March 26 Coupon Code: Save 15% Sitewide

Posted by on March 26, 2012 at 5:00 PM Coupon Code: Save 15% Sitewide has a great coupon code out right now until 1st April 2012.  Save 15% on everything site wide just in time for Easter.

Here are the details for this coupon:

  • Coupon Code: EASTER15
  • Discount: Save 15% site wide
  • Expiry: 1st April 2012

This pre-Easter coupon code is great to use for relatives or friends that don’t live near you and you still want to remember them at Easter time.  They have a variety of items to choose from with flowers and products ranging in price from as low as $9.99.  They have an easy to use side menu bar that will allow you to search by product, occasion or price.

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  1. Janice Cotter says:

    If it has to be there don’t be tempted to put your trust in 1-800-Flowers. I’ve never been so unhappy about a flower order or wasted so many HOURS and talked to so many people trying to get it resolved. I live in BC and was in charge of sending flowers from the families here for an important 50th Anniversary celebration in Ontario. Usually I call a local florist, but I wanted to be able to email pictures and get approval from everyone, so I tried 1-800-flowers for the first time and used the Spring coupon code posted on Bargain Moose earlier in March. Delivery was scheduled for Friday, so I was surprised when I never heard from Ontario family that flowers had arrived. I spoke to my Aunt Saturday night and she said they didn’t arrive. I contacted online customer service who said someone would call me as soon as possible. No response so I messaged back, they said it was too late and a Supervisor would call Sunday. (**Tip – Ontario Customer Service people should check what time it is when they call you on a Sunday morning. Seriously people, Ontario is 3 hours ahead of BC.)
    So this Supervisor tells me it’s not their fault, the courier had been delayed. This is the key point. No matter what promises they’ve made to get your order there on time for a specific important event, it’s not their fault when it doesn’t arrive. Maybe they need to take some responsibility for what they promise.
    They were using Purolator and I kept getting error messages on the tracking number. When it finally connected I found out the arrangement was made in Ottawa on Thursday, went to Montreal, then Toronto, where they sat. The event was on Friday. It’s over and it’s too late for the flowers. My siblings & families are upset that our flowers never got there and I’m in the dog house. 1-800-Flowers courier problems are not my concern. The fact that they totally failed to do what they said they would – get flowers to an event on time – is my concern.
    **Update- flowers finally arrived Monday afternoon – FROZEN. My Aunt called 1-800-Flowers and let them know. They told her they’d send them again. My Aunt said she didn’t want them because the event was over, just do a refund. They said she didn’t have a choice, they never do refunds that she could only have a re-send. Senior Supervisor called me this morning and said “Your Aunt accepted a re-send.” They offered a $20 credit for my trouble. No thanks, I won’t use a company that is going to take responsibility for their service.

    • Evan says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I sent flowers to my mother just because and when she got them she was happy. (We live about 1000kms away) So when I asked to see them via webcam chat I was floored..they were a sloppy thrown together worthless piece of a flower basket I ever saw. On their website they promised 6 – 8 different kinds of flowers and a long tapered candle in the center, as it was supposed to be a centerpiece. I chatted with someone and they asked me to send a picture of the flowers so I had to get my mother to take a picture, upload it and then email it to me so I could email it to them. At this point this seemed like a lot of effort to prove what I was saying was true but anyhow I sent the email. The flowers arrived on their scheduled day a Thursday and it was delivered by Purolator and left on the front step which means anyone could have taken them. Anyways that is not the worst part. So I finally received an email Friday that they will send a replacement and use the correct flowers. So I assumed they would be delivered the next day, funny how I was wrong. Saturday flew passed, then Sunday so I finally emailed them back Sunday night and chatted with 3 different “sales reps” via their online chat thing and was promised that a supervisor will call me at some point sometime. That was irritating as I had to stay home to wait for a phone call that may or may not happen. Finally someone called me and advised me that they didn’t know why my flowers weren’t shipped out and never apologized or even cared when I told them everything that happened. My mother finally received her new flower centerpiece on the following Tuesday with an actual candle and correct flowers and with a box of chocolates as well which I thought was finally a good thing they did. Overall I would not recommend anyone to purchase from them until they get better customer service and an actual telephone number you can CALL to get help with errors instead of emailing, chatting and waiting for a call back, at some point, sometime.

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