free Shipping With Exclusive Coupon

I just happened upon the store the other day. I was seriously pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous furniture they have and my mind went to “I want all the things” mode immediately. I am designing a home office for myself and have decided I want it to be modern and industrial in style. This Union Square office chair will fit perfectly within that style. It was great to see that it was on sale from $339, down to $257. It was even better when I found out we have an exclusive coupon code that gets me another $10 off, so I’m only paying $247 for this gorgeous chair. Use the coupon code BARGAINMOOSE to see your $10 discount on any item from Modern Furniture.

While this might not be a chair I’d want to work in all day, it looks really good with antique metal accents and a solid wood frame. This one is white, but the natural is also on sale, from $389, down to $359.55 with coupon added.

Lowe’s carries this chair in antique black or natural for $450. Bay Design carries it for $407 in the black. Those are the only Canadian retailers where I see it for sale. Other than those, carries the white for $308.45 USD. The price at Modern Furniture far beats out everyone else.

There are other clearance deals to be had, and this coupon is applicable to anything on the site. Because they have free shipping on orders over $50, you could do separate orders to make the most of the coupon and still get free shipping. We have had this coupon for a while, but we haven’t mentioned it to you yet and I think you deserve to know about this great site.

I am also eying up this Boudiur chest, which would so gorgeous in a dining room or even in my kitchen. Regularly $889, you’ll get it for $627.

You can see all of the deals here, with up to 50% off a large number of categories including art and lighting as well.

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April 22

Earth Day Coupon Roundup

Posted by on April 22, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Earth Day Coupon Roundup

As I mentioned earlier, today is Earth Day! And retailers always take advantage of these special days with coupon codes celebrating. We’ve got a whack of one-day and longer coupon codes celebrating our planet. Many of them are on green and eco-friendly products, which is pretty nice too. Feel good while you shop. Have a look and see what interests you.

Baby Green Sprout – Take 10% off your order with coupon code EARTHDAY at this mom and baby specialty store.

L’Occitane - Use coupon code EARTH to get 50% off eco-refills when you buy the full-sized product. You’ll also get free shipping on $25 today and over the weekend with the coupon. – Take an extra 15% off all green and natural products at for Earth Day with coupon code LOVEGREEN15.

ECS Coffee – Today only, use the promo code EARTHDAY to take 10% off your order.

CafePress - Use the coupon code EARTH25 to get 25% eco-friendly canvas totes and water bottles in celebration of Earth Day at CafePress.

Manitoba Harvest - With this awesome Earth Day coupon code, get 35% off the entire Manitoba Harvest site. Use EARTHDAY20 to get your discount.

Ardene – Ardene’s got 22% off everything with coupon code TREEHUGGER, today only.

Chartreuse Style – They’ll keep you in style and you’ll get 15% off with EARTH2015 used at checkout in the coupon code spot.

BBC Canada – Of course they’re going to give you a great discount with coupon code EARTH3, which gets you 20% off Natural History at BBC Canada.

My Little Green Shop – Another green store giving 20% off everything with their promo code EARTH20.

Kiehls – Spend $35 and get a deluxe skin care set with promo code EARTH and you’ll also score free shipping at $60.

Avenue Supply – They’ve also got a coupon code to use for Earth Day. Get 10% off recycled items with AVEARTH.

I know there will be a few more coupons coming in throughout the day, and you can find them all in our coupon forum. If there is a store you particularly like and want to know every time a new coupon is updated, simply enter your name into the subscribe box and you’ll get an email when one becomes available. So simple!

Photo credit: Andres Nieto Porras

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April 22

Roots Canada Promo Code: Exclusive 25% Off Everything (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 22, 2015 at 10:46 AM

Roots Canada Promo Code: Exclusive 25% Off Everything (EXPIRED)

Roots is about to launch its Customer Appreciation Sale, but they’ve given us an exclusive coupon code for our readers to shop early, so you can get your deals before they sell out! Get an exclusive 25% off anything on the site with our coupon code.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSECAE
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: 22nd April 2015

You only have today to pre-shop before everyone else with this coupon code. I love that it includes the sale items as well, because I see some very nice deals in that section. Note that once you add the coupon to your cart, you’ll see the after-coupon price on the items on their individual pages.

I’m definitely picking up this Bryde coat for the chilly summer nights to come. With a bonded fleece interior, this hoodie/coat will keep you warm through all season. I love that it is long, so it covers my backside and that it has some cute detailing in the front. This is really something that could be your go-to for throwing on when it is cooler (like today!). Regularly $130, on sale for $79.99, add our coupon code to get this coat for only $59.99.

He’ll need a hoodie too and this Explore Canada pullover hoodie is another great go-to piece. In black or plum with varying sizes available, this hoodie was $118 and is on sale for $54.98, but comes right down to $41.23 after coupon.

Since I can’t shop for myself without shopping for the kids, I was attracted to these super cute Alexis printed leggings. Regularly $16, on sale for $12.88, they come down to $9.66 with coupon.

Of course, you don’t just have to buy on sale items with this coupon. Regular priced items are fair game and its nice to get 25% off them too. This Taiga lace cardi is so perfect for summer days when there is a cool breeze, or even to throw on over your bathing suit at the beach. I would never pay $88 for it, but $66 is much more my style.

Shipping is free once you’ve spent $50, so stock your cart and get everything you need while you can get that extra 25% off.

Roots Canada Promo Code: Exclusive 25% Off Everything (EXPIRED)

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April 22

Amazon Canada: Over 70% Off Earth Series DVD & Blu-Rays (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 22, 2015 at 9:57 AM

Amazon Canada: Over 70% Off Earth Series DVD & Blu Rays (EXPIRED)

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, Amazon has some fantastic deals on earth-type documentaries and shows, with some of them being over 70% off.

While I’ve only watched a few minutes of some of the Planet Earth series, it has really been on my to-do list to sit down as a family and watch these very important shows. My kids (and I) need to learn about our beautiful earth, so we try to take care of it. I know they would love to see a show such as this, as they love animals and love learning about our world.

The best deal I found during this sale is Planet Earth: The Complete Series (Special Edition) on Blu-ray. It was $99.90 and is now $26.49. With $256 ratings, all of those reviewers can’t be wrong giving it almost five stars. The cheapest I’ve seen it selling elsewhere is $85, which makes this a very kick-butt deal.

The series Life (UK version) looks fascinating as well. Again, this one has a 4.5 star rating. Regularly $74.98 for the DVD version, it is on sale for $29.49. The Blu-ray was $87.48 and is now $24.49. Interesting enough that the blu-ray is cheaper at Amazon, but Walmart sells the DVD for about $70 and the blu-ray version for $94. Again, another priceless deal.

If you like National Geographic, you’ll want to watch The Nature Collection on DVD. This one is $50 off, with a regular price of $69.95 and is on sale for $19.99. Walmart sells this collection for $60, although it is out of stock.

There is a really great selection of videos on DVD and Blu-ray to choose from besides the ones I’ve mentioned. Amazon offers free shipping on orders that are $25+ so you’ll want to ensure your cart is past that total so you don’t pay extra shipping fees. I know I’m going to stock up on a few for those rainy days this summer where we are stuck inside the house or our trailer. At least if we can’t get outside to see nature, we can watch it on our television.

Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre

(Expiry: 22nd April 2015)

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April 21

Fit4Balance Coupon Code: $20 Off $100 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 21, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Fit4Balance Coupon Code: $20 Off $100 & Free Shipping

Have you shopped at Fit4Balance yet? Now might be the time, as they have a hot coupon code out this week for $20 off $100. The coupon codes they usually have out are for about 10% off, or if you buy more, you get an increased discount. They have had this $20 off coupon before, but it was a long time ago, so if you like getting a flat $20 off your bill, this is the coupon to use this week.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: 20off
  • Discount: $20 off $100
  • Expiry: 27th April 2015

This coupon also works on clearance items, so if you are like me, you are going to fill your cart with already discounted merchandise then take your extra $20 off.

I haven’t been keeping up my fitness regime and today when I went to yoga, I paid for it. I shudder to think what will happen when I do something heavier than yoga. But, that is my fault for losing track. To get back on track, I always like to get myself some new fitness clothing and a pair of shoes, since they should be replaced often.

I am love with this HKNB run jacket. HK stands for Heidi Klum, who does have incredible fashion sense (and the body I’d love to have). I love the contrasting mesh at the back and the metallic looking reflective stripes on the arms. You can get black in large or pink in small, medium or large. Regularly $119.99, it is on sale for $69.99. I found it at both Canadian and U.S. retailers selling it for no less than $120, so this is a fantastic deal.

And because my husband says I always shop for me and he has no clothing (he really doesn’t, you should see our shared closet), I want to get him this New Balance essential full-zip hoodie. He looks so good in red and hoodies are perfect for his day-to-day lifestyle. Regularly $64.99, it is on sale for $44.99.

If I had bought both items at regular price, I would have paid $184.98, but my grand total is $94.98 instead.

Fit4Balance always has free shipping, no matter what you spend, which is a nice bonus on this order or any other you might want to make.

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April 21

Get the Shu Uemura Starter Kit (Worth $100) For $49 With Promo Code (FS @ $75)

Posted by on April 21, 2015 at 1:54 PM

Get the Shu Uemura Starter Kit (Worth $100) For $49 With Promo Code (FS @ $75)

If you’ve been wanting to try out Shu Uemura, I’ve got a good deal that will get you some of their bestsellers and favourites in one package at a great price. The Shu Uemura starter kit is regularly $59 and worth $100, but add the coupon code SHUPRISE10 to get another $10 off, paying only $49 for this set.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to change up my beauty routine. I always enjoy trying new cosmetics and find new favourites, like I recently did with Smashbox. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Shu Uemura, so now might be the time I take the plunge and try out their starter kit.

The coupon I mentioned above can be used for anything on the site, so feel free not to limit yourself, but you just need to spend $50. I thought I’d tell you about the starter kit, because it is fantastic deal already, but I’ve made it even that much better by getting you another $10 off.

This starter kit is a limited edition kit, so once it is gone, it is gone and there are limited quantities. It includes:

  • heart and flower by murakami s curler – I couldn’t find this on their site, but it looks quite a bit like this new generation eyelash s curler, which is $27 with a little chain and figure attached
  • TSUYA underbase Mousse – this mousse helps to conceal imperfections before you put on your makeup – $46
  • Tokyo Lash Mascara (black) – $29
  • Mini Gloss PK70C (pink) – $30 for full size
  • shu holiday make-up pouch – not on the site

You’ll basically get the whole kit while only paying for the mousse. This kit has varying reviews, but most reviewers think it has great value. Generally, people are reviewing the products in the bag, which you can also find on each product’s page. They also say the bag is different from what is pictured. Overall, every reviewer recommended the product, even if it doesn’t have a five-star rating.

I love the value of the set because even you minus the underbase it’s still a good price.

You’ll need to get your total up to $75 to get free shipping or pay $7 for shipping.

(Expiry: 22nd April 2015)

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April 21

Joe Fresh Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 30% Off Sale Items

Posted by on April 21, 2015 at 1:08 PM

Joe Fresh Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 30% Off Sale Items

Joe Fresh has some very versatile styles that look good on men, women and children. Their sale section rocks and what rocks even more is that we’ve got an exclusive coupon code to make those sale items rock even more. Use the coupon code below to get another 30% off all sale items. Generally, the largest coupons I see from Joe Fresh are for about 25% off, with the very few and far between coupons for this much.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: EXTRAMOOSE
  • Discount: Extra 30% off sale
  • Expiry: 23rd April 2015

You don’t just have to shop the sale section to use this coupon. Right now, Joe Fresh also has 25% off Essential tops for men and women when you buy two or more. Regularly $12 each, if you buy two, you’ll get two for $18. After you add the coupon code, you’ll get two tops for $12.60, which is $6.30 a top – almost 50% off. They’ve got every colour in these tops for both women and men, which make a perfect go-with-anything (hence, essential) top.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before how much I love Joe Fresh for my kids. A large amount of their clothing is JF, mainly because it looks good, is durable and I always wait to get it on sale. My boys have these button down plaid shirts, and they each wore one yesterday for their picture day at school. Regularly $16, they are on sale for $7.94, but once you’ve added your coupon, you’ll get them for $5.56 each. That’s pretty sweet!

The only thing I can complain about with Joe Fresh is that I always find their girl’s section is much larger than the boy’s section. If you have a girl, this won’t matter to you, but with three boys, I’d like the same selection. But, I do have some nieces and when I see the cute clothes that Joe Fresh has for girls, I get giddy with wanting to buy them all the clothes. Take this super cute toddler girl’s turtleneck sweater dress for example. Perfect to store until next fall, it was regularly $22, on sale for $6.94 and comes right down to $4.86 after coupon!

Shipping is free on a $50 spend, so take full advantage of this coupon and fill your cart to avoid those fees.

Joe Fresh Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 30% Off Sale Items

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April 20

Carters OshKosh Canada: Girls Leggings Were $10 | Now $5 With Exclusive Coupon Code

Posted by on April 20, 2015 at 9:50 AM

Carters OshKosh Canada: Girls Leggings Were $10 | Now $5 With Exclusive Coupon Code

I truly love a deal on top of a deal. Right now at Carter’s OshKosh, you can get girl’s leggings for only $6, with a regular price of $10. Add the exclusive coupon code CAOKBM15 to get an additional 15% off and bring your total for the leggings down to $5.10.

Leggings are such a versatile go-to wardrobe item for girls and women. I have so many pairs of leggings and if I had a little girl, she would too. They are so comfortable and you can wear them with dresses, skirts or tops. Carters OshKosh has so many styles too, so you have a large selection to choose from.

These OshKosh B’gosh knit capri leggings come in a bright sort of neon green and navy. Sizes 4 to 12 are available in both colours. There are other neon colours available, like coral and pink, as well.

If prints are more her style, there are a variety of those to choose from as well. These heart print stretch leggings are very cute, and would look pretty for spring paired with a graphic tee.

What’s cool about this coupon is that there are no exclusions. All clearance and doorcrashers are fair game and will deduct that extra 15% off.

If you wanted something to pair with those leggings, I love the look of this OshKosh B’gosh TLC puff-print tunic. It was regularly $14, as a doorcrasher for $10, but with our coupon, you’ll pay $8.50.

Because I have boys, I couldn’t do a Carters OshKosh post without mentioning some boy items. Right now they’ve got accessories at buy two and get one free. Guess what? You can add the 15% off on top of that as well. I wanted to stock up on mitts for next year since I have about 15 right hands right now and all the lefts are gone. How this happens, I’d really like to know. But, instead of pondering how the universe works, I’ll just spend barely any money and get them new mitts for next year.

This Carter’s 2-pack of gripper gloves were $6 a pack and are now $2.99. I added three packs (six pairs in total) to my cart and the total came to $5.98, minus $.90, for a total of $5.08, which is less than $1 per pair.

You do have to pay for shipping, at a flat rate of $8, which is Carter’s OshKosh’s standard shipping fee. Since you have to pay it anyway, you might as well stock your cart as much as you can to get your money’s worth.

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