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Apple iPad Now Available In Canada

Posted by on June 1, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Apple iPad Now Available In Canada

Ok folks, this is not technically a deal, but I wanted to put up a quick post because of all the hype surrounding the Apple iPad. You can now purchase your very own iPad from The Apple Store online!

You can buy the iPad from $549 for the 16GB model, and they go right up to $879 for the 64GB model!

I’ve seen so many things on a lot of sites across the web about iPads. I am particularly interested in how good a portable gaming device it will be. I am in love with lots of little puzzle games like Plants vs Zombies, Braid, Crayon Physics, Bejwelled.  I am interested to know if these games would work on the iPad at all, and how well you could play them. I’d love to try them out but I don’t know any friends who own an iPad yet! I need to make friends with some richer people Apple iPad Now Available In Canada

I also read a lot on my Sony ebook reader, and wondering if it is any way comparable to reading books on the iPad. I hear the e-ink technology used in the Sony reader is a lot better for reading, but I would still love to see some colour books on the iPad.

What do you think of the iPad?

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  1. Avigayil says:

    I hear it is rather heavy, which might be problematic for the wrists unless your going to rest it on your lap or against something. LOL.. listen to me not appreciating an apple product….

    I am an Apple junky. I have a macbook computer and an ipod touch. When the contract on my current phone expires, I will be getting a iphone. But the iPad to me was a bad idea. I was hoping they would come out with a netbook first. For e-readers, I am really liking the look of Chapter’s new Kobo reader, and how it comes with 100 free books on it.

  2. I’ve owned the iPad for quite some time now and really like, love it actually. It can be a little difficult to carry around at times but really I can’t complain because it really trumps my old Netbook hands down.
    Another thing that makes the iPad amazing is the Multi-Touch. Makes things soo much faster when surfing the web, click, click, boom! You’re there. Those mouse pads they got on Netbooks are really crappy!

    Love my iPad even more for that.



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