What is Bargainmoose?

Bargainmoose is a Canadian shopping community, where people can get together to find and share the hottest deals and coupons. Every day, we find the best offers in the Canadian marketplace and blog about them. We write about everything from online coupon codes to Canadian freebies. Over on our hot deal forums, Canadians share all the best deals they can find, using their eagle-eyed shopping talents to benefit the whole community.

Here on Bargainmoose, we hope to save you as much money as we can!


Staying informed

We recommend that you subscribe to the daily Bargainmoose email updates so you can stay informed about all the best deals. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Bargainmoose RSS feeds in the reader of your choice, or just pop on to the blog and check in on a daily basis.

BEWARE – some of the deals may be very popular and only last a matter of hours (especially the freebies). I’d recommend checking in on the main website often, to make sure that you get the best deals.


About the authors

Here on Bargainmoose, we’ve got a super team of people who write up the best Canadian deals for the Bargainmoose blog, and pen interesting articles on money-saving advice. Here’s a bit about each of them:

Anna: Owner

Anna is a work-at-home mom to two little girls. She started Bargainmoose with the simple aim to be a super resource for Canadian coupon codes and deals, as she was already a shopaholic. Anna likes to dabble in video games, digital photography and is an avid sci-fi fan, be it in the form of books or movies.

Eva: Manager & Writer Moose

Eva is a writer and editor who lives in Southern Ontario, and she is also the busy mom of three boys. Her passions include cooking, eating, exercising, entertaining, reading, writing, photography, and her new obsession with pinning. Life as a WAHM is a hectic whirlwind of playgroups, writing, budgeting and chauffeuring, with lots of hugs and kisses in between. Eva is always trying to get a deal or make some money!

Avigayil: Senior Writer Moose

Avigayil has expensive tastes but has a penchant for hunting down super-bargains on brand-named items. She conducts roughly 90% of her shopping online, and never buys anything at retail value. Her hobbies include photography, fashion, shopping, shooting, arguing, and reading. Avigayil is working towards a BA in Psychology, and she currently resides in Edmonton, AB, with her husband Daniel and two cats, Ghost and Champagne.

Margarita: Writer Moose

Margarita is a deal hunter that lives by the motto of, “The cheaper, the better,” all the while loving to secure deals on quality items for a fraction of the cost. Constantly caffeinated, she has recently become a first time mom and as a result, has plunged heart first into the world of all things baby-related, scouring the net for all baby and kids’ deals on a near 24/7 basis.

Clare: Writer Moose

Clare is a 20-something Vancouverite who has a passion for saving money and being frugal. Clare writes a weekly article on Bargainmoose on anything and everything to do with saving money, no matter what the subject is. Clare loves sharing her tips on saving money with Bargainmoosers. Along with her passion for personal finance and all things to do with saving money, she is also passionate about her family and friends, travel, and of course, her pet pug.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a super deal-hunter and join the Bargainmoose team? We might have a role for you – drop us an email.

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P.S. The items below were my original “about us” page – I made up this picture puzzle when I started the site in August 2008, which I will leave in here for old time’s sake!


I think I’m going to write my about page in the form of a picture script and you have to read and work it out for yourselves. (If you’re lazy, scroll to the bottom for a read!)
















My name is Anna.
I love shopping!
I don’t love spending.

So I started a blog…
…to tell you about hot deals.

More about me:
I am 28.
I love cooking.
I enjoy reading…
…and PC gaming.
I like LOLcats…
…but I don’t like real cats.
Am I a geek?
The End.