April 24

Aéropostale Canada: Tees For Only $5!

Posted by on April 24, 2009 at 6:04 PM

Aéropostale Canada: Tees For Only $5!

I thought I’d share this printable coupon with you guys, as I think the deal is quite good value. Aeropostale stores are selling their range of tee shirts for only $5!

The deal is only valid between the 26th and 26th of April 2009. I think it’s a good offer because you can never really have enough handy tees in your closet. I use basic t-shirts like this when I’m going to my yoga classes, they’re pretty useful.

The coupon is only one per customer, but perhaps you could print off a few, put on a bowler hat and a false moustache, and grab a few tops!

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4 Comments to “Aéropostale Canada: Tees For Only $5!”

  1. Sta.H says:

    Amazing! My sister loves to shop there! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Anna says:

    You’re welcome Sta :)

  3. kazio says:

    hey anna kool site!

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